Beneath the façade of nature’s calm serenity a mighty battle rages on. In the verdant fields of bucolic bliss where sunlight shimmers softly on the treetops, in the ocean’s deeps where water sings harmoniously its thalassic Neptunian hymns, in the cloudless skies of azure blue where the heavens open wide in a cosmic coruscating embrace; here exists a world of war.

Struggle permeates life. It encapsulates it, ensnarls it, defines it. Nothing that exists can be understood except as the product of a ceaseless conflict of opposites. Strength and weakness, war and peace, truth and falsehood, love and hate, courage and fear. Life is a dualistic clash of dichotomic extremes: the high and low; the determiner and the determined; the seeker and the sought.

This conflict, though, upon a deeper analysis, reveals itself to be, in truth, not so clearly a conflict at all – but rather, the omnipresent and enduring interplay of polarising forces by the interaction of which manifestation on the various planes becomes possible. And thus, the ugly mask is ripped from the face of the necessity of struggle to unveil the magnificence and beauty of this amaranthine kosmic process whereby the simultaneity of creation and destruction is maintained in perfect and unending equilibrium.

This, then, is the eternal kosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti – the infinite play of Power and Will – of Positive and Negative forces – as manifested in the multiplicities of life. The pendulum swing of our phenomenal existence is determined by the roaring waves of karmic undulation upon the sea of ceaseless motion that is our kosmic existence. In our surrender to the rolling waves is to be found an underlying centre; a firm foundation amidst the rising and falling of diversified forms. The task of the seeker is to discover the balance that permeates the passage of life and thus to venture forth amid the waves, bold and sincere in the fulfilment of his duty – his dharma in the kosmic play – whilst remaining yet ever present and ever still in that sacred region that exists beyond the bounds of Time, Space, and Duration; that eternity which is the Everlasting Now. Such a one is a karma yogi – a force of action in inaction, and of inaction in action; a dancer in the Kosmic dance in which he lives, and moves, and has his being.  Tat Tvam Asi