Our Causal Body is like the riches stored up in heaven. We all have a Causal Body. It looks like concentric circles of magnificent colours. Each colour represents a ray and quality of God’s Consciousness. Reminds me when I look at Maasai women with all the colourful rings of beads around their necks. If you would ask them what each colour means it would sound like, courage, warmth, bravery, strength, peace etc.

I believe the Maasai women and many other indigenous people who have not been influenced much from the outside carry this is their soul memory. Sometimes they will tell you, it is what our ancestors taught us to do. Who taught that to the Ancestors then?

Now the thing is you too have a Causal Body. It carries an accumulation of all your good works and victories from all your previous lifetimes. Believing you have not lived before does not change that the fact that you have gifts and talents that come from somewhere. When you watch a talent show and see a child sing like a Master, it is because it is all in his/her Causal body.

Now, we do not all have the same Causal body. Some have accumulated a lot of good. We would all agree that the Causal Body of Mother Teresa would look very different from Hitler’s for example. So, it is the same when you hire an individual for your company, we all do not carry similar qualities, vibration or frequency. Tribes knew this on a collective level.

But it is the ‘Tribes’ we choose for ourselves. The company we choose to work for, the Football club we support, the Charity you donate to, all these you are lending your Causal body and momentum to that mission. This was something that was known by the Tribes. That each individual brings a uniqueness to the Tribe and contributes that which they bring to the whole.
You cannot simply look at a person and say “my Causal body is larger than theirs”.
I have found that in Cultures that have venerated their Ancestors have their Causal Bodies amplified by the number of their Ancestors. It is as if the Ancestors created a “heavenly bank” and placed all their spiritual Mana [ie. Energy] for you to use. This is why honouring your own Ancestors is essential to your co-creations, or else you risk cutting yourself off by your free will from that ‘collective supply”. This spiritual creative power is what you use to do everything you need. Be it write a book, start a business, or even run a marathon. You get the idea? Everything!

Being aware of this, the only solution moving forward is working harmoniously together. Because those who know how to do things may not necessarily have the creative power to execute it, whereas those who do not know how may well be the wealthiest in creative power. We all need each other in the spirit of UBUNTU, meaning, “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE“.