Theosophical teachers speak of a connecting bridge or pathway between the divine and human egos of each person which they called by the ancient Sanskrit name: Antahkarana (sometimes known as Antaskarana) meaning ‘interior sense organ.’

When we aspire to spiritual thoughts, a dynamic current of energy is emitted from our familiar lower consciousness towards the higher aspects of our being – like engineers building a span of a bridge. Our upward aspirations stimulate an influx of spiritual energy from our Higher Self downwards, completing the span of the bridge for whatever time we can hold the inspiration. In her book, Voice of the Silence, theosophical teacher, HP Blavatsky, speaks of this bridge of consciousness as a ‘highway of sensations’ between the personal and impersonal selves. She refers to it as the arena of the battle for mastery over the Lower Self.

Paradoxically, we build the bridge only that it may dissolve away. The ‘battlefield’ is engulfed, and the bridge withdrawn into the Higher Self at the times of spiritual initiation for the worthy few, such as at the time of the Solstice we celebrate as Christmas. For most of us the bridge is completely dissolved at our death, parting in the middle, the efflux retreating into the Personal Mind (the Lower Manas) and the influx withdrawing into its source in the Higher Mind (Higher Manas) – and the Manas becomes One, its dregs sloughing off as the ‘Desire Body’ (Kama Rupa).

During our lives, it is clearly our duty to initiate the building and pave the spans of our bridge with high aspiration so our Higher Self can respond with the help our efforts warrant. Great teachers have provided ethical injunctions and teachings throughout the ages to encourage our spiritual aspirations which form our individual Antahkarana or Path.

Like the Sun compassionately providing the means of life and warmth for its myriad family of lesser beings in our solar system, the Higher Self patiently watches and encourages us to walk our own rainbow bridge to the stars.

“There is a light within a man of light, and it lights up the whole world. If he does not shine, he is in darkness” – from the Gospel of Thomas 38.4 – 10 in the Nag Hammadi Library-121