The congregation, a kind of family, was invited to a sacred family ritual – the Sunday Slide-Show. Pam’s Mum’s life flittered across the screen, like Shakespeare’s, “poor player, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard of no more.”

The large white screen had previously been a blank canvas, a ‘tabula rasa’ (a clean slate). On this canvas was painted, flickering across the screen, in colour and light, a portrayal of a person’s life, from babyhood, youth, parenthood, to great grandparenthood, a sound and light show, willing commentary from grieving, yet grateful and loving, survivors of her death.

All things done, we filed out for food and drink, lavishly provided, refreshment for the physical frame of us on earth. But, glancing back over one’s shoulder, as we filled out, one saw the screen blank again, the original ‘tabala rasa’, yet improved by the events of a life well lived. And the light which allowed this to become visible, was obvious no more, the colour and light had gone, and the person’s life had been absorbed into the great LIGHT, and the LIFE of ALL LIFE, the Great ‘I AM’.