THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, PASADENA, LIBRARY CENTRE: 664 Glenhuntly Rd., Caulfield South, Melbourne, Victoria. Mobile: 0400942613.

 LIBRARY: Please note that due to the Covid-19 Virus Health Emergency, the reading room and library at the Theosophical Society Pasadena Centre is closed until further notice.

FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS: At present we cannot have face-to-face meetings.

ZOOM online meetings: if you are interested in attending our ZOOM online meetings on Tuesday nights, 7.30pm through 9.30pm Melbourne, Australia, time please email:

Coming up in October 2020:

Tuesday, October 20th, 7.30pm: THE DRUIDS – Heathclyff St James Deville.

Tuesday, October 27th, 7.30pm: ATLANTIS and the Esoteric History of Humanity: Ancient Memories in Traditional Africa – Andrew.

Coming up in November:

Tuesday, November 3rd, 7.30pm: BE-NESS; BEING and NON-BEING: – Andrew.

Tuesday, November 10th, 7.30pm: THE SUN: in Science and the Ancient Wisdom – Andrew.

Tuesday November 17th, 7.30pm: JAINISM – Andrew.

Tuesday November 24th, 7.30pm: MANTRAS: Holy Prayers, Sounds, Chanting the Names of Divinity, and Stories of God(s) – Andrew – followed by a Digital Christmas Party!

We’ll see you back online on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 at 7,30pm for a lecture on: What is the Ancient Wisdom?




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