Recently I was walking home, up the hill from the land leading near the river to the highest point on my path. It was in between rain-squalls and I was watching the wet muddied path closely lest I slip and fall. A fellow creature was doing just the same thing, an earthworm was making its way from the soaking-wet, puddled, hollows to slightly higher ground. Whether by feel, touch, or by instinct, it avoided the grooves between the large concrete slabs which formed our mutual path, the human, and the worm. And the worm made for the higher ground, of this, his Path.

I was a creature of free-will, the worm, a son of Nature, and we both sought the Higher Path. As the creature forged forwards with its head at the fore, its nether portions naturally enough followed on afterwards. Soon our paths would no longer cross, and if the human hadn’t stopped to watch in wonder, the creature could have been crushed mindlessly underfoot.

So: wonder and compassion from the human, instinct and determination from the creature. As the higher intelligences in the worm’s forequarters led it on the way, the lesser followed on, the two of course interconnected forever, two ends of the same entity, the yin and the yang, ever interacting – like the child following the parent, the student following the teacher, mankind and all life following the life of life, and the light of light, ever onwards and upwards – the involution and evolution.

We were both forging along the Higher Path when our Paths crossed and when we’d gone along our mutual paths as far as we had gone along them at that juncture. The light of light, and life of life within Man and beast is ever bringing our lower, bodily nature into harmony with our forward-forging inner god-spark, at the front and top of our nature, both ends of the spectrum acting together in the constant growth of the soul, the body and the soul working together, the body as the vehicle and the soul as the driver of the vehicle, to uplift the lower which is willing to be the vehicle for its transformation into its inner, developing, future self.