Part 1: Psychic Attack

Psychic attack and the consequent need for self-defence is a challenge for all students of the Ancient Wisdom…indeed for everyone in this age of mass manipulation by politicians, advertising, and social media. Of all the enquiries we receive at our Theosophical Library Centre in Melbourne, psychic self-defence seems to be the no.1 issue with people who phone in.

What are the symptoms of psychic attack? These may vary from outright violent physical attack by non-physical means, through to bombardment with unwanted negative or tempting thoughts, to demon possession and other spectacular forms of psychic attack which we see in films such as ‘The Exorcist’.

Respected Melbourne psychic, Ishbel, describes the symptoms of psychic attack as follows:

… The most common symptoms are:

  • Inability to sleep at night – instead, the sleep is disturbed at around 3 a.m. and …
  • A feeling of claustrophobia in the darkness, accompanied by pinpoints of light moving towards one. Sometimes even hallucinatory demonic faces appear, coming within inches of one’s own, but this, fortunately, only eventuates in the most severe of attacks. Mostly it is just the claustrophobia and lack of sleep that causes the remaining symptoms:
  • Constant feelings of mild distress and panic;
  •  A lack of energy;
  • Deep moods of depression, which are completely unexplained and which last longer than the normal bio-rhythm trough; and
  • A complete inability to communicate in a satisfactory way

This, in turn, causes an almost irresistible urge to escape from everything. It is not necessary, in any way, to be involved in “occult matters” to either deliver or receive a psychic attack—all thought is energy, whether positive or negative”…  – Ishbel:  Zirius, October 1979., reprinted in The Phoenix, No.11, Dec.2020-Jan.2021.

Sources of Psychic Attack: Inner Sources: Pledge Fever:

What then are the sources of psychic attack?  As I see it, besides the efforts of social media, and political manipulators, such attacks can come from both Inner and Outer sources.

As the occultist Dion Fortune says, the two are inter-related:

“We have to be sure that the person who complains of psychic assault is not hearing the reverberation of his own dissociated complexes”… “Frequently a case is not clear-cut, more than one element being present; a severe attack causing mental breakdown, and a mental breakdown laying its victim open to invasion from the Unseen…” Dion Fortune: Psychic Self-Defence. Page 19.

Inner Sources:

Pledge Fever: all beginning students of the Ancient Wisdom reach a point in their search where they become more serious and self-conscious in their strivings to help others, to learn esoteric philosophy, and put it into action in their daily lives. Such a commitment might be made by taking great vows and promises to ourselves such as, “From now on I am going to change my evil ways. I will dedicate myself to lifting the burden of suffering from Mankind and do my utmost to live in accordance with the demands of the best aspects of myself.” This promise to your own Higher Self sets up an automatic, immediate, and strong response from your Higher Self – ‘Prove It!’.

This is a well-known phenomenon in occult circles with novices where it is characterized as a sort of fever afflicting the mind and body. They call it ‘Pledge Fever’. There follows any number of tests arising from weaknesses in our own nature which are specifically designed to bring out the worst in us so we can deal with it and move on to more self-conscious service to the spiritual Hierarchy if we make it. Hence, our personal demons are aroused to haunt us and we must find ways to deal with them in a comparatively short time compared to ordinary folk who would have the same tests spread over many life-times.

Inner Sources: Karma from the Past:

Past Karma: We all have a massive load of past Karma to resolve from this and former lives on our voyage of understanding which is each lifetime. Let’s not forget that all of it is not necessarily negative karma, but unfortunately, due to the current state of human consciousness, which is centred in the personality side of our being, we all have a lot of disharmonious karma to reconcile and this may haunt our composite nature from the physical, through the astral right through to our everyday or ‘lower’ mind. This can result in all sorts of suffering designed to balance our past misdeeds and to provide opportunities to learn to identify with our Higher Nature.

Part of our collective past karma of the human race is the karma associated with the misuse of psychic powers on a global scale during the Atlantean, or fourth root-race period of human development on the earth (approx. 4 million years ago). At that time everyone was involved to a greater or lesser extent with black magical practices, or such practices applied as a community norm by what we would see now as corrupt leadership. This karma has to be balanced on a global scale and no doubt is responsible for a lot of the wars, social disruption, and mental illness we see in the world today. Additionally, many of us may have been involved in some form of occult training and initiation in more recent former lives which can affect us in this lifetime.

A special case of the effect of ancient karma, especially upon spiritual students, is:

The Dweller on the Threshold:

This is the embodied result of past evil deeds and tendencies which can attach themselves to a person with such intensity that they don’t dissipate after death and remain intact to haunt the person in their next life. This can especially be so for advancing aspirants to the spiritual life who may become aware of the existence of such a ‘Dweller’ either by seeing or sensing it.

Theosophical teacher, G de Purucker, says of them:

“They are verily ghosts of the dead men that the present man formally was, now arising to dog his footsteps, and hence are very truly called ‘Dwellers on the Threshold’. In a specific sense they may truly be called the ‘Kama-Rupas’ [ie. ‘Desire Bodies’ meaning Bodies or Forms built of low-level emotional energies] of the man’s past incarnations arising out of the records in the astral light left there by the ‘old’ man of the ‘new man’ who now is.”

If an aspirant try to counter such evil tendencies arising from the ‘Dweller’, it will redouble its efforts to instil evil behaviour as its ‘life’ depends on its host feeding it with low-level emotional energies. This is intensely magnified in the case of a candidate for spiritual initiation determined to progress on the spiritual Path.

He/She must face the Dweller, as only the author of such evils can dissipate the resultant ‘Kama-Rupa’. The Dweller must be triumphed over and literally ‘left behind’ in the lower astral light to dissipate. This is done by the exercise of the Spiritual Will as the Dweller was created by Will and must be destroyed/left behind by the Will of the aspirant to focus his/her attention on higher spiritual truth/realities. This is an example of the importance of strengthening the Spiritual Will as a potent defence against Psychic Attack.

The Dweller on the Threshold has been the subject of many famous works of literature and film including:

The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde and the 1945 and 2009 films of the book; 

Zanoni: a Rosicrucian Tale by Edward Bulwer Lytton;

The Dweller on the Threshold by Robert Smythe Hitchens; 

The Strange Story of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Loius Stevenson. – the subject of numerous films.

Spiritual Initiation:

As we have already discussed, part of the spiritual initiatory process is to confront the candidate with their own ‘demons’ from the past and for the candidate to demonstrate sufficient moral and ethical strength to leave them behind. This was particularly the function of the fourth of seven initiations in the Greco/Roman system followed by Theosophy but it is an essential feature of all initiatory systems the world over no matter how they are configured.

1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees: were/are preparatory, consisting of discipline of the whole nature: moral, mental, and physical. At each stage, the neophyte had to pass through a carefully graded series of tests or trials in order that he might prove his inner strength and capabilities to proceed.

4th degree: the powers of his/her inner god having by now become at least partially active in his daily life and consciousness, he/she was enabled to begin the experience of passing into other planes and realms of life and of being, and thus to learn to known them by becoming them. In this way he/she acquired first-hand knowledge of the truths of nature and of the universe about which he previously had been taught. It is particularly at this point in the spiritual journey that candidates will be faced with intense psychic attack from their own ‘demons’.

In the ancient Egyptian initiations conducted in the Great Pyramid, for example, theosophical writer, IM Oderberg suggests that:

The candidate passes down a passageway leading from the main entrance down to a chamber below the Great Pyramid – ‘The Place of Ordeal’.  The candidate passes preliminary tests of his/her courage and self-control until he reaches the rough-hewn ‘place of ordeal’ or ‘the Pit’.

In the Pit, the hidden recesses of his character are exposed by projecting them as though they were entities. They may appear as hideous monsters or demons to frighten and tempt the candidate.

He has to wrestle with the great serpent of Ego (Apep) which can instantaneously change its form just when he thinks he has conquered it.

Sources of Psychic Attack: Outer Sources:

Besides the ever-present possibility of mental-manipulation by the media, we should take on board that there are many sources of psychic attack outside ourselves which may do us harm.

  • People of Ill-Intent: The principle outside source of psychic attack would be ill-intentioned people. These may be trained in the occult arts in techniques of psychic attack at a distance by non-physical means, through to ordinary people who are ill-intentioned towards us and bombard us with negative thoughts at every opportunity.
  • Inimical Astral Entities: A possible source of psychic attack may include many of the inhabitants of what theosophists call the lower astral light, or, the realm of reality which is close to the physical world and overlaps with it sometimes. When such an overlap occurs, the possibility exists for interdimensional beings to find a way into our world accounting for many instances of demon possession and all sorts of effects of negative thoughts running rampant in the world. For we know that thought is a type of energy which can be directed for good or evil purposes.
  • The Thought Atmosphere: The Ancient Wisdom teaches that our every thought and emotion impacts our fellow humans, and all other kingdoms of life. The quality of our thoughts for good or evil creates an atmosphere of dynamic ‘thought-forms’ around us individually and the entire world which reflects the general quality of human thought-life – the ‘thought atmosphere’. Quite literally there is a ‘continent of thought’ floating around us all the time to which we are adding with the quality of our thoughts. How is this possible? One of the Masters of Wisdom who founded the Theosophical Society comments:
  • “… every thought of man upon being evolved passes into the inner world and becomes an active entity by associating itself — coalescing, we might term it — with an elemental; that is to say with one of the semi-intelligent forces of the kingdoms. It survives as an active intelligence, a creature of the mind’s begetting, for a longer or shorter period proportionate with the original intensity of the cerebral action which generated it.
  • Thus, a good thought is perpetuated as an active beneficent power; an evil one as a maleficent demon. And so, man is continually peopling his current in space with a world of his own, crowded with the offspring of his fancies, desires, impulses, and passions, a current which reacts upon any sensitive or and nervous organisation which comes in contact with it in proportion to its dynamic intensity. — Margaret Conger, Combined Chronology, p. 33
  • Our thoughts and emotions automatically register on the Astral Light surrounding us and the Earth.
  • There are cyclic times when there are openings or ‘thinnings’ between the astral and physical worlds. This can happen at the conjunction of cycles – such as at the present time. Then the contents of the astral world can find their way back into the physical world. This can especially affect sensitive people when the mostly negative thoughts and impressions of generations of conflict and exploitation which form the substance of much of the thought-life of humanity are reflected back on people living in the world today, eg. People suffering from depression or other forms of mental illness, people tempted to commit crimes, drug affected individuals, and people under extreme stress – and affect their behaviour in everyday life. What one IS, is therefore is vastly important.

Psychic Epidemics:

Teachers of the Brotherhood of Compassion of all traditions have warned us of the dangers of ‘Psychic Epidemics’ when the barriers between the physical and astral world have thinned and negative thought-forms from the lower astral have access to vulnerable individuals in the physical world.

Now is such a time at the conjunction of several cycles, principally the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the sunset of the Piscean Age.

These energies can affect the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual states of people by breaking through their protective auric nets.

At the very least, this can cause distress for the affected person, perhaps physically in the form of headache, nausea, or tiredness, or emotionally, as in feeling temporarily depressed or anxious.

At worst, such thought forms can propel a person into harbouring thoughts, speaking words, or committing actions – sometimes quite alarming ones – that they might not even have considered normally.

Theosophical teachers have warned us of these epidemics, eg: HP Blavatsky:

“Psychism, with all its allurements and all its dangers, is necessarily developing among you, and you must beware lest the psychic outruns the [mental] and spiritual development.

Psychic capacities held perfectly under control, checked and directed by the [mind] principle, are valuable aids in development. But these capacities running riot, controlling instead of being controlled, using instead of being used, lead the student into the most dangerous delusions and the certainty of moral destruction.” – HPB to the American Conventions 1888-1891, p34.

Agni Yoga similarly says: “…the danger of psychic epidemics is increasing. In the Puranas it was predicted that toward the end of the Kali Yuga, humanity would be driven to acts of madness.”

Activities of the Brotherhood of the Shadow:

Just as there is a Hierarchy of Light trying to help humanity in their spiritual growth, there is also a Hierarchy of those beings who have deliberately chosen the Dark Side where Evil seems a flowery path and the fruits of selfish victory are considered as of larger worth than to walk with the Gods.

Such is the Left-Hand Path of the Brothers of the Shadow.

This hierarchy is dedicated to directing Humanity into materialistic life – because that is what it knows and from whence it derives its tremendous power. During the present Kali Yuga period where materialism holds an enormous attraction for everyday people, they have great power.

Their activities involve seeding the ‘thought-atmosphere’ with thoughts and aspirations related to the material and sensuous life. They can only work by tempting people and leading them to fulfil their inner urgings toward evil. We can see the effects of their thought-forms in every field from popular entertainment through to our education system, recreational and prescribed drug addiction, even the ‘dumbing-down’ effects of popular technologies such as smart phones.


In theosophical terminology one type of entity living in the astral light is especially dangerous to the living – The Elementaries.

These are the earth-bound disembodied human souls of people who were evil or depraved when alive – eg. executed criminals, sorcerers, and black magicians. Such people have refused all spiritual light when alive and remained immersed in materialism deliberately separating themselves from their Higher Nature. Such people would first be known as Psychopaths, and then later, when more spiritually-aware, as Black Magicians.

Also, the spirits of people trapped in the ‘Kama-Loka’ until the natural time comes for their release, principally, people who have committed suicide.

They exist as conscious entities in the astral, especially close to people and places of great materialism and low vibration, eg. bars, hotels and places of ill-repute. They may exist in such a state for centuries before dissolving away. During this time, they can exert a strong influence on the living with tendencies similar to their own.

The Dark Lord Lord Valdemort, the evil master magician of The Harry Potter stories and films is an accurate representation of a certain class of ‘Elementaries’, ie black magicians living self-consciously in the Astral Light, who long for power, influence, and embodiment in the physical world, and who influence others in the world of the living who fall under their power. Their fate, if they are not strong enough, is to be swept into the dread vortex of the Eight Sphere or Planet of Death, there to be ground over in the ‘Mill of the Gods’ and thence to recommence their journey as humans from the very beginning once again.

Part 2: Self-Defence

In our last article we looked at the inner and outer sources of psychic attack. So much for the problem, how about methods of Self-Defence from Psychic Attack?

Seek Advice: from a knowledgeable, pure-minded group or person who is a true occultist. Such a person can diagnose the problem as to whether it is internal or external (or a mixture of both) and then move on to effectively treat the issue.  Such a group or person is not easy to find!

Ignorance: mostly we are protected by our very incapacity to perceive the invisible forces and worlds of nature.  Most people are sceptical, or don’t  have the time or inclination to think about the reality of interdimensional worlds. This, together with the presence of the physical body and our centring of attention in the physical world,  effectively protects us from most of the dangers lurking in the lower astral worlds.

Seek, and Stay in Touch with your Own Higher Self:  your best defence lies in putting yourself in closer touch with your own Higher Self, ie. Living up to the best of yourself and putting yourself out of reach of negative influences as much as possible. To quote an authority on psychic attack (Robert Bruce):

“It is not necessary to work with spirits for psychic and spiritual development. It’s far preferable to get in touch with your own Higher Self than it is to seek association with unknown spirits. One should not look outside oneself for spiritual knowledge, advice and abilities. Everything is within. Psychic abilities are side effects of spiritual development and best not sought for their own sake.” (page: 46).

Positive Thought: As we know that thoughts are ‘things’ and have  ‘force’ related to their  positive (good, loving,  gentle, forgiving, harmonious, selfless) energy, or negative (evil, hatred, jealous, vengeful, disharmonious, self-centred) energy, then it makes sense to immerse oneself in positive thoughts.

Psychic researcher Robert Bruce suggests our best defence is strengthening our self-confidence in our ability to take charge of our lives and the influences impinging on us.  When threatened by any for of psychic attack, he recommends we repeat to ourselves what he calls the Core Affirmation: “I am loved and I am worthy. I am safe and I am free. I am powerfully protected. I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.” Another affirmation taught to him by his mother: “God and Goodness alone governs and guides me. No other Presence. No other Power.”

Any person of a spiritual character repels inimical astral entities automatically due to the higher nature of their vibrations of love.

Therefore, do anything which is likely to engender these higher vibrations in terms of lifestyle, meditation, use of mantrams like the Gayatri and the Lord’s Prayer, which will raise your vibrations and put you out of their reach.

One way of picturing this technique is that we call upon our Guardian Angel (the Higher Self) over our right shoulder, and try to ignore the voice of the  Dark Angel (the unguided Lower Self) over our left shoulder –  when we are ‘pushed to the wall’.

Distinguished Melbourne psychic, Ishbel, comments again:

“… all thought is energy, whether positive or negative. Hatred is an extremely powerful and dangerous mental force and any hostile force such as jealousy or the desire for revenge can inflict psychic attack. The Occultist, dedicated to improving his mind and his powers, will do his utmost to avoid his emotions on this level.

Love and Forgiveness: the basis of all spiritual progress and certainly spiritual initiation can be summed up in one simple phrase: ‘Learn to Love and Learn to Forgive.’ Both these qualities engender life habits which align us with the finer aspects of our character and condition us not to judge others and be accepting of the law of karma, periodicity and unity as being realities and not just empty religious platitudes. 

If we remember the three stages of spiritual initiation we can see how powerful are these simple tools in stripping away the obstacles to our Higher Nature and letting it shine in the everyday world of our daily lives. – and act as the most powerful defence against psychic attack.

1/ Philosophy: knowing something about the philosophy of life in the universe.

2/ Discipline: taking this philosophy as reality and discipling ourselves accordingly to allow an easy inspiration from the Higher Self though such habits as selfless behaviour, ‘other-centredness’, physical and mental disciplines, desisting from habits of thought likely to hurt others.

3/The Mysteries:  once we have developed knowledge and self-discipline to enable us to thwart psychic attack amongst many other benefits to ourselves and the world, then we qualify for actual experience of – The Mysteries.

Chanting: According to teachers of Bhakti  [meaning ‘Devotional’]Yoga, the repetition of the Name of Divinity strikes a deep resonance with the godlike source of strength within oneself so we should practice this constantly no matter how we feel. To grow closer to our Higher Self, and protect us from Psychic Attack amongst many other advantages.

The power of the Name of Divinity is not exclusively in us, but is the vibrationary form of the Divine which connects us all. We are effectively calling out to the Higher Self by calling the Name of Divinity, which may vary according to the society to which we belong.  Chanting the Name can extricate ourselves from the trivialities of life, emotions, false beliefs, and so the ‘mirror of our hearts’ is polished.

In this way, even though we may be depressed and anxious, we see what is reflected in that mirror differently and we start to see changes in ourselves. We start to act differently. The constant nagging self-critical inner voice starts to fade in the harmony of repeating the Name.  We build the habit of connection to our Inner Divinity which can automatically shield us from Psychic Attack.

Prayer: Prayer is the common method that has been performed throughout the ages by all religions. Every religion has their own method of praying and all are effective for believers in galvanizing the spiritual will and strengthening the connection with the Higher Self.

Spiritual Will:  exercise of the Spiritual Will to dismiss harmful entities impinging on your personal spiritual space. Don’t invite negative influences into your life through a failure of Spiritual Will to devote our energies to live a better life closer to the Higher Self. All evil must first be invited and given permission to enter our lives. Revoke such permission with a vocal command.

Exorcism: by the spiritually aware may work in some instances. It may be necessary to call upon high-level members of the spiritual hierarchy in some cases to achieve exorcism as in the real case upon which the film, The Exorcist, was based where the Archangel Michael was finally called upon to drive the demon out.

Sacred Symbols: such as the Pentagram and the Cross are said to be effective in certain situations. This would include the casting of magic circles to protect from psychic attack; the return and final banishment of negative influences.

Maintain the Integrity of the Astral Body: from being pierced from the inside by keeping a strong Will and not be tempted by negative thoughts leading us to be involved in activities which are out of character. Some authorities say that sunlight strengthens the astral body.

Keep Physically Fit: to preserve energy, encourage sleep, and keep the psychic centres closed.  Eat regularly and don’t go more than two hours without food if you feel you are subject to psychic attack. Keep the bowels empty.  Avoid solitude and walking by the ocean and in the mountains alone.

Burning candles and incense: these are recommended by many occultists to ward off psychic attack and inimical astral entities. This is well recognized by most religions around the world in the use of bells, chanting, and other sounds, and the burning of incense such as sandalwood, cedarwood, jasmine, white sage, dragons’ blood, lavender, and frankincense. Chili Peppers and Sulphur are very effective but don’t breathe-in the fumes directly as this can be dangerous to your health. Garlic has organic sulphur and it should be sliced to release the fumes into the air. Eating garlic is good and rubbing it on your feet. Similarly with a range of medicinal herbs: cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, mint, ginger, tobacco, sage and white sage. Walking through the house with a burning censer is recommended to clear the psychic atmosphere as is done in many churches and temples of different religions.

Discontinue All Practice of the Occult Arts : get your consciousness back to the physical plane and anchored there resolutely by concentrating on mundane things such as daily duties, movies, sport, etc…

Avoid Places of Low Vibration: Keep away from the places and habits where low vibrationary influences are present. Move away from the place where you have experienced psychic attack and if possible cross a place with running water.

Flowing Water: Australianpsychic researcher Robert Bruce advises that most negative energies cannot travel across flowing water. Therefore, showering before we go to bed is effective, as is flowing water around our houses in plumbing, storm water drains, etc. Sometimes he says that these may also trap negative influences in particular places. Immersion in salted water very effective.

Fire: Demolition and cleansing by fire of haunted buildings is said to be effective. Step over fire where it is safe to do so.

Meditation and Invocation:  get to the ‘pure air’ of consciousness where no evil can exist by:

1/ Meditation: upon abstract qualities such as peace, harmony, protection and love of God(s).  When negative thought-forms intrude on our personal space we should get into the habit of thinking the opposite though so as to counter-balance them. The Catholic Saint, Hildegard of Bingen, recommended 35 different qualities of ‘virtues’ or positive forces which were the opposite of ‘vices’ negative thought-forms. They are listed in our magazine Theosophy Downunder December 2020 issue page: 30, at:

2/ Invocation: of external potencies and the employment of formal methods to concentrate their force by experienced and pure-minded practitioners.

Sleep: get plenty of sleep preferably in an electrically grounded bed with your head to the north. Many people experience ‘sleep paralysis’ when under psychic attack. To break sleep paralysis immediately roll out of bed if possible, to stop it taking hold. If it has taken hold breathe deeply, and try and move your big toe to reanimate your body. Fill your mind with protective prayers and positive thoughts until you can move again.

White Light: White light method is the most common and popular method used by many especially people who meditate. A light shield is something that you can use at any time you need and it is perfectly a safe process.  Some authorities recommend the use of electric violet light to ‘burn’ away negative images and create a protective wall around you as being more effective.

Cleanliness:  it is of paramount importance to keep personal and environmental cleanliness.

Light: leave the light on when sleeping, or have a night-light. This is especially important in a child’s room. Flood the house with light during the day. Sunlight is especially effective against negative forces lurking in the darkness.

Oils, Gemstones and Crystals: oils recommended for their strong smell such as camphor, cloves, menthol, mint, tiger-balm, tea-tree oil especially applied to the feet where negative energies might seek entrance. Gemstones and crystals such as amethyst, amber, black onyx, turquoise, etc. Imagine them as a barrier to negative influences. Experiment and seek advice as to which is the best for you.

Colours:  surround yourself with bright, beautiful, balanced and happy colours. Re-decorating the house in this way is a good idea if possible.

Salt: Salt has always been used as protection against psychic attacks, and to disable unwanted psychic phenomena. Ordinary salt may be sprinkled across thresholds and around the perimeter of dwellings, inside and out; Salt mixed with sand is used for forming magic circles.

Salt is the most common method used for absorbing negative energy. Here, the salt used must be a pure form, such as Sea Salt. You can use it in many ways. One way is to take a bath with sea salt. When taking a bath, add some sea salt in the water. It helps in removing all the negative energy you might have acquired during the day. Another way is to keep a glass of water mixed with sea salt on your work desk. This acts as a psychic defense and will protect you from receiving negative energies from the people at your work place. You can also use salt crystals or salt lamp that are available in the marketplace.

Elements: Another method of psychic self-defense is to use the elements like Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether. You can imagine a wall of either of these elements as your psychic protection shield.

Mirror Effect: If you know that you are going to meet a negative minded person, just imagine a number of mirrors surrounding you from head to toe. Imagine that all mirrors are facing away from you and towards the person you are interacting. This way, all the negative energy released by that person will be reflected back to him.

In Summary:

Strengthen your will power and connection with your Higher Self through repeating affirmations and exercising your will power when under attack by telling the negative influence to go away. A suggested affirmation: “I am loved and I am worthy. I am safe and I am free. I am powerfully protected. I am master of my body and ruler of my mind.”

Get plenty of sleep preferably in an electrically-grounded bed.

Cross flowing water bare-foot and walk bare-foot on wet grass, sand, paddle in water. Take showers each day, salt baths if you can. Use the garden hose to create a spiral of flowing water and walk into the middle of the spiral and out through the flowing water.

Burn incense, put tiger-balm on your feet especially, carry magnets.

Carry talismans with powerful symbols such as the pentagram, the cross, or the Ankh symbol.

Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs of all kinds.

Live in a clean fresh, bright and colourful environment. Listen to calming harmonious music and have it playing in your house.

Above all do everything to live in a higher consciousness where negative influences from the lower astral world cannot reach you.

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