MELBOURNE LIBRARY: Located at 664 Glenhuntly Rd., Caulfield South, Melbourne, Victoria. Open Tuesday mornings at 9.30am to 12.30pm.

ZOOM ONLINE WEEKLY MEETINGS ON THE ANCIENT WISDOM: Tuesday nights, 7.30pm through 9pm Melbourne time. Please email: if you wish to join these Zoom lectures and discussions.



Tuesday, August, 22nd, 7.30pm:  How Did It All Begin? The ‘One’ Becomes the ‘Many’ – Andrew Rooke.

Tuesday, August, 29th, 7.30pm:  A World Without Money: Is it Possible? – Paul Rooke.


Tuesday, September, 5th, 7.30pm: The Ethics of Witchcraft – Gwyndillion.

Tuesday, September, 12th, 7.30pm:  Taming our Emotions – Stefan Carey and Andrew Rooke.

Spring school holidays – Saturday 16 September to Sunday 1 October.


Tuesday, October, 3rd, 7.30pm:  After-Death States: a Theosophical Perspective: Mike Vallis.

Tuesday, October, 10th, 7.30pm:  Original Sin…versus…Moments of Choice – Andrew Rooke.

Tuesday, October, 17th, 7.30pm:  Stefan Carey: Subject to be announced.

Tuesday, October, 24th, 7.30pm:  A Biography of Annie Besant – Her Influences and Her Legacy – Jennifer Pignataro.

Tuesday, October, 31st, 7.30pm:  New Religious Movements. What is the Difference Between Religions and Cults? – Andrew Rooke.


Tuesday, November, 7th, 7.30pm: Public Holiday. No Lecture Today.

Tuesday, November, 14th, 7.30pm:  Vegetarianism, Non-Violence (Ahimsa) and Spiritual Ecology – Catalina Isaza Cantor.

Tuesday, November, 21st, 7.30pm:  Children of the Future: Light-Bearers, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children and the Coming Sixth Root Race – Andrew Rooke.

Tuesday, November 28th, 7.30pm: Lemuria: The Origins of Civilization? – Geoff Pascoe.

See you back in February 2024.