This talk is trying to define and describe invisible beings which therefore are beyond our comprehension, mainly from the Bible, Tony’s special Angel book, and then searching out the pre-Christian, thus Jewish, sources of angelology, merged with the TS angle.

Anna, in Mister God, this is Anna, said: “Most of an angel is in the inside and most of a person is on the outside” 1 Angels are invisible, created as angels, from nothing, before humankind began, pure spirit without bodies 2 but which take temporary form to do the work of their hierarch. Seeking to visualise invisible beings, Angels were given white garments of light, haloes, the attribute of all holy persons such as Buddha and Christ, and are of beautiful, young, androgenous, immortal appearance. “Angel” means “bringer of tidings” in Greek, 3 and after the time of Constantine, first Christian Roman emperor, angels were given WINGS to depict messengers speedily bridging the gap between heaven and earth, according to pre-Christian predecessors, most probably the Goddess Nike/Victoria. In Egypt the Goddess Nepthys, in Etruria (Tuscany) griffins –winged lions with human heads, 4 in Greece and Rome, Hermes/Mercury, the messenger of the gods with either a winged helmet or winged sandals and Iris, his feminine counterpart has wings on her back – she took women’s souls to the afterlife. Other predecessors are Assyrian winged lions and bulls with human heads, Viking winged valkyries, 5 and Roman depictions of the apotheosis of Titus on the inner side of the arch of Titus, Roman Forum, Rome, where Jupiter resembles Jove Pluvens predate depictions of the angel Yahael (Metatron) leading the patriarch Abraham to heaven on the wings of eagles.

Many people think they will become angels in heaven when they die. Perhaps they do – according to Sts. Mark and Luke, when believers are resurrected from the dead “they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven”, “for they cannot die any more, but they are equal to angels and the sons of god, being sons of the resurrection”6 This might not just mean that angels are androgenous, but that the faithful become angelic on judgement day, and hence live in heaven for ever and resemble angels. However, KH cautioned us not to think spirits of the dead were angels, but that our karma is recorded by what Christians would call a “recording angel”, and that every world or Loka “within the sphere of effects” has a Tathagata or Dhyan Chohan protecting and watching over it, and not to interfere with it. 7 G de P says that we will evolve to take the position of Dhyan Chohans, the “angelic” rung of the hierarchy of being. 8


HPB believes Christian angelology derives from that of the Pharisees, and thence from Babylonia, but the Saducees had no angels and even disbelieved in the immortality of the human soul (not impersonal Spirit). The Biblical angels are the “Sons of God”, messengers or malachim, now regarded as the Nephilim or Fallen Angels, and several angels in human form. 9

In Theosophy, angels are creative forces of the demiurgos. The seven or 10 were elementals brought over from the last incarnation of the universe, elementals being beings come down into nature from the pure ether, to which they return in purified form; they are inherently neither good nor bad, but can be imprinted with the character of the one calling upon them 10 – probably in the case of the Hierarch, they therefore acted for the Good. The world they made is still invisible to us, but material, made by inferior angels, the Elohim. 11 the “movers, runners, theoi, builders” who reconstruct the universe, it is they who stand parallel to the seven angels of the presence. They build it on the blueprint projected by the Lipikas (recorders of Karma, both ours and the universe’s prior incarnation’s), into objectivity from the passive universal mind of the ideal plan.12 Lipikas form an impassable barrier between the visible and invisible worlds. The first mankind was formed wholly of the angelic host who were the indwelling spirits animating the fourth race made of and by, myriads of lives 13

HPB sees the archangel Michael this transformer of invisible to objective; he was leader of the sacred militia, guardian of the planets, king of the stars, satan-slayer, and thus is the Christian version of the God Mercury or messenger (angels are messengers). 14 The Lipika (recording angels” who write down our Karma) project the passive universal mind of the ideal plan of the universe that the builders. The builders were sevenfold, and made a sevenfold universe, Pythagorean theology geometrising life into plurality, from the Monad to duad (chaos), numbers, Points, from points, lines, from lines Superficies, from superficies Solids, and from these solid Bodies each composed of four elements – fire water air earth, all of which transmuted (correlated) and changed, of this the world consists”. 15 HPB called the angels, the “Seven sons of Fohat”. 16 The seven lower archangels led the seven planets, in descending order: Mercury, led by archangels, Venus led by Principalities, Sun, led by the highest and mightiest gods, the solar gods, Mars led by Virtues, Jupiter led by Dominions, and 7thly, Saturn, led by Thrones – these are the worlds of form. 17 These planets are the visible aspects, the “bases of operation” of the inner spiritual forces which made the heavenly aspect of the duadic universe they are part of. 18 These planets are referred to as the seven columns or palaces about the sephirophal tree which is Adam Kadmon, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 19( These seven are the seven Roman Catholic angels (to be listed later), the angels of the presence, the 6th and 7th principles in Man. 20 The universe was recreated six times, the hierarch desiring to create man the mind-expression, but was talked out of this by the Elohim who said Man would only sin – they created him and yes, he sinned – the hierarch replying: “If you had been among them (men) you would have been worse than they” and cast them from heaven to earth where they became men and cohabited with the women on earth, upon which (according to the Pymander) seven men (principles) wre generated in Man”, produced in accordance with the seven natures of the seven spirits, having in them the potentiality for the two sexes (metaphysically the Father and the Son of the Universal Mind and the periodical universe, the Angel and the Man. The Father and Son were at the same time the active mind and the passive thought, generating it, the radical keynote in Nature which gives birth to the seven notes – the septenary scale of the creative Forces, and to the seven prismatic aspects of colour, all born from the one white ray, or LIGHT, itself generated in DARKNESS. 21

However, this divine fire made men as “gods” –In Genesis iii: 22 The Lord said:

“Behold, the Man has become as one of us”, meaning the Elohim. 22 The Indian and Jewish versions tell of the fallen angels actually manasiputrising (mind-fathering) humanity, and becoming the “fallen angels”, not a great sin but a great boon to mankind. The sacred fire of knowledge was stolen by the higher Angels breaking through the seven circles, but no entity can reach Nirvana without eons of struggle and self-evolution. 23 Taraka, due to his extraordinary Yoga-powers, found out the secret knowledge of the Gods, the obedient Host of Archangels conspired against the future fallen angels and Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Surgal, and Uriel denounced them to God and Michael was commissioned to fight the dragon, and was the leader of the Celestial Host. 24 However, HPB writes that Michael actually seems to be the serpent he opposes in Christianity, in that the serpent is wisdom, not evil, as Mikael is “Prince of Water” in the Talmud, and chief of the seven Spirits, as his prototype Sanat-Sjuata, chirf of the Kumaras, is called Ambhamsi, “Waters. These waters are the great deep of chaos, the celestial Virgin-Mother of the visible universe. 25 The Amshaspends, Dhyan Chohans, Serpents of Wisdom, are the Angels of the Stars of the Christians, or the seven sacred planets of every religion. 26 Also the Cherub which guarded the gates of Eden after Man’s expulsion there-from, has a name in Hebrew meaning “fullness of knowledge” against those who affected divine knowledge. 27 Divine races, descended from the Manus or Adams, called Rishis Pitris Elohim, etc. 28



Back to Christianity: I think angels are beings dwelling on the other side of the veil or boundary of our visual range, as in the wall-poster “Rediscovery”, sometimes we reach through this veil, sometimes angels descend to our visual range – the New Agers call them “beings of energy that exist in between the spaces beyond human perception” 29 This is reinforced by sightings of them originally being as “men”, and or surrounded by or clothed in light. Angels may be all around us- if you give hospitality to strangers you may entertain angels unawares, a reason to foster brotherly love.30 Angels reside in “heaven”, and in colossal numbers – “twice ten thousand, thousands upon thousands”; they accompanied the Lord to Sinai’s holy place when Moses ascended there to be given the gift of the law, when Moses’ face was said to be like that of an angel. 31 Angels ministered to Christ in the wilderness when tempted by the Devil, and Christ could called upon the aid of 12 legions of angels, should he have asked. 32 A multitude of angels had appeared at Christ’s birth, singing God’s praises.33 Angels seem to appear to those who reach up to them, as in the esoteric symbolism of Solomon’s seal, an upreaching triad interpenetrated by a one reaching down from above, as in Jacob’s dream of a ladder set up on earth, in a place he made holy and called Bethel or God’s house, with it’s top reaching heaven, and angels of God descending and ascending on it and the Lord God standing upon it. 34Angels would seem to have God-like wisdom, as Joab was said to have wisdom like that of the angel of God, to know all things that are on the earth. 35 The abovementioned heavenly hosts do God’s will and could be called to aid in war against the enemies. 36 It seems priests invoked specific holy angels with prayers and incantations. One type of angels, the Teraphim, were small idols or superstitious figures used as talismans and sometimes worshipped. 37

Perhaps because of this, and/or because many peoples were polytheistic in Biblical times, both in the bible and the primitive church forbade angel-worship, as Angels were created beings and they were fellow servants of God, and subordinate to Jesus and God, the sole object of Christian worship. 38

Angels appear in Judaism, Orthodox, Protestant and Mormon Christianity, as well as Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. The familiar Roman Catholic hierarchy of angels was codified in the 5th century De Hierarchia Celesti, attributed to Dionysius the Areopagite, the convert of St. Paul. 39 There are three divisions of angels, each with three classes or choirs, making a total of nine: the different choirs may be shown in concentric circles around the holiest personages. The first division of angels remain about the throne of God and reflect His glory down to the second division who reflect it to the third, who are God’s messengers and the guardians of mankind. The innermost choir of angels is:

1: The Councillors of God, consisting of a) The Seraphim whose names means to love, and b) The Cherubim whose names means to know, depicted standing on wheels as in Ezekial. 40 The Seraphim and Cherubim stand always praising God and surrounding His throne, both being symbolised by heads with two, four or six wings. We today think of cherubs as cute babies with wings, a Baroque concept. 41 ( c) Thrones whose duty is to support the Throne of God. 2. Governors, who rule the stars, and regulate the universe, who are: d) Dominations e) Virtues and f) Powers. 42 3. Messengers of God, g) Princedoms or Principalities h) The seven Archangels, and i) angels as we know them. The archangels are: MICHAEL (like Unto God), “merciful and forbearing”, captain-general of the host of Heaven, protector of the Hebrew nation 43 conqueror of the hosts of Hell who cast the fallen angels down to earth; lord and guardian of souls. He is Weigher of Souls 44, a function filled later by St. Francis, and much earlier by the Egyptian god Thoth GABRIEL (God is my strength), the master of courage, guardian of the celestial treasury, the bearer of important messages, the angel of he annunciation, the preceptor of the patriarch Joseph. Gabriel will blow his trumpet on Judgement Day to awake the souls of the faithful Christian dead. 45 RAPHAEL (the medicine of God), the chief of guardian angels. According to the Apocryphal Book of Tobit, God sent Raphael to cure the blindness of Tobias, a righteous Hebrew, and to dispel the demon possessing a woman whose seven husbands had died consecutively on the marriage bed (!) Raphael came to Tobias’s son Tobit in human guise, prescribing to burn a fish’s heart and liver so the fumes would purged the woman of the demon, and to apply the fish gall to his father’s opened eyes which “being pricked therewith, he shall rub and the whiteness shall fall away and he shall see thee”. 46 URIEL (the Light of God, or God is my light), the regent of the sun, the angel of light, the teacher of Esdras. CHAMUEL (one who sees God) which may be the angel who wrestled with Jacob, and which appeared to Christ in the Garden of Gesthemene. JOPHIEL (the beauty of God) which drove Adam and Eve out of Eden, and which guards the tree of knowledge with a flaming sword; he protects those who seek truth, is the preceptor of the sons of Noah. ZADKIEL (the righteousness of God) may be the angel which stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac. 47

The Catholic hierarchy is said to originate from the Zohar, Kabbalah, and Book of Enoch. Another important source is a Kabbalistic treatise entitled Beth Elohim, or “House of Angels”, treating of the angels, souls of men, and demons. Angels apparently aided in the first emanation of the Cosmos from the void, acting as the Hierarch’s builders. The Bible says: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, and the Zohar, “(The) Elohim” did this work. Elohim is God’s name, but is a plural noun. Elohim “seems to be the plural of the feminine noun Eloah, ALH, formed by adding the common plural form IM, a masculine ending; the whole hence seeming to imply the emitted active and passive essences. As a title it is referred to “Binah” the Supernal Mother, as is also the fuller title IHVH ALHIM, Jehovah Elohim. As Binah leads on to seven succeedent Emanations, so “Elohim” has been said to represent a sevenfold power of godhead.” 48 The Elohim may be synonymous with “the builders, the luminous sons of Manvantaric dawn” of the Stanzas of Dzyan, the sevenfold power of godhead may be the seven sublime lords and the seven truths” or the “Primordial seven, the first seven breaths of the Dragon of Wisdom, who produce in their turn from their holy circumgyrating breaths the fiery whirlwind”, in the Stanzas of Dzyan, from which primitive Dhyan Chohans or Builders the 7 divine dynasties, 7 Lemurian, 7 Atlantean divisions of the Earth, 7 primitive and dual gods who descended from above to reign on earth, teaching man Astronomy, Architecture and other sciences, gods who merge into the ascent of man, and produce the Divine races, descended from the Manus or Adams, called Rishis, Pitris, Elohim, etc. 49

The Zoharic creation is very like the Stanzas, in that first was no-thing, then emanation: –

“When the King conceived ordaining He engraved engravings in the lustre on high. A blinding spark flashed Within the Concealed of the Concealed From the mystery of the Infinite, A cluster of vapour in formlessness, Set in a ring, Not white, not black, not red, not green, No colour at all. When a band spanned, it yielded radiant colours. Deep within the spark gushed a flow Imbuing colours below, Concealed within the concealed of the mystery of the Infinite. The flow broke through and did not break through its aura. It was not known at all Until, under the impact of breaking through, One high and hidden point shone. Beyond that point, nothing is known. So it is called Beginning, The first command of all. …Zohar, Concealed of the Concealed, struck its aura. The aura touched and did not touch this point. Then this Beginning emanated And made itself a palace for its glory and its praise. There is sowed the seed of holiness. To give birth For the benefit of the universe. The secret is: “Her stock is a holy seed” (Isiah 6:13) Zohar, sowing a seed for its glory Like the seed of fine purple silk. The silkworm wraps itself within and makes itself a palace. This palace is its praise and a benefit to all. With the Beginning The Concealed One who is not known created the palace. The palace is called Elohim. The secret is: “With Beginning ______________ created Elohim” (Genesis 1:1) 50

In the Kabbalah, the prime cause or boundless is called Ein Soph, and its first emanation is the first Sefiroth called Sefirah, from which primordial point issues the lower nine sefiroth, in descending order of brightness 51 literally when “the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy”. 52 Reality emanated from God on four basic levels, Emanation, Creation, Formation, and Action, and within each level emerged a dynamic interactive system of 10 divine energies or qualities (Crown, Wisdom, Understanding, Loving Kindness, Justice, Splendour, Victory, Glory, Foundation, and Kingship) 53

Grace’s new book gives a wonderful insight into angels and the Beginning. Grace calls the Kabbalah “the Theosophy of the angels”, “passed on from the Deity to “a select company of angels” who formed “a theosophic school in Paradise” to study it and pass it down to early humanity (Adam and Eve) so they could exercise free will and acquire self conscious free will and nobility and wisdom”. 54

The Kabbalah describes the Sephirophal Tree/Body of Adam Kadmon, the “ideal man”, the physical vehicle of the manifest universe, whose astral image was clothed with the receptacle of the seeds of future lives, the radiant image (Iselem), projected by the tselem of the Elohim, in the image of the ancestral pitris 55These karmically attracted seeds of being were composed by the host of cosmic power, the Dhyan Chohans. GDP retranslates Genesis 1 therefore as: “by means of wisdom”, or “by or in a multitude”, Elohim referring to a host or multitude of gods who formed or made themselves into the heavens and the earth. “And darkness on the face of the ethers. And the ruahh (the spirit soul) of the gods (of Elohim) (fluttered, hovered) brooding…and said (the) Elohim (the gods) – light, come-into-being! And saw (the) gods the light, that (it was ) good, and they divided the light from the darkness, etc, etc. 56

The head, Crown or Kether issued forth first, the invisible, that is the first unmanifested Logos, its archangel is Metatron, the Angel of the Lord, link between the Divine and Mankind, once having been Enoch. From Kether issued two rays, at the right the male Hokhmah the duad, Ab, Father, or Yah, at the right shoulder, whose archangel is Raziel, the personification of Wisdom, the Angel of Mysteries. From Hochmah issued Binah, the supernal mother, the intelligence, insight, at the left shoulder, whose archangel is Cassiel, the Angel of Contemplation. These three make the upper triad, from which issues the second triad Hesed, ardour, love goodness, compassion, male, the right arm, whose archangel is Zadkiel, chief of the order of dominions, angel of benevolence, mercy and justice, and Geburah strength, power, might, feminine, on the left arm, whose archangel is supposedly Samael, the adversary (Satan), a chief of the seraphim and leader of the angels of destruction. From these two issue tefereth (beauty, manificence, glory), the heart of Adam Kadmon and of the sun, exuding all goodness and inspiration into the lower sephiroth, called Elohim, or mighty ones, gods, goddesses. Tifereth’s archangel is Michael, prince of the sun, chief of the heavenly hosts, angel of the Presence, of repentance, righteousness, mercy and sanctification. This triad is the second countenance in contradistinction to Keth or macrocosmos. G de P says that the armies of evolving beings issue from the heart of divinity arter their pralayic sleep. (Studies in Oc Phil, p.140)

The second triad issue Netsah the right thigh Yehovah, Lord of hosts or armies, whose archangel is Anael “He who sees God, and Hod, the left thigh, whose divine name is Elohim Tsebach; according to the Zohar (3:296a) that through Netsah and Hod we comprehend extension multiplication, and force. Hod’s archangel is Raphael. The son of Netsah and Hod is Yesod (foundation) Adam Kadmon’s reproductive strength, the portal for all the potentialities into the manifested world. Its divind name Elhai means the mightly living being, lord of life. Yesod’s archangel is Gabriel, prince of justice and chief of the Cherubim (wheels or chariots), angel of mercy, vengeance, death, and revalation. The triad parents and the son are the Sefiroth of Construction partaking of the qualities of manifestation in contradistinction to the Supernal unmanifest triad of Keth, Hokmah and Binah. 10th and last is Malkhuth, (kingdom, dominion), the carrier or vehicle of all 10 powers, the nether pole of Kether, the feet of Adam Kadmon, the bride or inferior mother, the close of the construction of the Angels, accomplished by the six immediately preceding it. It’s divine name is Adonai. Malkuth’s archangel is Sandalphon, twin brother of Metatron, a giant among angels whose feet are on Earth and whose head is in heaven, who battles with Samael.57

Six successive Adams remanifested from their own materials, then a seventh day of rest. The second Adam’s presiding influence was “the throne”, occupied by Metatron, the great teacher or angel of Adam Kadmon’s second world, the “abode of the pure spirits”. Metatron governs the visible world, preserves the Unity, harmony and revolutions of the spheres, planets and all the heavenly bodies, and is the commander under the Will of the Deity, of all the myriads of angelic hosts, of the next world. Of which the presiding influence is the angels or messengers, malakhayya, called the “abode of the angels, the intelligences of the Celestial planets and stars. 58At the end of this race Man ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and began to develop coats of skin, and became aligned to the lower triad and thus parts of the upper aspects were then closed to him. Under the presiding influence of Sammael, the angel of death, the tempter-serpent. Under the dual influence of the retired spiritual capacity, the cloaks of the highter light, and of the physical coats of skin, these combine, energised by the Sons of Intelligence or Elohim to bring to birth self-conscious, thinking Humanity, i.e. the Manasaputras energise sleeping matter with their spirituality. 59

A prayer in many prayer books asks for the aid of the four main archangels: Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Gabriel, lords of the of West wind, south wind, East wind, and North wind respectively. 60

In the Book of Enoch, a cosmic battle where the lord who “cometh with 10 1,000s [or the angels without number] of his Holy, to execute judgement upon all and to destroy all the ungodly” 61 i.e. the fallen angels and the giants, when Michael bound Satan hand and foot and cast him into the abyss – reminiscent of the war between the gods and the titans, sons of the earth and Chronos, first of the deities, predecessor of the Olympians. The angels are the spiritual ones who lived in heaven, heaven is their dwelling. 62 In Enoch Ch XX the archangel Michael reveals to Enoch the names and functions of seven archangels, “the holy angels who watch”, since Michael is the guardian angel of Israel so he is the right speaker to tell of the blessings to befall the Chosen people: Uriel,(/Anael (Haniel),who is over the world and over Tartarus, Raphael(Labbiel) 63 who is over the spirits of men and over their diseases, Raguel/Phanuel(Zadkiel), who takes vengeance on the world of luminaries, and is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life, Michael, (the merciful and long-suffering) who is set over the best part of mankind and over chaos, Saraqael(Orifiel), who is set over the spirits, who sin in the spirit, Gabriel who is over Paradise and the Cherubim, and over all the powers, and Remiel, (Camael, Uzziel, or Sidriel) whom God set over those who rise.

However, the four main archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Phanuel, in preventing the fallen angels from recourse but to stay below. Uriel was chief of the four, the guide of the heavenly luminaries: the sun and moon, and their paths, “according to the classes, their dominion and their seasons, according to their names and places of origin, and according to their months” Sun, its courses, and the angels of these lesser functions, are outlined. The stars have leaders and those they lead, and have six eastern portals and six western portals, the sun has 12, as do the 12 winds, 3 winds for each of the four quarters of the compass. The sun had two names, the Moon, four. Uriel, to whom the Lord of the whole creation of the world hath subjected the host of heaven – has power over night and day in the heaven to cause the light to give light to men – sun, moon, and stars, and all the powers of the heaven which revolve in their circular chariots. And these are the orders of the stars, which set in their places, and in their seasons and festivals and months”. There were names for the leaders who divide the four parts of the year which are ordained, and for those who lead them, who follow the leaders of the orders, and there is one that follows the three leaders of the orders which follow those leaders of stations that divide the four parts of the year” 64

This suggests that there are angels taking subsidiaries positions below Uriel and the other archangels, to run various parts of the Universe. Enoch 3 describes the functions of a long list of angels, including 65 “Ram’amiel who is in charge of thunder, Ra’asiel, who is in charge of earthquakes, Shalgiel, who is in charge of snow”. Other sources speak of the angel of the summer equinox, of the genius of rocks, or one of the genii of the 11th hour, of an angel exercising dominion over the deep waters and mountain ranges, and of many angelic guards of the gates of the west wind.

By the middle ages a multiplicity of angels became recognised, from the Seraphim, Cherubim, various archangels, and the vast heavenly host, each gaining a specific task, mission, a personality, and a focus to complete their task. Mystics extended this to the idea that everyone has an angelic counterpart, usually a guardian angel or an angel corresponding to all beings; their cult became popular in the 16th and 17th centuries AD. Baal Shem Tov, founder of Hisidism is said to have taught that every blade of grass has an angel saying to it “Grow!”, and Avraham Greenbaum of the Breslov tradition said when we bless our food we awaken the angel of that kind of food so the spiritual essence of the food will be present when we eat. 66

Much pop culture angelology revolves around Guardian Angels. Some modern

Kabbalists believe some angels develop from the results of human actions, so the

angel made by a good deed lives on and can return to affect people in a positive way.

Angels intervened to save Daniel from the lion’s den, and St. Peter from prison, and King David wrote: “He will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all ways”, bearing you up lest you dash your foot against a stone”. 67 First World War allied veterans told of heavenly hosts appearing above the battlefield after the slaughter at Mons, France. The first guardian angels are said to be the four archangels Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael were the four ruling princes, spoken of in The Book of Enoch. St. Basil of Caesarea, one of the Church Doctors, said there were 70 national angels, but only those of four nations are mentioned in Rabbinical writings, Dobiel for Persia, Samuel for Rome (Edom), Rahab for Uzza, and Duma and or Semyaza, for Egypt, and Michael for Israel. 68 Athanasius Kircher even names guardian angels for each of the planets. According to the Talmud, every Jew is attended throughout life by 11,000 guardian angels, and that every blade of grass has over it an angel saying “grow”; Jesus bids his disciples not to despise children and “speaks of angels in heaven”, suggesting that every child has its protecting spirit.69

Charles Lindbergh, the first aviator to cross the Atlantic from New York to Paris, met angels in their own realm, more or less. Sea fog crept across his field of vision, skimming the clouds in the moonless night. Needing to remain alert, he thought he saw translucent, weightless human forms with human voices, in the clouds, vanishing and appearing at will through the walls of the fuselage, advising him on the flight, his navigation, offering reassurance and “messages of importance unattainable in ordinary life”. 70Joan of Arc also contacted angels “in their own realm” when as a very pious child of 13 she began to hear supernatural voices of Sts Michael, Margaret, and Catherine, so close at times they seemed to speak in her ear. The voices predicted to her a disastrous defeat of the French by the English, the whereabouts of an ancient sword, and many other predictions. These voices were accompanied by ringing bells, a pleasant smell, and a bright light always coming from the church to her right. Some think hearing voices indicates schizophrenia, especially in young people, but her thoughts and personality were not disordered. JH Leavesley thought St Joan possibly a tuberculous lesion pressing on the temporal part of the brain on the side of the head where there pass a leash of nerves to do with touch, sight, hearing and smell, carrying their messages from the opposite side of the body. If overestimated, e.g. by flickering lights, these nerves produce temporal lobe epilepsy and sensory signals not from outside but within the brain, are experienced.71

Perhaps this brain disorder nevertheless was the hierarch’s means for transmitting messages from beyond our normal perception-boundaries, in the Great Light. Angels as are messengers, so are thoughts, both moving instantaneously from a place of inspiration, home of the greater intelligence running the universe. There is an English “Rain Man” type mathematician, who nevertheless has high overall intelligence, and can do immense calculations in his head; he can “see” numbers; nines are very large and sixes, very small; jetlag can dull his concentration but when working by intuition he nonetheless achieves optimal results. He sees numbers in the structure of the landscape, a mathematical universe. This crossover of the senses lets them see aspects of reality invisible to others. Maybe angels are the agents for seeing through the veil between our level of reality, and their level of reality.







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