The idea of Ma’at, Harmony and Balance, is generally isolated to ancient Egypt. In fact, the same principle permeates the entire matter of human existence.

Without Ma’at as Justice there is just anarchy:

  • 30 Best Ancient images | Ancient egypt, Egypt, Ancient historyWithout Ma’at as Truth, human existence is uncertain and unpredictable.
  • Without Ma’at as Health or Sanity, human life is ill or insane (witness the phrase ‘unbalanced mind’).
  • Without Ma’at the Weather is erratic and rendered chaotic.

Ma’at, the principle of Balance, is at the foundation of all aspects of human being.

In the cosmos of Egypt, the polarities of Horus, representing Good, and Set, Evil, symbolized the tension and interplay of opposing forces. The meeting of Horus and Set in harmony represented the re-establishment of Ma’at which, the cosmos being what it is, is really a balance based on the dynamic tipping point, eg. the forces cannot remain static but must again interplay for the cosmos to exist. Ma’at is a dynamic balance – injustice, truth, health, reality, and so on. The very forces of daily life are battling pro and con, testing each and every one of us in our individual situations to get through the day.

Picture: The Egyptian Goddess, Ma’at with the Feather of Truth in her hair, the staff of authority and the Ankh, symbol of Life in her hands.

Horus defeated Set, but did not annihilate him. Isis freed Set from his bonds. The lesson is that Creation and Being run on the free interplay of opposites – in that uneasy balance we call Creation, Duration and Destruction. In the world of becoming, all things are mortal and their ephemeral balance gives way to balanced re-utilization of their elements. In becoming, nothing is gained or lost, only recycled and reused. The glints of Eternity forever shine on the Sea of Infinity. – Eugene Harris, Melbourne, Australia.

The way of Life is Choice. Whatever our condition or circumstance, to Live is to Decide. – Eugene Harris.