We are all interested to explore other worlds in relation to our own and the possible influence of these worlds upon our Earth. The ancients were absorbed with this fascinating subject as indicated by the orientation of many of their great monuments that remain to us in many parts of the world which point to the Solstices of our own Sun and to other Suns such as Sirius, Polaris, Vega, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Draco, the Pleiades star group, and other worlds which they must have felt were major influences on the Earth and its inhabitants. Surely they did not go to all this trouble for nothing!

Maybe they left these enduring monuments which may well have been designed to instruct those, like us, living in less enlightened ages overshadowed by the baleful influences of the Kali Yuga in which we live at the moment.

Of special importance was what the ancient Greeks (Plato) following the Egyptians called ‘The Great Year’. We would now call it, the ‘Precession of the Equinox’ which determines in which house of the zodiac the Sun appears and therefore influences our solar system and the earth (currently in transition to, or maybe already in, The Age of Aquarius). Just as we have Solstices and Equinoxes as we orbit around our Sun, so the ancients suggested we have a similar arrangement as the entire solar system passes around a ‘Raja’ (or King) Sun. To further complicate matters, the entire solar system orbits the ‘Central Sun’ of the galaxy every 230 million years moving up and down through the mass of stars and gas in the ‘saucer – shape’ of our galaxy’s ‘plane of the ecliptic’ like a merry-go-round carousel horse taking us through some very dangerous galactic territory indeed on a regular cyclic basis.

Therefore, there must also be momentously great Solstices and Equinoxes in this aspect of our cyclic journeys riding along with the Sun and our family of planets through the galaxy at 70,000kmh as a member of our solar system called the ‘Barque of Ra’ (ie The Ship of the Sun) by the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians, as I understand it, suggested our Raja Sun may be Alcyone in the midst of the Pleiades star group and that we orbit this great sun (actually group of stars) every 25,920 years. There are some who believe that this Raja Sun may be the double-star Sirius revered by the ancient Egyptians and to which some of their famous monuments, eg. The Great Pyramid, were aligned. If we accept that our solar system may be in an orbit around the Pleiades star group, this would therefore be a more likely explanation of the real Precession of the Equinoxes and not, as currently thought by modern science, because of a slow wobble in the earth’s axis causing the Earth to appear in different houses of the zodiac and all the vast implications this has for life on Earth. It also means that our solar system may be a ‘missing’ member of the Pleiades star group itself and this would account for the tremendous awe and respect that this star group was regarded by peoples all over the world including some American Indian tribes.

May I suggest an excellent You Tube video available at:




This video includes interviews with contemporary researchers such as, John Anthony West, (the mystical Egyptologist) and, Graham Hancock, (unconventional researcher of ancient civilizations and famous author of books on alternative archaeology). The video gives a succinct summary of the concept of The Great Year and how it has been depicted in the past although its explanation of the four ‘Yugas’ differs somewhat from a theosophical explanation.

I understand that we are approaching the ‘Summer Solstice’ of The Great Year, and, if this is indeed so, it must have a vast impact on our entire Solar System including the Earth. For example, the Summer Solstice of The Great Year may be a hidden factor affecting global warming amongst other more subtle spiritual influences on humanity which spiritual teachers tell us occurs at the time of the Solstices. This suggestion could be verified by checking climatic and magnetic changes in the life of the Sun and other planets of our solar system besides what we know of changing climate patterns on the Earth.

As we have discussed above, our Sun may well be in an orbit around a greater (‘Rajah’ or ‘King’) Sun, and that this orbit of 25,920 years (the Precession of the Equinoxes) would have ‘Seasons’ like we do on Earth as we orbit our Sun. As we are now approaching the transit from the astrological ages of Pisces to Aquarius, it has been suggested that we may be approaching the ‘Summer Solstice’ of The Great Year. Besides the physical manifestations of this time, such as perhaps an influence on global warming, what possibly could be the spiritual influences on humanity at this time and into the near future?

This is a huge question which it is difficult, or maybe impossible to answer as we have such little outwardly available knowledge of the influence of the Spiritual Hierarchy on human history. Many people have speculated that the Age of Aquarius will herald a time of brotherhood and peace, with the focus shifting from the devotional religions such as Christianity and Islam, to a ‘New Age’ based on a synthesis of universal religious principles. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius follows the Earth’s polar axis leaving the sign of Pisces, where it has been for the last two thousand years or so. Jesus Christ is associated with the sign of Pisces, the Fishes. During the Age of Aries (the sign of the Ram) from 2000BC until the time of Christ, Ram cults developed in Egypt, the Middle East, and elsewhere. The Age of Taurus (the sign of the Bull), from 4000BC to 2000BC, had Bull cults such as those of the Egyptian Apis and in Minoan Crete and with us even today in Spanish/South American bullfighting. There is a lot of speculation from various spiritual authorities as to exactly when we have, or will transit from the Piscean Age into The Age of Aquarius varying from1898 to 2160!

Perhaps we can look at what we know from the history of the past 2,000 years of the Piscean Age and compare it with trends in human history now, which will no doubt mature over the next 2,000 years during the coming Age of Aquarius. During the Age of Pisces just ending we have had forms of religion in which the masses could generally only approach Divinity through the mediation of priests and religious organizations. There has been a tremendous amount of conflict between these mediated forms of religion which continues today. The activities of the Higher Mysteries seem to have gone underground but wider public education has become increasingly evident as a prelude to the New Age.

The incoming influences of the new Age of Aquarius are evident today when widespread public education encourages individuals towards personal realization of a direct progressive connection with the spiritual and divine in themselves and Nature without the intervention of a priestly class. Consequently there may be a gradual decline in old style temple/church worship as we are seeing today, especially in Australia. More and more people, through education, scientific research, and due to the activities of esoteric organizations such as the Theosophical Society, recognize themselves as embodied/ensouled spirits – potentially self-conscious gods. The ‘initiations of the threshold of the mysteries’ are becoming gradually exoteric, or, as the former Leader of our Theosophical Society, James A. Long, used to say: “The esoteric has become exoteric and the exoteric has become esoteric.” Spiritual secrets long withheld from the general public are now freely available via the activities of the Theosophical Society, related organisations, and on the internet. The only bar to such knowledge for the general public being the interest/motivation of individuals to seek out and understand the great ‘Laws of Life’ such as Reincarnation and Karma.

Hopefully such spiritual trends as we see today permeating the world during the time of the ‘Summer Solstice’ of The Great Year, may continue under the impetus of this special time in the Great Year to encourage us towards a more just, harmonious, and brotherly world in the developing Age of Aquarius.

OK, I hear you say, if we are moving in the direction of peace and love in the Age of Aquarius, then why is there so much violence, war, and social unrest in the world at the moment and for the foreseeable future? I can do no better than quote a recent author who comments:

“ … One of the major issues to be considered in terms of the future program of human development is the fact that, within the 25,920 year cycle of Precession, we are fast approaching the celestial (Summer) Solstice and the beginning of a major new astrological cycle. As a direct consequence – like the current of a river flowing towards a narrower elliptical bend in its course – our human society is experiencing a huge amount of turbulence during that approach.

Much of the cultural experience of the last (ie 20th) century is going around and around in ever faster sub-cycles, like localized whirlpools and eddies, thereby rendering our present social culture ever more repetitive and superficial from one angle. In very real and practical terms, however, the ‘sediment’ of historical mores and customs built up in our psychology (as instincts) over the last millennia or so is being shaken loose so that the inner current of intelligence can travel on faster and more freely to join the greater approaching cycle. This chaos will inevitably continue for the next several hundred years at least as the separated psychological sediment settles into its own slower cycle, leaving the faster spiritual flow to those capable of sustaining it and traveling onward with it.

The acceleration away from the ‘bend’ of the solstice will itself be substantial, effectively resulting in the psychological separation of a large part of our present human consciousness from the past. In a very real sense, this approach to the forthcoming Age of Aquarius involves the protracted ‘Judgement Day’ of our present greater cycle (of 25,920 years of The Great Year). Following this faster-evolving spiritual nature of humankind will be allowed a period of unfettered progress, at least temporarily detached from the materialism of the immediately past cycle of centuries…” – from J.S.Gordon The Path of Initiation: spiritual evolution and the restoration of the Western mystery tradition. (2013) pages:466-467.

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