The greatness and spiritual profundity of our reverent Norse forefathers expressed in their Norse and Germanic myths and great epic poems, The Eddas, has always been realized by some perceptive people.  I recall in the 1947 issue of our Icelandic Theosophical Society´s magazine, Gangleri, an article on Heathenry (Paganry) as being pure Theosophy.


Please note that the name Gangleri is one of the Norse main-god Óðin‘s numerous meaningful names. The meanings of names of gods and goddesses correlate with, and emphasize, what the relevant myth or poem is conveying.  What few know, is, that Gangleri is derived from Sanskrit गङ्गलहरि gangalahari, which means: a wave of wisdom from the sacred river गङ्ग (Ganga).


Symbolic: a flow


In myths “rivers“ are symbols for deeper concepts and phenomena:  A flow.  We have lots of flowing rivers in Norse mythology and their names have true meaning. Do not take the symbol ´a river´ to be more than an indication, a cue, a metaphor, to lead us to the inherent and profound meaning, an unseen flow. Theosophical author, the late Elsa-Brita Titchenell, was so right when she wrote in one of her books: The Masks of Odin, warning us of how easy it is to be led astray in our understanding by symbolic personifications of nature’s powers and processes such as are often represented in the ancient Norse myths. She symbolically re-enforces her warning of this trap by avoiding all pictures of the Norse god Óðinn in her book. Her message is clear: symbolic representations of Gods and Goddesses are not real people, as pictured even in the myths themselves. Ancient symbolic language might make them appear in this way: humans in funny old stories. We do not see the Chinese concepts of yin yang as people. Not either the Vedic concepts of Purusha and Prakriti. So why should we see Óðinn and Freyja as people?

Answer: This has been imprinted. But we have to learn to know what they mean in the symbolic language of myths.


We have a valid excuse for these anthropomorphized pictures. In an esoteric understanding of Norse and Germanic myths, every manifest thing is in the image of Ginnungagap (which is the Norse term for the Great Void). In Vedic wisdom and knowledge similarly, only the great Oneness, Brahman, is. Nothing else is there. So, the whole cosmos, the whole of Nature, including the human body, is in the image of Ginnungagap (colloquially called “The Gap“).  All that exists which we call “manifestation“ is It, Brahman, Gap. But, take heed: this fact does not make the Gap and the Gods to be humans, or persons. It does not work that way. The Gap is not taking part in Its Cosmic Play. We as pure consciousness are not either taking part! We (our souls) are the Gap. So: we are the Gap, and Gods and Goddesses are in us. They are our flawless administrators of our universe.


How did these Living but Unseen Powers become like ‘Marble Statues’?


To begin with, powers in nature were felt and some of them eventually called Gods and Goddesses. Felt and known they may be, but they are unseen by human eyes. Later they became concrete anthropomorphized personifications, with attributes that artists and authors put on them. We admire the Greek perfect statues of marble and stone in human form, but Gods and Goddesses are not made of such concrete a substance at all. Gradually these concrete expressions of Gods and Goddesses overshadowed what they originally should have represented: unseen powers and Laws of Nature in the universe.


The polytheistic, or pantheistic, world-view is that of all being a Whole, as only Ginnungagap is. The Norse Gap is, as said before, equivalent of Brahman.

A Whole implies, that we, also, are this Wholeness, Oneness, not just parts. We shall not violate the Laws of Nature, i.e. we should live in harmony with our Gods and Goddesses, as they are flawless worldly powers in us. They are Deva, or administrators of Natural Law. Gods and Goddesses, thus, are parts of a Whole. Each one can be understood, truly, but no one God or Goddess should be cut out of the context of the Whole. That would defy The Whole. Such an isolated mono-god tends to become a tool – used by unscrupulous worldly political and religious powers to dominate ordinary people. In history we have over and over again seen that smart device used as a strategy to maintain power.




“Heiðni“ is the Icelandic word for Heathery, or, “forni siður“ (´ancient tradition´, from Sanskrit words: puran siddhi). The term Ásatrú is the invention of a later time. The word itself, ása-trú, sounds like “belief in Æsir“ (Asa), and is thereby misleading. Used (and perhaps invented) to compare our ancient tradition, heiðni, with the theocratic dogma of later religious systems. It is really not at all possible to compare Theosophy and Theocracy in more than one-way: One is a wolf in sheepskin, the other a lamb in the garb of a wolf. The garb on the wolf is flowery words about Heaven and Peace. Tends to be very expensive. The garb around the lamb is that of symbolic language, hidden meaning, and, unfortunately, a bunch of deliberate or ignorant misinterpretations.  The sheepskin on the wolf contains lots of beautiful ancient sayings, recycled, and adopted into monotheistic systems. Looks great. We can easily be taken in, intellectually and emotionally. We should simply stick to that part, and find the real Theosophy and Truth contained in the flowery words. But when money, killing, and the gaining of territory and dominance come into view, we should recoil, and let the tricky wolf sleep. He might bite. Do not ever ever abuse Jesus’ original message for that of the dominance part of theocratic systems.


So, what is what?


So what is what in this mystical sea of promises for peace on earth, funny or sweet stories, threat of hell, etc.? It is not so unfathomable at all. We can easily understand intellectually, if we care to understand. I can only tell you here what our forni siður (our ancient Norse tradition) is, and what it is not.


Heathenry is not a belief-system at all. We do not believe in Gods and Goddesses. They are our innermost powers emerging in Ginnungagap some 13.7 billion years ago, and will be ours till the end of this our universe. This end-of-the-world is known in Norse and Germanic tradition as Ragnarök, which means: ‘origin of rögn’ (origin of Gods, or Æsir, or Tívar).  Logically, as at ,he broken symmetry re-unites, merges in its origin The Unified Field of Total Natural Law (Ginnungagap).  Ragnarök will be, according to modern astronomy either the “Big Rip“ or the “Big Crunch“. We should realize that from the Big Bang untill Ragnarök our universe, this beautiful “Schauspiel“, is only Ginnungagap (the Wholeness, Brahman).


Not a man-made system – but Science of Consciousness


We do not see forni siður as a man-made system, but as an ancient science of consciousness. Heathenry is pure Theosophy, and can therefore, not be rationally  paralleled to theocratic systems, even if, at a glance, these two seem to be about the same topic of concern. Heathens cannot dispute on anything, there is nothing to kill for, and we have as many opinions as there are men. We claim Heiðni (Heathenry) to be that of peaceful men as Heiðni is completely useless as a tool to dominate or to claim obedience of anyone. It is all about self-evolution and purpose of our lifespans on earth. And we are aware of our Urður Verðandi Skuld, i.e. our karma (actions) and their consequences, the Natural Law of an action having an equal reaction. Our fate, örlög, is our own responsibility. As we sow so we shall reap.


So, heathen mothers cannot use any kind of an imaginary “bogeyman“ as a method of punishment, or Santa Claus as an enticement to good behaviour:  that cruel and degrading tool, the raw potato in the shoe in the window-sill in December. In Heiðni there is not that Heaven-or-Hell concept, no stick nor a carrot. Every child learns to be all-responsible for himself or herself, and for the whole of Nature. The keys are to live in tune with Natural Law, never violate Laws of Nature, be heedful, and, most important:  to Transcend. We learn about transcending and the benefits thereof (skill in action) in one of our ancient Norse Edda-poems Hávamál (verses 138-163).


Nýsa Niður – Transcending.


To transcend is in Icelandic/OldNorse: nýsa niður. Nýsa, an intransive verb in Icelandic language, means to spy, or curiously peep, investigate sneakingly, and níður means, ‘down’, same word as English “neath“ (poetic for beneath). Actually we have the verb nýsa in past tense in the poem Hávamál: past tense nýsta, nýsta ek niður. Why would that be? I shall explain:


In the state of transcendence we are fully awake, fully perceptive to the wisdom, but not thinking in the sense of:  I am performing the act of transcending my thoughts. Because that would be a thought.  We have peeped down under all such thoughts into the fourth stage of consciousness. We can only tell afterwards as we come out into thoughts anew, when we naturally ´ “fall from there again“ (in Hávamál: fell ek aftur þaðan) into realm of waking stage of thoughts. In the waking state we can speak about it. Tell others. And we should do that. Now we have imbibed ourselves with the ´know-how´, karmasu kaushalam, skill in action. In Icelandic: fimbulrúnir (mighty sacred secret runes). The only way to perform perfectly right actions spontaneously in the world, in full accord to the Laws of Nature, is to transcend regularly, contact the All Nourishing and Evolutionary Field, The All Possibilities Field, the Infinite Organizing Power, Ginnungagap.  An easy task!  We are It. Mind is going home, where mind is imbibed with all Bliss, Love and Pure Knowledge.


Dr. Harald S. Harung, a Norwegian researcher, wrote an article in the scientific, Journal of Human Values, in 1996, about pure spirituality contained in Heathenry such as the act of transcending in the Hávamál (vísa (verse) 138 and following). Harald´s research is derived from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi´s wish to find this profound understanding of life in the ancient spiritual traditions in our world. Maharishi asked for this research being done to find the abyss in ancient traditions of the world. Harald is glad that I carry on with it and do it thoroughly.


The Supreme Goal of Human Birth


Our reverent Norse forefathers knew the vital importance of transcending. How practical that actually is in daily life. Gain fimbulrúnir for powerful, divine, and positive force and skill in man´s worldly actions. To live man‘s full, inherent potential, gain the true motivation for our powerful actions in the world. No waste on petty actions. This fundamental knowledge is intellectually understood only by a few, and sorry to say, it is practiced, and lived by even fewer. Our goal and purpose is reaching Valhöll (known in English as Vahalla). Mind you:  we might have come across misleading explanations about Valhöll. Valhöll is our heightened stage of consciousness, enlightenment, fully alive, in one of our lifespans. Reaching Valhöll, i.e. gaining enlightenment, is the very purpose of lifespans. This is the supreme goal of human birth.


[Note: We sometimes come across some confusion with after-death ideas alien to Heathenry. These are inventions of a later time that have nothing whatsoever to do with Valhöll in its true and original understanding as the purified stage of spiritual growth of living people. Our beloved Hel, Helia, is, on the other hand, a delightful “coffee-break“ between lifespans, She, Hel, is a rest. We love her. Hel has nothing to do with Hell, which is used as a threat as some place of eternal suffering after death, as commonly understood in some popular belief-systems.]


In the polytheistic, or pantheistic, world-view  – being that of all being, a Whole – the right way is to live in accord and harmony with The Whole. Never violate the perfect Laws of Nature. Live in accord with our flawless Gods and Goddesses. Living Truth is the vital part. To do so, we shall transcend, nýsa niður. The message is clear.

Heathenry implies: Include the worldly powers, but yet live the Oneness of all as The Supreme: Ginnungagap, the Gap Ginnunga – what we are!  It is our very Self. Consciousness. We are consciousness.


[Note: The Gap – being The Great Void or Universal Consciousness is, in Icelandic, pronounced ‘gaap’ or ‘gaab’, not as English ‘gapp’. Yet it is the same Old-Norse and Old-English word. It is neither masculine nor feminine but a concept neuter in gender.]


Dark Ages


During the philosophic “Dark Ages“ of Europe when the Roman Empire’s brutality ruled from Palestine to England, the monotheistic God was imposed as a device to control and rule the peoples of Europe. Theocracy was used as a strategy to rule the subjected peoples. During these Dark Ages, Heathenry was disdained and ridiculed by all possible means by the authorities of the day in order to get Heathenry erased over time. Much harm was done to true spiritual understanding at this time. People were brainwashed to the extent of making them believe our forni siður (our ancient cult and wisdom) to be all-brutality and ignorance. Those who did not agree were mercilessly persecuted. Now, in a more free-thinking age, we are re-discovering the true core and essence of our Norse and Germanic forefathers´ great tradition. We are awakening it from its ages as The Sleeping Beauty. We give it a kiss, and we wake up!


Theocracies look outwardly pious by repeating ancient scriptures and myths, recycled from spiritual texts and adapted to their uses of today. I recall six virgin births from ancient texts, sons of Gods and human virgin mothers. Also an ancient version of the story of Moses as a baby in the basket on the river. And, in the Bhagavad-Gita we have: The course of actions is unfathomable, गहना कर्मनो गतिः, gahanaa karmano gatih, which was used in a Theocracy as if a God were ruling actions. And some more ancient symbolic terms, if you wish, about Gods loving mankind: In Europe we have Zeus the Greek God approaching human women, like Leda and Europa. We have a theocratic mono-God approaching Miriam in Nazaret. Also:  our Norse God Lord Freyr sends his Divine Ray, Skírnir, when he wants the human girl Gerður to realize that she should not be living for her worldly stuff only. This is the Edda-poem Skírnismál, about God Freyr and human Gerður in Gymisgarðar. Gymisgarðar symbolizes material abundance only, without Gerður‘s understanding of the importance of the divine part of her life. She is all absorbed in material considerations.


Myths and “godspells“ (gospels) and sacred poems, kvæði, are often conveyed in esoteric symbolic language. Often funny, but they contain profound hidden allegory. The “pure ones“ understand the spirituality contained in them, but the “crude ones“ laugh and ridicule because of the poems‘ apparent stupidity. They say: “Did people of ancient times really believe this rubbish!”


So why do Some Understand and Others Not?


There is even a theory which suggests that this apparent absurdity found in our Norse myths, seemingly so amusing and stupid, is what actually saved our spiritual heritage from being burned at the stake as devilish and dangerous stuff. Some might have assumed:  these funny and naive poems could not do any harm but would make a good tool to ridicule these simple-minded, olden, pagan guys. That would come in handy to destroy that primitive stuff and replace it with the theocratic device as intended by religious authorities.


Funnily enough some people take some myths seriously and then, stubbornly, term other similar or identical myths as stupidity, even if these really are conveying the same phenomenon. These fixed ideas connect to ´labels´ to which people bind themselves: My label “X“ has everything correct and divine, that label “Y“ has everything fake, pseudo, and devilish! The problem is that we can find the same core thread of ideas running through countless versions of the Truth expressed in mythology around the globe. All depends upon the purity of the speaker. If we take off our black goggles of brainwashing, we will see.


All these labels are all-worldly “tags“, causing endless arguments, and, even worse, their use as a struggle for money and power. It is the nature of worldly things to be all differences and contradictions, like hot cold, good bad, right wrong. Whatever contains contrasts and divisions is all-worldly stuff or ideas. Note also that some one word, one term, can have apparently opposed meanings, like Lucifer (literally: the light-bearer) and Lucifer (a devil). And think about the term Truth, of how it can be manipulated. Pseudo-truth can be sold as Truth. Even for profit. The reason: All-worldly stuff or ideas always contain diversity. Diversity is in the nature of created things – and ideas.


Then – What is this Truth?


It is the Fundamental Field of All Existence. The Field, That which only Is. – There is nothing outside It, as It is the One And Only that is. We might hear of Its many names, but, too commonly without understanding. It is spoken of by names such as: The Unified Field of Total Natural Law, Tao, Brahman, Ginnungagap, Pure Consciousness, etc.  As the Rig Ved has it: “Truth is one, the wise call it by many names”, or in Sanskrit language: Ekam sad vipra bahudhaa vadanti,


In one of our Norse Edda-poems, Skírnismál, we have the term lognfara lundur Barri, (the windless grove of ever-greens). To meet the divine there is Nirvana. Human Gerður, at last, meets divine Lord Freyr for Yog. (Edda-poem Skírnismál.)


What we are now starting to realize is that “Consciousness is Brahman“ (as it says in the Aitareya Upanishad). And what is more:  We are given an easy technique, the Transcendental Meditation (TM) to live Pure Consciousness, which is Pure Knowledge, our very Self. An easy, effortless, and natural technique. Mind in least agitation naturally finds Bliss within. Mind´s very inherent nature is to seek the greatest happiness. Using the TM-technique to transcend, naturally and effortlessly gives mind the chance to settle down and expand to the Unboundedness within.


We explain the term nýsa niður as to transcend our mind and thougths, be Unbounded Bliss, and so imbibe Total Potential of Natural Law.  In Norse myths called gaining fimbulrúnir and good galdur for perfection in all actions, “karmasu kaushalam”. This is how Jesus walks on water.


Gradually, by practice of transcending, we spontaneously live in accord with our Gods and Goddesses, i.e. never violate the Laws of Nature. Spontaneously means we do not need commandments or codes or rules. We naturally love our neighbour and do no harm, as we see all as Our Self, in Our Self.


Each person‘s Stage of Consciousness.


There is another reason beyond blinding labels that dominate our reason: that is each person´s stage of consciousness.


For sure, we often do see that each person interprets the myths according to his or her stage of understanding. We can even come across a child who clearly understands the abyss. We can also meet an adult (even some so-called scholars and experts) who does not fathom any spirituality in life. IQ has nothing to do with this kind of understanding or seeing. It is the purity of the person that counts in this context. I.e. the stage of consciousness in which he or she lives.


We really say: “The world is as you are“. And it is true. Do we know that each man/woman actually ´makes´ his/her world? Therefore his/her world is as he/she sees it.


World, in Icelandic, is veröld (ver-öld), and can be simply translated as the lifespan of a human being.  Modern physics confirms that what we see as matter, or the material universe, is actually energy/vibrations (waves). These vibrations are, in esoteric Norse mythology, called Gungnir (literally vibrations, or quantum physic´s superstrings). Out of these Gungnir we interpret in our brain our “world“ of sensory understanding, i.e. that something we claim to hear, touch, see, taste, and smell – this ‘out-there’. We might not know that our lovely five senses present our mind with Gungnir alone. We might not either be aware of that we are Ginnungagap, Consciousness, overshadowed by that our mind-creation. So led astray from who we are in core and essence. The world of Gungnir becomes so real to our mind, that Reality Itself is overshadowed. Our very Self is no longer perceived. Only the makebelieve real stuff ‘out there’. We are like human Gerður in Gymisgarðar in the kvæði (poem) Skírnismál, who hardly wants anything to do with the God Freyr and his divine gifts or whatever that stuff Skírnir offers her. She is materially oriented and has no conception of her divine inner nature. Could such be the condition of some humans today??


A God as a Device


The Edda-poems and Norse ancient myths contain and convey pure spirituality. Unfortunately, man-made theocracies exist whose intention was to use theology and concepts from the ancient wisdom – grasped out of context – to dominate the common people.  The pantheon of Gods and Goddesses was banned, even though admitted to exist, and simply called “other Gods“. History tells us about several such devious strategies by theocratic authorities.


The man-made theological systems look impressively complete, mystical, and believable. In my view, they should be more inclined to pure theosophy than strict ‘outer’ words. They should explain hidden meaning such as:  being lead from servitude to enlightenment, after some roaming in the desert of ignorance, to find the “land“, which is, symbolically, man´s enlightenment. They should include in their teachings the purpose of life and how to reach the supreme goal in one of our lifespans. Religious systems change with people, so why not change people to the better by teaching Truth and then their belief-system will follow.


Wisdom of the Norse Goddess Syn


One of our Norse Goddesses is named Syn. She knows the purpose of human beings being born here on the Earth!


Her blessed name is akin to words like English sin, Sanskrit sattva, satya (Truth), Icelandic satt (true), and synjun (which means refusal or denial). What would Syn refuse? She is a motherly Goddess and would never prohibit us from entering Glasir, the golden-leaved forest. No. Every soul is most welcome. She only refuses filth and ignorance, i.e. Sin. We should purify ourselves of all sin. Syn is a “sieve“ to rid us of all impurities, a filter, if you like. Nothing but Sin-less Perfection is her wish and goal for every human being on earth. This means enlightenment. We reach Valhöll (Valhalla) fully alive in one of our lifespans. Valhöll is a heightened stage of consciousness for a living person.


Syn calls us to consecrate ourselves to Purity through transcending thoughts.

We purify our human nervous system, a supreme “vehicle“.  Our human nervous system is in Norse mythology represented by the eight-legged horse –Sleipnir). We purify our whole physiology by transcending regularly, so imbibing the Perfect Order into our life. So simple, yet so fundamentally useful and practical in our every-day life.  Why are we not taught these truths? What has the modern world forgotten?  Our reverent Norse forefathers knew these things, but we do not!


What is the Purpose of Man‘s Lifespan?


We have an answer in one of Óðin‘s many meaningful names. It is Síðhöttur, derived from Sanskrit  सिद्धर्थ (siddh-artha), which means: perfection as a goal.

[This etymological knowledge comes from Keshava Deva Shastri (Indian) and Christian Andreas Holmboe (Danish)]


The purpose of each lifespan is to gain enlightenment. Reach Valhöll whilst fully alive in this world. This profound teaching has been drastically missing in our education. We are not taught that the most important goal – actually man´s only true purpose -enlightenment – is within our grasp. I would call this a major flaw in modern education. Lack of purpose itself.


Are our educational institutions failing us? Our prevailing educational and religious systems are not only meagre and scant when it comes to the fundamental Truth and basis of all, but are too often leading us astray with their sole emphasis on created matter and worldly phenomena. Only, at the best, giving us some flowery words about ultimate questions that something is supposed to be somewhere for us to believe in and pray to. Even modern Philosophy is not touching ultimate questions, but rather degenerates into some petty discussions and brain-acrobatics, which is only the tiny tip of the iceberg of perceiving Truth. The great philosophers knew better. 90% of the iceberg is unseen in the depths. There lies the profundity of Philosophy: What are we? As the ancient Greeks would say: Gnoþi seauton, ‘know thyself’, gnoθi seauton.


We should take a 180° U-turn, from an ‘out-there’ approach to an ‘in-here’ understanding. Heaven is within, Nirvana is reached by diving within, Allah is within. This implies transcending in order to truly live The Divine within. Transcend our mind and thoughts and so imbibe the Total Potential of Natural Law. Our forefathers knew about divine and powerful skill and perfection in all actions in the Edda-poem Hávamál this practical know-how is termed as fimbulrúnir and good galdur. Our forefathers knew that we can easily live perfectly in accord with our Gods and Goddesses, i.e. spontaneously and automatically never to violate the Laws of Nature.


Talking about Spirituality versus  Living as a Spiritual Being


To my mind it is so fortunate that nowadays the world-wide spiritual movement, the world-state or, Global Country, offers Consciousness-based Education (CBE) to all schools and universities in the world from Kindergarten to PhD, and offers TM®, Transcendental Meditation for every person who is busy in worldly matters.


Now, we know the purpose of every man´s many life-spans: Enlightenment. But who, apart from us, knows?  How many teach us what is the purpose of our being here? Parents have failed to tell us, schools have failed us, expensive religious institutions seem not to know, or do not care. Or do not want us to know, as we do not need any intermediaries to transcend, and that very information would expose the institutions as being of no value to us. It seems religious systems generally and drastically fail us. Perhaps they do not even contain – or have forgotten – such wisdom?  None of the expensive systems is teaching us how to live The Truth.  Words about It are not the same as living It. Intellectual understanding – good as it is as a beginning – is not the same as being and living Truth. But this flaw is about to change to the best in our world right now.


When we learn the easy technique to transcend, we will understand the purpose of our being here on earth. We will see for what purpose we have chosen to been born into each our human lifespan. Edda-poems contain knowledge and wisdom, but I fear we do not understand the abyss. It is not enough to put a label on such expressions, such as: “I am a Heathen”, or, “I am a Christian”, etc, or as the Asian term goes: “I am Buddha”. These tags are of no real concern. When intellectual discussion was overwhelming the Buddha answered with silence alone. An enlightened man´s silence means:  Stop talking, just transcend and become pure and enlightened. Then Truth will reveal itself to you. When enlightened Jesus says ‘Heaven is Within’, he means: Stop talking about Heaven as some difficult-to-find place, thought of by some as a Utopia. Simply transcend to find Heaven Within.


If people now think they become wise by imitating the behavior of Buddha by not talking at all or answering nothing when asked about sacred teachings, they are simply giving the appearance of being men of knowledge. That learned and artificial attitude is a shallow surface. It is make-believe, like children´s game, and only a fake. A garb. As I see it, we should act and talk but gain the purity of our thoughts by transcending the world of thoughts. We gain nourishment in the Infinite Silence and Infinite Dynamism    ‘in-here’ not ‘out-there’. Not by only talking about it, nor in the sphere of thoughts alone. When we become enlightened we can truly explain.


If people think they reach Heaven Within by only talking about it and praying for it, something really important is missing in their lives. Talking is a worldly act. Even understanding intellectually is a worldly thought. But if we want our words not to be hollow and empty, if we want them to be powered by Pure Knowledge, we should transcend the world of thoughts, unite with Eternity, The Unboundedness, That, which we are in essence.


Even if someone sits in a cave for a lifetime he or she might not evolve at all. Just sitting and contemplating is not getting us all the way to our own real Self. Beware of numbness. Life is all vitality. We need to do a little bit.  The Brahmins, knowers of the Vedas, have always known this. They possess a delicate technique. According to Norse mythology, we need to find worm-holes through our space-time foam (terms speculated upon by modern quantum physics). Our reverent forefathers knew this. All the great teachers of the past and present tell us that the Truth lies within us. There are no barriers whatsoever. In the Bhagavad-Gita, II 40, we have: pratyavaayo na vidyate प्रत्यवायो न विद्यते no obstacles exist. Nothing is more natural to us than transcending our own thoughts.  We might have in myths that we shall find what we seek in a hidden place – could be mythical cliffs or caves, but nothing is more natural to us than to reach our inner fountainhead of Wisdom. We simply seek in the right place:  ‘in here’. This is our real “going home“.  Our Norse forefathers claim Óðinn (i.e. us) to take on the guise of a worm to slide into the cliff Hnitbjörg within us to find the Supreme Wisdom. The wisdom is the cauldron Kvasir, being guarded by our generous Gunnlöð, daughter of the olden grumpy thurs Suttungur. Please see the allegory and not the apparent characters on stage in the theatre of myths.


Why did this Knowledge get Lost?


Answer: We did not understand the symbolic language. But how did these kvæði (poems) and myths survive the dark ages of ignorance? Because they convey the eternal Truth and cannot die. As they are shrouded in the garb of symbolic language and metaphor, the persecutors of the ancient wisdom-traditions did not realize their hidden depths of heathen wisdom. They sneaked through the persecution of the ages and survived – at least some of them – till today!


We got lost in the thicket of indications and funny tales. We did not know how to transcend our thoughts to the Unboundedness beyond to reveal the inner understanding. We saw the unattractive peel of the fruit only not knowing its interior sweetness:  the delicious nourishing nectar. We saw Nature and we thought there was only Nature – that which our senses register. We knew not from whence Nature derives, and even less what Nature hides from our sight.


We might not realize that the bedtime stories, Snow-White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and her big bad wolf are really conveying the goal of reaching Valhöll, or enlightenment of a living person. They are myths in disguise. Beautiful bedtime stories when a child´s mind is on the verge of leaving the state of wakefulness after a whole day filled with innocent fun and play.


Our Goddess Syn assures us: Simply become pure. We innocently need to learn to transcend our mind and thoughts to truly understand. First then, we understand the blessed words of Jesus and other enlightened teachers. They speak to us from Unity. We need no distracting theological comments from outside. Whom do we trust in these vital matters anyway? Who is really worth listening to? Who is enlightened enough to be our Guru? And who is not? We cannot trust what might be mere flowery words about such an important matter as is our whole purpose of existence. The safest way to know is to purify ourselves and to become enlightened. Then we know. Then we see ourselves.


So what is the Sphere of Thoughts?


There is actually nothing out there. Many of us know this by now. We, each one of us, interpret vibrations of the Gap, the Gungnir (the term in Norse mythology for the vibrating super-strings of modern quantum physics) into a world. Our five senses gallantly convey to the mind whatever Gungnir (vibrations) they register. Our brain, then, interprets that intangible stuff into “a world“. The world is as you are, we say. True indeed. The worlds are as many as there are living men, and each person‘s world is as he/she is: be it that of purity or of ignorance, of joy or hate. Remember: the word world, is in Icelandic veröld (ver-öld), and simply means: a lifespan of a living being.


We should innocently heighten our stage of consciousness. That we do by regularly transcending, nýsa niður, to the fourth stage of consciousness. Leaving for a while the three we know:  waking state, REM-sleep, and deep sleep.


I have seen that the TM-technique is the easiest, most natural, and most rewarding technique for every man. TM has, by scientific research, be found to score far above other methods of easing the mind. Millions have learned TM.  Thousands now practice TM-Sidhi (Sutra) and Yogic Flying . The effect is scientifically validated. (See: Global Country on the internet.) We are heightening the world consciousness by group-transcending.


The Maharishi Effect and the benefits of TM, Transcendental Meditation


Scientific research (by the hundreds) have proven the natural technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM®) to give balance of mind and consequently a healthy body – even when one practices alone. It is a gateway to perfect health and inner happiness. Real and lasting Bliss. When TM and TM-sidhi is practiced in groups, the transcendence influences our surroundings. It produces the Field-Effect when we so enliven The Field. Quantum physicist John Hagelin PhD, scientifically explains the analogy to the effects of group-transcending:  A comparable phenomenon of physics is when two loudspeakers are in synch, they produce four times the volume of one of them, amplify the waves; when three are in synch nine times the volume, etc.  When the advanced technique TM-Sidhi and Yogic Flying is practiced in groups this more effectively influences the whole nation and the whole world producing infinite correlation and orderliness. Scientifically proven by research for over 50 years now. A group of 100 yogic flyers practicing regularly together affects a total population of one million!


Research on some methods shows no transcendence


On the other hand, contemplation and concentration, when practiced by people busy in the world demonstrates by scientific experiments not to lead to transcendence, but might overtire the brain and the mind. Contemplation and concentration are in the sphere of thoughts. They keep the mind stuck and fixed there. These practices tend to even inhibit the natural tendency of the human mind to transcend thoughts. The feeling of relief when contemplation or concentration is stopped can be even as extreme as deafness and exhaustion. Transcending on the other hand, when learned and practiced as Maharishi teaches it, is a delightful and automatic process of naturally leaving even subtlest thoughts for a while and uniting individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness, as they are one, not two. In my opinion, all of us who are living in the stressful world of everyday life, should learn and practice this easy technique, TM, tailored for us by the enlightened Guru and physicist, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.


Jesus tells us to find Heaven within. This is pure Theosophy. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teaches us the Science of Consciousness. “Consciousness is Brahman“ says  the Aitareya Upanishad. This science is all about pure theosophy. We find all within. Only Brahman, consciousness, is. Even this, as we tend to see it, emphatic universe, is Brahman.  Therefore: We need no mediators. They can even lead us astray –  even some 180° off course. Intermediaries should be dismissed altogether. We simply need a simple effective method, a technique, for reaching transcendence, to go within, naturally transcend the sphere of thoughts.


So easy. No Obstacles Exist (Bhagavad-Gita II40)


Scientific research on the Field Effect of group-transcendence and by EEG on our correlated brain waves is proving transcendence to be what all enlightened men and great philosophers are talking about through the ages. Transcendental Meditation, TM®, is the easiest and most effective technique to find the Perfect Orderliness within us. Remember, emphasized: Heaven is within. So is peace. Actually the only way to find lasting peace is to nýsa niður (transcend the world of thoughts) and be the Infinite Correlation, the Harmonizing, the Unmanifest.


The TM-technique is natural, easy, delightful, enlightening. All you need is a human nervous system. That vehicle is our mythical Sleipnir. By practising TM, all accumulated stress and impurities are released from our precious “shrine of the soul“.  Our Goddess Syn is all about this consecration from sin to purity, from stress to sattva. The wise so purify the whole world. The ignorant ones will no longer want wars.


Our Supreme Purpose


The supreme quest of this highly evolved creature “Mankind“, possessing the marvellous human nervous system, is to enliven the link between the Absolute and the Relative. Know it to be our High and Noble purpose to stir up The Field and so enliven Life on Earth. If we do not use this unique human ability, we might lose it. So we transcend.



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