Compiled by Jill Osman and Frances Rooke


A complete list of the print journals held by the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) central library in Melbourne is listed below in A-Z order by title together with summary information on years held and the organisation issuing the magazine where known. The library is located at 664 Glenhuntly Road, South Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, 3162, Email:, Tel: 0400942613. Hours: 11.00 to 3.00 Tuesdays, or by appointment. Interlibrary loans are available by phone, email, or written application under the provisions of the ALIA inter-library loan agreement. This list will be updated from time to time.


THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST (TS Adyar) (continued by The Quest) Vol. 75-76 1988-1989.


THE AQUARIAN THEOSOPHIST (United Lodge of Theosophists England) Online journal with printed copies available from our library. Online archive at:


ASTRONOMY (Astro Media) Vol. 16 – 1988-


AUSTRALASIAN TS NEWSLETTER (TS Pasadena. Australasian Section) No. 1- 1983-2006 became AUSTRALIAN TS NEWSLETTER from No.78 November 2002 till No.92 August 2007 and then THEOSOPHY DOWNUNDER from No.93 December 2007 -


AUSTRALIAN THEOSOPHIST (TS Adyar) (Originally entitled Magic) Vol. 1-2 1896-1898 (Imperfect)


THE CANADIAN THEOSOPHIST (TS Adyar. The Blavatsky Institute, Toronto, Canada) Vol. 18-23 1937-1943 (Imperfect); Vol. 40 1959 (Imperfect); Vol. 66- 1986-


CENTURY PATH (TS Point Loma) (continues New Century)


CHALLENGER’S OWN AND CHARTING THE COURSE (TS Covina. Challengers’ Committee) 1949-1951 (Imperfect)


COMPASS (TS (Pasadena) British Section) Continues Kith and Kin in Theosophy.


CONTACT (TS Pasadena. South African Section) No. 1- 1989-


CONTACT: newsletter to lodge presidents from the General Secretary (TS Adyar, Australian Section) 1989-


THE ECLECTIC THEOSOPHIST (Point Loma Publications. San Diego) No. 92- 1986-


ENDEAVOUR (Pergamon Press) Vol. 31-35 1972-1976


THE ENGLISH THEOSOPHICAL FORUM/BULLETIN/REVIEW (TS Point Loma. English Section) 1937, 1947-48, 1950-59, 1964 (Imperfect)


FRATERNIZATION NEWS (Ed. Cecil Williams, Hamilton, Canada) Vol. 3-7 1938-1942


THE HERALD OF THE STAR (TS Adyar. Order of the Star in the East, London) Vol. 14 1925


HOLISTIC SCIENCE AND HUMAN VALUES (TS Adyar) (Replaced by Transactions of the Theosophy Science Centre in October 1991) Vol. 102 1989-1990.


IMPULS (TS (Pasadena) Dutch Section)


THE INTERNATIONALIST (TS Adyar?) (in 1899 changed its title to the International Theosophist) Vol. 1. 1897-98.


THE INTERNATIONAL THEOSOPHIST (TS Adyar?) (formerly The Internationalist) Vol. 1-6. 1898/99-1903/04.


THE IRISH THEOSOPHIST (TS Adyar) Vol. 1-5. 1892-1897.


JUNIOR THEOSOPHIST (TS Point Loma) (formerly The Lotus Circle Messenger) Vol. 7-15. 1936/37-1948.


KALI YUGA RAG (TS (Pasadena) American Section. Great Lakes Branch)


KITH AND KIN IN THEOSOPHY (TS (Pasadena) British Section) Continued by COMPASS.


THE LOTUS (formerly the Theosophical Network: and independent review of world theosophy) 1991-


THE LOTUS CIRCLE MESSENGER (TS Point Loma) (in 1936 changed its name to the Junior Theosophist) Vol. 1-6. 1930/31-1935/36.


LUCIFER Vol. 1-18. 1887-1896.


LUCIFER: THE LIGHT BRINGER (TS Point Loma) (Formerly the Raja Yoga Messenger. Changed title to Lucifer and Theosophical News 1942-44. Lucifer: the Lightbringer reissued in Dec 1949) Vol. 1-7 1930-1937; New Series? Vol. 4-6 1940-1942 (Imperfect) Vol. 10-13 1947/48-1950/51 (Imperfect)


LUCIFER AND THEOSOPHICAL NEWS (TS Covina) (formerly Lucifer: the lightbringer and in Dec. 1949 reappears under this name) Vol. 6-11 1942-1948/49 (Imperfect)


MAGIC (TS Adyar) (Changed title to Australian Theosophist in 1897) Vol. 1 nos. 1-3 1896.


THE MELBOURNE LOTUS CIRCLE (TS Point Loma. Australian Section) No. 1-29 1940-1947.




MESSIAH (Produced by Marcheta Henry of Weaubleau, Missouri, USA affiliated with the TS Pasadena) No. 77- 1988-


NEW CALIFORNIAN (New Californian Pub. Co.) Vol. 2 1892-1893


THE NEW CENTURY (TS POINT Loma. The International League of Humanities) (continues Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood Path) 1897-


THE NEW WAY (TS Point Loma) (Incorporated with The Theosophical Path in 1929) Vol. 1-18. 1911-1929.


NIEUWSBRIEF (TS Pasadena. Dutch Section) (In Dutch with English language summaries) 1987-


THE O.E. LIBRARY CRITIC (The O.E. (Oriental Esoteric) Library League, Washington DC USA) (Complete set in the Archives. Imperfect Set in the journals collection) Vol. 1-27 1911-1942.


PARABOLA: THE MAGAZINE OF MYTH AND TRADITION (Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition) Vol. 14- 1989-


THE PATH (Ed. W.Q. Judge) Vol. 1-10 1886/87-95/96.


PITH AND MARROW (TS Point Loma) No. 1-11 1899-1908.


THE PROSNOTTARA (TS Adyar. Indian Section) Vol. 3 1893.


THE PRS JOURNAL (The Philosophical Research Society. Edited and largely written by Manly P. Hall. Discontinued following the passing of Manly P. Hall, Winter 1990) Vol. 46-50 1986-Winter 1990.


PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW: a monthly magazine of spiritual and psychological research. Vol. 3 July-Dec.1881.


THE QUEST (TS Adyar. American Section) Continues The American Theosophist Vol. 1- 1988-


QUESTIONS WE ALL ASK (TS Point Loma) 1929-1931 (Imperfect).


RAJA YOGA MESSENGER (TS Point Loma) Vol. 1-25 1901-1929 (Imperfect)


THE SAN DIEGO TS NEWS (TS Pasadena. San Diego Branch) Vol. 8- 1988-


SCIENCE NEWS Current year only.


THE SEARCHLIGHT (TS Point Loma. Occasional publication of the Cabinet of the Universal Brotherhood TS, New York and Point Loma) Vol. 1-3 1899-1911.


THE SHRINE OF WISDOM Vol. 13,14,18,28 1932-1946 (Imperfect)


SUNRISE (TS Pasadena) 2 complete sets, one in the Archives, one in the journal collection) Vol. 1- 1951- Fall 2007.


THEOSOPHIA: a living philosophy for humanity (TS Adyar. American-Canadian Sections) Vol. 1-7 1944-1950 Vol. 31-36 1974/5-1980


THEOSOPHIA PRACTICA (Himalayan Institute of Theosophy, Meudon, France) No. 1 Fall 1986


THE THEOSOPHIC CHALLENGE (TS Covina) Vol. 1-5 1946-1951.


THE THEOSOPHIC LINK (TS Pasadena. American Section) Vol. 1- 1989-


THEOSOPHICAL BRANCHINGS (T.S. Pasadena. Maryland and Portsmouth Branches) (ceased publication in 1988?) Vol. 1-4 1985-1988.


THE THEOSOPHICAL FORUM (TS Point Loma) Vol. 1-29 1929-1951.


THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY (Theosophical History Centre, founded in 1985 in London and transferred to Los Angeles in 1989) Vol. 1- 1986-


THEOSOPHICAL NETWORK (Independent theosophical review based in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA. Edited by Rick Nurrie. Includes annual international directory of theosophical societies, theosophists, and theosophical publications) (In 1991 became The Lotus) 1986-1990


THEOSOPHY NORTH-WEST VIEW (TS (Pasadena) American Section. North-West Branch).


THEOSOPHICAL NUGGETS (TS Point Loma. Ed. J.A. Long) Vol. 1-3 1940-1944.


THE THEOSOPHICAL PATH (TS Point Loma) Vol. 1-45 1911-1935


THEOSOPHICAL SIFTINGS Vol. 1-5 1888/89-1892/93


THEOSOPHICAL SPARKS (Independent revue of theosophy produced by Michael Revere) (ceased publication in 1987?) No. 1-3 1986-1987


THEOSOPHISTS: REUNITE! (TS. Adyar. American Section?) Vol. 1-19 1961-1979 (Imperfect).


THE THEOSOPHIST (from 1894 produced by the TS Adyar) Vol. 1-15 1879-1894: Vol. 53-55 1932-1934;1986-


THEOSOPHY (United Lodge of Theosophists, Los Angeles USA) Vol. 77- 1989-


THEOSOPHY AND SOME OF THE VITAL PROBLEMS OF THE DAY (TS Point Loma. Women’s League.) No. 1-4 1915.


THEOSOPHY AND THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD PATH (TS Point Loma) (continued The Path from 1895/96) Vol. 11-17 1896-1902


THEOSOPHY DOWNUNDER (TS Pasadena, Australasian Section) No. 93 December 2007-  Also available online on Theosophy Downunder website at:


THEOSOPHY IN AUSTRALIA (TS Adyar. Australian Section) Vol. 39- 1975-


THEOSOPHY IN NEW ZEALAND (TS Adyar. New Zealand Section) 1987-


TRANSACTIONS OF THE THEOSOPHY SCIENCE CENTRE (TS Adyar) (continues Holistic Science and Human Values October 1991- ) 1991-


TWENTY FIRST CENTURY PATH (TS (Pasadena) American Section)


VADE MECUM (TS Point Loma) (supplement to The Lotus Circle Messenger) No. 1-23 1934-1936 (Imperfect)


THE VAHAN (TS Adyar. European Section) Vol. 4 1894/95





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