The Qabbalah, maybe one of the most penetrating and concise systems in the exploration of Mankind’s consciousness and that of the Creator, the old Rabbis beheld the Transcendent and the Super-Transcendent. Expressed as the One, whose realm is pure Being, the utterance into Becoming necessitated division into Duality, the interplay of Positive, Negative and Neutralizing dynamics. These agencies created, built-up, and tore down in an ongoing, eternal process personified by the Qabbalistic Rabbis as the ‘Angelic’ and the ‘Demonic’. This is the Angel on the right shoulder and the Imp on the left shoulder pulling the human to decide. For life is condemnation in the pull of forces whose essence is Decision.

Cosmologically the Rabbis accepted the places of the Angelic to adhere to the positive and the Demonic to adhere to the negative and tearing down. This is the secret of God is Demon inverted and vice versa. Materiality is the Shadow of God. Without the human factor interfering, the process of building up and tearing down as Nature itself is not Evil – it is what is. A disease may even wipe out a town or a meteor destroy the majority of life on Earth, as happened with the dinosaurs – but it is nothing personal as far as Nature is concerned! God endowed man with the instincts, virtues – CHOICE – to either be negative or positive for his survival or ruin. In the words of George Burns playing the character of God in the film ‘Oh God!’: ‘I give you a world with all that is necessary in it. You can love each other or kill each other. It’s up to you!”

Wanting something for nothing or out of idle curiosity, man evoked the nihilistic, negative aspect of cosmic being and gave strength and thought to forces elevated to thought-forms that had never lived nor walked the earth – whose name is legion. These forces, given status, know only to destroy or ruin, they are a part of the scheme of things. Evoked, they are unleashed, deranged forces in the human sphere. The general notion that the Demonic must be invited in order to commence infestation is subject to qualification. For example, whilst the trend may be towards invitation, this does not explain why some people are ‘ambushed’ who would otherwise have had no truck with the Demonic.

Their stages of denomination are infestation, oppression, obsession, possession. They enter from their sphere to Humanity via portals created by Seances, Ouija Boards, Satanic activity and ritual, blundering innocently into an already infested, Demonic environment, coming into possession of a cursed or Demonic object which is a conduit, or by idle curiosity or ‘dabbling in the occult’. Once the portal is open between the worlds, sealing it up is almost impossible.

Cleansing and blessings seem to antagonize the Demonic which gains energy from anger and fear. Taunts increase its fury. Properly vetted and investigated formal exorcisms can lead the Demonic to lie ‘doggo’ and then re-emerge. The Demonic always selects the most vulnerable to victimize. Unlike ghosts which can usually be left, the Demonic will pursue its victims anywhere they seek to escape. The chief method of exorcism is to know the entity’s name. This is the start of a whole suite of exorcistic procedures which may or may not be effective. – Eugene Harris, Melbourne, Australia.

Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. ~ Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now