MELBOURNE LIBRARY: Open Tuesday mornings at 9.30am to 12.30pm.

ZOOM ONLINE WEEKLY MEETINGS ON THE ANCIENT WISDOM: if you are interested in attending our ZOOM online meetings on Tuesday nights, 7.30pm through 9pm Melbourne time please email Andrew Rooke at:



Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 7.30pm: The Seven Jewels of Wisdom – Andrew Rooke.

Tuesday, Feb, 14th, 7.30pm: Spiritual Practices Around the World – Andrew Rooke.

Tuesday, Feb, 21st, 7.30pm: Taming the Dragon Within – Esther Pockrandt.

Tuesday, Feb, 28th, 7.30pm-9pm. Mystical Ancient Egypt – Andrew Rooke.


Tuesday, Mar, 7th, 7.30pm: Clairvoyance and Mediumship – Laura Jaeger.

Tuesday, Mar, 14th, 7.30pm: Journeys into the Underworld: ‘Katabasis’ – Floyd Cento.

Tuesday, Mar, 21st, 7.30pm: The Pineal Gland: Emblem of Divinity – Phoebe Williams.

Tuesday, Mar, 28th, 7.30pm:  Spirituality and the Business World – Paul Rooke.


Tuesday, April, 4th, 7.30pm:  Invisible Worlds: Do They Actually Exist? – Andrew Rooke.

Autumn school holidays – Friday 7 April to Friday 21 AprilNo Lectures.

Tuesday 25 April – The Occult Shakespeare: The Venetian Plays – Jeff Clark.


Tuesday, May, 2nd, 7.30pm:  The Mystery Schools: The First Mystery Schools – Andrew Rooke.

Tuesday, May, 9th, 7.30pm: Lemuria: Ancient Lost Continent – Geoff Pascoe.

Tuesday, May, 16th, 7.30pm: The Ethics of Witchcraft – Gyndillion.

Tuesday, May, 23th, 7.30pm:  Cleopatra and the Ptolemies – Jennifer Jaeger.

Tuesday, May, 30th, 7.30pm:  The Mystery Schools: The Lesser and the Greater Mysteries – Andrew Rooke.


Tuesday, June, 6th, 7.30pm:  Places of Power – Stefan Carey.

MID-YEAR BREAK: No Lectures till Tuesday, August 1st