The seven manifested planes come from the Unknown. At its root, this Unknown is the absolute consciousness of the Universe.

Within this absolute consciousness is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Logos in potentia. The Great Breath in motion blows through the 3rd Logos and so from the 3rd Logos comes the sphere of the Mundane Egg of the seven manifested planes. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Logos, as the triune Divine Monad or Galactic Brahman, hovers over and operates through the Atman of the Mundane Egg.

Within the Mundane Egg there are categories of embodiments such as a universal solar system Brahma, a solar chain Brahma, and a planetary Brahma. The galactic Brahman has a lifespan of thousands of trillions of years. The universal solar system Brahma, or a Raja Sun, has less than that.

The solar chain Brahma of our solar system has a lifespan of about 311 trillion years, of which we are about 155 trillion years through. The lifespan of a planetary Brahma is the Day and Night of Brahma, or 8,640,000,000 years. If we multiply 8,640,000,000 x 360 x 100, we get approximately 311 trillion years. The ‘Day’ part of 7 Rounds of our earth’s planetary chain is 4,320,000,000 years; the ‘Night’ part of those 7 Rounds is 4,320,000,000 years. So 7 earth Rounds is one day in the life of the hierarch of our solar chain Brahma.

Since the 1st Round of our earth, it has been about 1,955,000,000 years. We are currently in the 4th Round, but forerunners have already entered the 5th Round. The 1st Root-race in the 4th Round was about 320 million years ago. About 18 million years ago in the 3rd Root-Race was the enlightenment of mankind by the Manasaputras — higher reimbodying egos whose influence is over planetary chains in the solar system and who, in a certain way, can be said to reside in the sun.

The 4th Root-Race in its early development started about 12 million years ago, which was near the bottom point or about 308 million years into the 4th Round. The ascent up through the 4th Round will take another 308 million years. That makes a total of about 616 million years for the 4th Round. The number is actually greater than this; G. de Purucker describes the Round cycle in different ways to offer varying perspectives while at the same time veiling it. The solution for understanding his varying perspectives is to divide the Round cycle into a sphere with four quadrants and then figure out which combination of the four quadrants that G. de Purucker is including in his enumeration.

So the outline above covers the cycles that William Judge introduces in the second chapter of The Ocean of Theosophy. If one relates these vast cycles to the number of cyclical messengers that appear during the life of the solar chain Brahma, there are a) two main messengers in each Tribal Race of 3,700 years b) two main messengers in each National Race of 25,920 years c) two main messengers in each Family Race of 181,500 years d) two main messengers in each Sub-Race of 1,270,000 years e) two main messengers in each Root-Race of 8 million + years f) two main messengers in each Round of 600 million + years.

Needless to say, the length of each of these cycles is merely a general guideline. Now divide each one of these minor cycles into the 155 trillion years of our solar chain Brahma and you will get thousands and thousands of thousands. This idea of constant help from the messengers—of a Universe infilled with Bodhisattvas helping mankind—is at the heart of Buddhist cosmology. Help is always near. That is why Avalokitesvara, as the 3rd Logos, is sometimes depicted with 1,000 hands; these 1,000 hands correspond to what William Judge calls the thousand years of the Day of Brahma.