Man needs inwardly, in order to live his daily life, to be, as if he had settled or eliminated the great question that concerns his state.

            Everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, lives by a personal system of metaphysics they believe to be true.

            Hubert Benoit (The Supreme Doctrine)

            …and whether we ‘know’ it or not., (author).

            20th century physics has demonstrated that the ‘things’ and the ‘substances of the universe’ are without known exception, composed of atomic and subatomic ‘particles’ or ‘waves’.

            The nature of these ‘particles’, in so far as they can be observed and measured, is Movement, that is –Energy.

            Because of the word ‘particle’, it is very easy to form an idea of some ‘thing’ incredibly small, which is energised. But there is no ‘thing’ which ‘has’ the energy. The so called ‘particle’ or ‘wave’ Is the energy-movement.

            Some of the movements occur in millionths of a second.

            It is a peculiarity of these movements that if their position is measured their simultaneous speed cannot be known and if the speed is measured, the simultaneous position cannot be known. This situation is not because of the lack of sophistication in the measuring devices, but is inherent in ‘the nature of things’ at this basic level.

            It might be likened to a camera in which the light aperture is connected to the shutter speed in such a way, that setting the speed blurs the light focus and setting the light focus blurs the speed.

            The significance of this is the realisation that there can be no such thing as ultimate determinism, because if the left hand of science knows what it is doing, it can’t say what the right hand is doing, and vice versa. The particles (on the other hand) seem to have solved this difficulty.

            There is an experiment in which a photon (the atomic unit of light) is split to produce two units which fly off in opposite directions at the speed of light.

            According to relativity, it is impossible for either photon to contact the other by any means whatsoever. Yet, when one of them is influenced by an electric field the other photon registers the interference.

            The relatively recent ‘Chaos Theory’ highlights many examples of inter-action between apparently discrete event in space and time, which clearly demonstrate the inseparable relationships between ‘parts’ of the Whole.

            In poetic language: “There’s not the plucking of a flower without troubling of a Star.”

             The photon experiment and many others open doors to the possibility that the energy movements called ‘particles’ or ‘waves’ could in fact be the energy movements of a world mind.

            Let us imagine the surface of an ocean with billions of tiny ripples.

            The ripples might be thought of as ‘separate’ but they are, of course, simply the ocean movement and are of one substance. The sea water.

            It could be said, that the ripples are ‘all of one mind’.

            The term ‘Mind” is an apt one. It signifies presence without visibility or tangibility. It is measureless in dimensions and can not be said to ‘occupy’ space.

            How much space is needed to contain a concept?

            Is it more correct to say that mind is in space or that space is in mind?

            It might be said that space is the ‘form’, which mind takes.

            Michael Talbot in his book “Mysticism and the New Physics”, writes: “But we now must suspect that every point in the human brain is connected (via the ‘quantum foam’) to every other point in the universe.”

            Note that the brain as a ‘physical’ object could not possibly be physically connected to every other point in the universe.

            The brain, as well as everything else, emerges out of ‘Mind’.

            Mind is not a product of a brain and Mind could well be universally ‘present

 to the endless diversity of its own expressions, which we collectively call Nature.

            One of the philosophies greatest conundrums, has been to decide whether everything is Mind or Matter or a mixture of both.

            Like many problems, which seem to defy resolution, the fault is in the posing of the question, which in this case has assumed, that Mind and Matter are opposites.

            Whoever made the comment: “Well, Never Mind, No Matter”, was close to attitudes of today’s scientists who see Mind and Matter as two aspects of One phenomenon and which can be called “Consciousness” – – an aspect of mind.

            At the beginning of the chapter, the reader was reminded that ‘things’ and chemical ‘substances’ are complexes of energy.

            Energy functions as vibrations, which can be very slow or unimaginably fast. The vibrations are designated as ‘frequency rates’ and constitute the characteristics of all manifestations.

            Almost everyone has seen Einstein’s famous equation: E = MC2 (Energy = mass times the speed of light squared.)

            There is another famous equation which non technical people would perhaps never come upon.

            It establishes the profound nature of frequency.

            Called Planck’s Constant, it is a universal.

            The symbol is ‘h’ and the equation is E = hv.

            (Energy = the frequency of radiation (v) times Planck’s constant (h). The value of ‘h’ is: 6..625 * 10-27 erg seconds.

            10-27 is (a minus one – followed by twenty seven noughts) this is multiplied by 6.625. It represents an Energy – Time – event so unthinkably small and yet so precise. It can provide an insight into the astonishing reliability operating in the warp and weft of the universe.

            The lower frequencies manifest the Matter spectrum and the higher frequencies are experienced as the activity of the Mind.

            Lower and higher are technical terms – not indicating superior, inferior.

            Though Mind and Matter are two aspects of one phenomenon.

            The principle must be called Mind, because matter is mind in its most condense mode.

            The Mind of Man reflects the Universe which reflects the Mind of Man. More and more statements of a like nature are finding their way into science books and journals.

            The ancient Yin-Yang symbol the Tao, is an excellent representation of a wholeness, which expresses itself as an apparent duality, but the Yang factor always has an element of Yin and the Yin factor always has the element of Yang.

            If this is the case, which seems obvious, there is no such thing as non sentient matter, but only a position on the Mind spectrum indicating the potential to interact with the ever-changing environment – the ever unfolding World Mind.

            Not the intelligence of someone, but the quality itself:- Intelligence.

            Wise scientists have said, that they don’t pretend to know where the material or energy for the Big Bang came from, that their work is concerned only from the instant of the Big Bang occurrence.

            Some will say, that the question is as pointless as asking “Where did God come from, assuming that there is a God?”

            Here we are at the beginning and end of Metaphysics.

            The question is: “Why is it, or How is it, that there is Not absolutely nothing… no space – no time – no light – no darkness – no sound – no movement – no energy for ever and ever?

            And of course there would be no “Ever and ever”.

            This is a consideration of the highest value because out of meditation on this question of questions can arise the tremendous impact of the fact that nothingness can not be.

            The origin of Beingness, a Presence which is for ever a mystery without solution.

            Buddhists call it Suchness, Hindus call it Thatness: when Moses asked for a Name of the Authority sending him on his mission, the reply was “I AM WHAT I AM”.

            A statement of pure Beingness without further definition.

            Beingness as the ultimate mystery, the ultimate Source, must in a very real sense be the all in all, but its expression can be seen at different ‘levels’ and in different ways.

            Beingness would necessarily radiate all over “aliveness”, which would be simultaneously everywhere, like the heat and light of the Sun on planet Earth, this fundamental radiation is most likely to constitute a play of the fundamental ‘particles’ already discussed, which might be likened to the permanently active expressions of intelligence.

            Intelligence, which is the In-form-ation of the particles.

            They in turn perform their incredible ‘Dance of Shiva’, producing atomic structures of every kind, subject only to the nature of Intelligence itself.

            Metaphysics often requires expanded definitions of certain words.

            Intelligence for example, in the Cosmic context, barely resembles our day to day use, which is usually directed to particulars and personal behaviour.

            Cosmic intelligence is more like an influence, which might be likened to the overseeing of order.

            But the events or things to which the overseeing applies are not dictated.

            It is free creation Order or Laws which can be seen throughout the whole spectrum of Creation.     

            The Source (Being), radiates an all encompassing Energy, which scientists might be partially reading, when observing the nature and behaviour of subatomic particles.

            The Particles are not “Things” which ‘have ‘energy – they Are Energy.

            As the ripples on the surface of the ocean.

            Visually they might seem separate, but they are only the ocean.

            The ripples are of One substance which can be likened to Cosmic Intelligence. Just as water can be experienced as a liquid, ice, a solid or steam, so Cosmic Intelligence can be experienced as a solid Matter (ice-Water), or as Mind (steam, liquid, super heated gas).

            Matter is Mind in its most condensed state.         

            So in Metaphysics, there is no dualism of Mind and Matter, but Mind only, which is the imaginative creative movement of intelligence.

            The Energy events carry the quality potential of the Beingness.

            But as pointed out also from the beginning, this metaphysical understanding requires an ‘awareness’ at every level of manifestation.

            Risking the limitation of analogy again, (although analogies should come very readily in a universe of a metaphysical wholeness), Being can be likened to a Sun of unconditional energy, which unconditionally radiates itself throughout space and time.

            Its radiation carries the quality of intelligence which serves to prevent Chaos without meaning.

            The power of illumination can be likened to the quality of consciousness which ranges from the slightest degree of warmth or movement to the blinding white hot perception of the ultimate Mystery.

            In the unfolding creation consciousness would be first a state of experiencing without memory or anticipation.

            From a human point of view this barely seems to warrant the term “Consciousness”, but like the spectrum of Mind, consciousness can range through every degree of its presence, to the apparent opposite of Unconsciousness. But again like non sentient matter, there can not be unconsciousness.

            The question of Consciousness and Unconsciousness are dealt with fully in the teaching of the Indian Vedanta.

            Just a by the way thought: How can consciousness say: “I have been completely unconscious”, when if it had been completely unconscious, there would have not been present any consciousness or memory to make it aware of that fact?

            This situation implies the Presence that transcends unconsciousness.

            Using the word ‘Awareness’, for a state which can transcend conscious/unconscious, makes it prior-in-principle in the sense that Awareness is not dependent on any particular parcel of consciousness, whereas there can not be particularised consciousness without the presence awareness.

            Empty, silent mind is pure consciousness.

            The only manifestation of full self consciousness we know of on this planet is Man.

            It seems a waste of time to disagree that Mind is not brain.

            But until very recently Science staunchly maintained that non sentient matter was the origin of the universe and all ‘things’ on this planet including man.      

            And so extraordinary explanations have been devised in attempts to make non sentient Matter the source of creation.

            It has been proposed that the astonishing cavalcade of Galaxies, Quasars, Suns, Planets, and all life varieties from earth worms to Avatars, the incarnation of a Deity, have come about by the same production principles as would be the case if 20 million monkeys working 20 million typewriters for twenty million years produced the works of Shakespeare.

            It is never explained whether this is achieved by taking useable word from each monkey and then allowing more monkeys to collate the words in correct sequence. Would they have then proceeded to produce the authors in correct time space sequence by swapping their typewriters for chemistry sets?

            Or who would do the punctuations?

            But if everything rides on probability, the monkeys would have exactly the same chance of coming up with the works of Goethe, Tolstoy, Dickens and Dostoyevsky, or any and every other known bit of writing and language ever conceived.

            The situation gets sillier at each question but at least one more must be put.

            “From where, oh where came the 20 million monkeys and their typewriters?

            Or was it two hundred million? (See the big bang theory.)

            The difficult step on the mind matter spectrum is to know whether anything at all can be said to ‘exist’ if there is no awareness, objective or subjective.

            That is, if sub atomic events are not events of ‘experiencing’ and are not being registered in any other consciousness, how can they be said to exist?

            The traditional answer is that non sentient matter can exist in its own right without necessity for any kind of observation.

            But this statement involves putting one’s own mind back into the picture and imagining the object or event as still there.

            In the 19th century, Bishop Berkeley was maintaining that objects did not exist as such until perceived by a Mind.

            A contemporary wrote a verse to the effect, paraphrase:

            It seems exceedingly odd

            that the old Yew tree simply ceases to be

            if there’s no one about in the quad


This in turn provokes the comment;


            That the old Yew tree continues to be

            is not so exceedingly odd

            Because I am always about in the Quad, Yours truly God.


            If the term World Mind is used instead of ‘God’, the actual situation might be easier to appreciate. Remember that the World Mind is not “Out There”.

            We are not in the World Mind, we are OF it.

            The eye with which we seek to see the World Mind, is the same eye which the World Mind seeks to see us.

            Full consciousness simply means the state of being able to say… “I know that I exist.”

            Rene Descartes’ famous deduction: “I think, therefore I am”, seems to have confused the true order of things. He first had to be, before he could think.

            Thinking did not produce Being.

            He might as well have said: “I eat therefore I am.”

            There is no particular function, which can precede being.

            Thoughts are phases of consciousness, which is a phase of Mind, which is the activity of Intelligence – the manifestation of the supreme Mystery.

            It has to be constantly remembered, that all this is a result of attempting to verbally understand the unfoldment of a seamless Unity.

            And verbal understanding is not an understanding at all in the sense that the map is not the territory, the sign post is not the journey.

The above is the text of a lecture presented at the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) in Melbourne, Australia. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Theosophical Society (Pasadena).