The University bus-stop is a waiting-ground, a resting-place between the following of new paths. As such, one is more keenly aware than usual of observations pertinent to Life and its Way. Crooning pigeons nurse their young among the precipitous eaves of the university buildings, where one false step necessitates an early introduction to the skills of flight. Swallows sweep and skit about the cavernous ceilings and sparrows strafe the window spaces, snapping at passing midges.

Spiders have colonized the window frames, out of reach of feathered marauders. Like a human colony, the parents have colonized in heavy concentrations in a favoured architectural site. Parent spiders can be posed strategically above their white orb-shaped egg-sack, like an eight-fingered, half-closed hand guarding a precious pearl. At a distance, exceeding the pouncing-distance of an adult spider, was another, and yet another, and yet more, such orbs, each with its attendant parent, along the full height of the frame. Each nest was a perfect replica of its neighbour, so the colony resembled a long tenement house or a multi-storied block of apartments.

It struck the viewer how similar are the needs and pressures upon members of the human and animal kingdoms and how similar are their solutions. However, each spider had created the same dwelling according to some inner pattern, followed step by step to completion, trusting his own inner light to lead him through the tunnel. The human viewer, though unaware of this pattern, had the ability to observe its beauty objectively from the outside. And similarly, God silently observing the man, holds in his hand the key to both the inner and outer awareness of His two ‘younger brothers’ and he knows that they, too, will eventually possess this self-born ecliptic knowledge.