On Friday, when I was covering books with sticky clear plastic contact covering material – I experienced a sort of ‘librarian’s revelation’! The transparent, yet highly materialised sticky plastic book-covering material got snarled up slightly when I was struggling with it to put a protective covering over some new library books.

I thought: “The more I struggle with it, the more snarled it’ll become”. As I meditated upon this seemingly mundane problem, I became aware that the sticky transparent plastic could be an analogy for our human Astral Body which Theosophy tells us bears the imprint of all our actions and their reactions when we leave this life. These actions and reactions remain there when our ‘life-atoms’ come back on “re-entry” (Reincarnation) to the world after our “Pralaya’ (after-death state) in “Heaven” (Devachan).

I began to think that this very same process also applied to the creation of the Universe, after Its Pralaya (rest time), with the imprint of all the world’s karma, and all of sentient life’s actions and their reactions – like the folds in the sticky plastic covering paper needing to be straightened out during the next period of manifestation (Manvantara). So, my mistake with the book-covering plastic, when corrected, taught me a great deal about the inner meaning of Life. I realised it was in my hands to change my ways and outlook providing I was prepared to accept the backwash of what I had done and accept the consequences. I ceased my meditations, straightened out the tangled covering plastic and realised that I still had to finish covering the new books! But I had learnt a valuable lesson, that even simple, some might say ‘boring’, everyday tasks can lead to a wider spiritual understanding depending on the way we look at them. I resolved to go on my ‘long, long journey’ of Life in the spirit of Peace and Love.