What is Nature? It seems that all of us know exactly what it is, but we wouldn’t find the exact definition of “nature” in most encyclopedias. Usually we perceive it as everything that is around us and isn’t produced by us. Wikipedia provides us with another clue: “The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or ‘essential qualities, innate disposition’, and in ancient times, literally meant ‘birth’.” Which points us toward the feminine aspect of the Creator, the creative force (Shakti) and creation altogether.


If we find something that is at the core of everything that we would call Nature, then we could better understand the essence of Nature, and where is our own place in relation to it.


Itzhak Bentov in his book Stalking the Wild Pendulum suggested imagining looking through a high definition microscope at a piece of wood, for example. The higher the definition the smaller the particles we observe. And eventually, no particles at all – we observe just void, which is in fact a field of energy vibrations.


Thus, at the core of everything, we have found energy! So, it appears that all Nature is made out of energy vibrations. And where is energy from? As we know and observe visually, we on the Earth receive most of energy from the Sun, through its rays of light, which is an aspect of the all-permeating universal Light.


In our understanding, the Creator, Spirit – the Source (whatever different religions, spiritual teachings and sciences call It) is sending Rays of Light. This Light is Creator’s tool and substance out of which everything is created, in our case through the spiritual Sun behind the visible Sun – infinite multitude of Rays. These Rays create everything existing through the process of producing holograms.


The initial Ray is reflecting the creating Consciousness of the Creator. This Ray, after passing through a certain phenomenon (or experience), together with the initial Ray, creates a potential of a hologram, an archetype for a hologram of Matter. This archetype is a perfect reflection (Perfect Pattern) of the creating Consciousness and of the experiences Its Memory contains. Then the ray of an observer perceives and manifests the hologram. We, living beings, are these observers and co-creators of the holograms of Matter.


As Kalagia states, humanity is created in a process of “Creation of a Creator by the Creator of Creation”. It is the only possibility for the Creator to know Itself  – through the process of Creation of a Creator. Every time, when we observe and create, we are ourselves created as creators. And the Creator knows Itself thanks to our creativity.


The archetype of the world, the perfect picture in the Memory of the Creator, in all its immense Beauty could be observed in information crystals formed of the highest vibrations of the Fiery World (Akasha).  We humans belong to all the three Worlds.  Inside us we have a potential of a Creator to manifest this perfect picture.  And our attention is constantly fluctuating between the perfect picture, where we find our revelations, and the matters of the Solid World, where we are going through our experiences and learning.


If we would be able to manifest the perfect crystal of Truth based on all the possible experience in the world contained as ideas in the perfect picture of the Creator, we would manifest this crystal immediately, without any time, by our thoughtforms, and manipulating with rays of light. But for this to occur there are some preconditions including the following:


We need to observe the archetype, or the perfect pattern of Nature, from which we are ready and willing to create timeless and endless Beauty, being personally disinterested in the result except that it should be Beauty. Then we would be a Buddha –Creator, who doesn’t produce any karma – only Beauty.


But usually we, while acting in the Solid World, haven’t experienced all the experiences upon which the perfect picture is based, and therefore our manifestation cannot be complete. Nevertheless, we often imagine ourselves as those who can unilaterally decide how the picture should be manifested according to our desires. And we thirst for power because we think in our delusion that we only lack Power to become the Masters of the picture of the world.


We then distort the picture of our own manifestation, produce karmic consequences, suffer from them and start learning. This is the normal process of our development.

While our attention is attached to the Solid World of Matter, our thought vibrations are not always reaching the frequencies of the Fiery World, and such thoughts usually lack Fire for their fulfillment. That’s why we cannot see the immediate results of our thoughts, but have to enforce our thoughtforms with effort, labor and skills for a required span of time.


At the same time, while we are working with karma and learning as creators, we are provided with examples of Creator created Beauty in Nature. All our surroundings (if we don’t spoil them) can serve as such examples. All these brooks and rivers, trees, flowers, animals and birds – all of them show us the endless possibilities of creation, and are calling to us to lend our hand and co-create with the creative force (Shakti) which is the cause and the essence of Nature.


 How does Nature receive and express all Its variable manifestations of beauty? The primordial Light is White. It contains the potential of the full spectrum of Light frequencies, in other words, of all the color (or tone) vibrations, or the color-tone radiations, as they are described in The Mysterious Story of X7. It creates this potential – the perfect pattern, the archetype, which exists in the Fiery and Fine Worlds as Idea, and can be manifested as a hologram in the Solid World.


Why color (or tone) vibrations? There is no contradiction in such statement, as well as in the model of creation with Light and “At the beginning was Word”. We can say that Light and Sound are color-tone vibrations, or waves, in the same spectrum of frequencies. We humans only perceive them as separate phenomena because we perceive them through different parts of our bodies supplied with different means of perception.


There are some people who can “see” sound or “hear” light with the help of other sensors which are possibly many in our bodies (not only physical ones). When we wake up and develop our currently latent sensors, then light and sound should merge into color-tone radiation as they did for the X7 (The Mysterious Story of X7) in their underground cave:  “All is light, light is radiation, radiation becomes color and/or tone. The two are equivalent.” (p.13)  Russian composer Alexander Scriabin showed us an example of color-tone creativity in his symphonic masterpiece Prometheus: The Poem of Light written in music and light.


The X7 mention the Solar Substance as the source of all color-tone radiations. We receive through the Essence of the Sun the channel, the Ray and all the endless possibilities of the creative energy, which is the Source of Nature’s manifestation.


Depending on the color-tone of a Ray, Nature is manifesting Itself in different forms. Its rocks, trees, flowers and any other living being reflect the initial thoughtforms in their shapes, colors and other qualities. We humans are conscious observers and in this way co-creators with Nature which we perceive as ourselves and all our surroundings.


Everyone is creating and co-creating with Nature. Perhaps, when people will understand that they can easily create their world this way, they will stop fighting for a chunk of already manifest hologram! And they will respect and endorse others in their unique creative ability. And the main goal of their effort will be to reach the state of purity of mind where their thought is able to form a hologram, as it is impossible to do from a tangled and undisciplined mind.


Our consciousness is, on the one hand, united as mass consciousness, and on the other hand, unique because each of us fulfills their role in the creation, or co-creation with Nature. In every incarnation, we are working with these color-tone Rays that we are able to perceive. We are forming our manifestation of Nature by our observation (in the Fiery and Fine Worlds) and by our actions (in the Solid World). We are cooperating (peacefully or in a fighting way depending on the state of our consciousness) with other living beings such as plants, animals and birds. They also respond to their parts of vibration spectrum.


Gradually, we learn to widen our color- tone abilities, and our spiritual qualities reflect these abilities. Through incarnations and initiations, through transmutation of our bodies in all the three Worlds, we can ascend to the state of an Ascended Master, a Master of a Ray. And when we master the whole spectrum of possible qualities, or color – tone abilities, we become the Master of the White Ray – we join in full the Creator of Everything. We become the Creator. We call this process human Evolution.


Summarizing our notion of the appearance of Nature, we can say that we people are inherently co-creators with Nature. Nature has its Laws, and where we are working in harmony with these Laws, there our co-creation with Nature produces Beauty.


In our book The Laws of Life we suggested a formula:





and described the Trinity of Laws that assist us in maintaining harmony and producing Beauty (see pp.131-142):


1. The Law of Sacrifice (The Creator sacrifices Itself to the Creation; the Creation through its sacrifice develops into the Creator).

2. The Law of Responsibility (We are responsible for whom we love and for what we love).

3. The Law of Purposefulness (Only that happens and continues which is purposeful from the standpoint of Spirit).


We all, as parts of the Creation, originated from the One all-permeating Consciousness that we call Creator, and remain in the timeless Creator’s Memory in the Unity of existence, which defines the harmony of our co-existence. In this Unity, all the Nature’s treasures – Sunlight and water of the oceans, and all the beauty and gifts of the mountains and forests – are available to our use. This is Nature’s sacrifice to us humans and all the other living on the Earth creatures.  To co-create in harmony with Nature, we have to match it with our unselfish sacrifice, and have in mind Nature’s needs when choosing our actions.


Love of Nature calls us to expand the sphere of our Responsibility. Expanding the sphere of Responsibility expands our consciousness. By expanding our consciousness, we are submitting to our will the elementals – the forces of Nature. Like Aladdin with his lamp, we then can put the genie into work, to express our great Love towards Nature.


In the Creator’s Memory, the Perfect Picture is already uniting the past, present and future as a harmonious Whole. But we are given Time as an opportunity for the realization of this Picture. Out of this understanding, comes our perception of interconnectedness and purposefulness of everything. If we choose our actions having in mind this unity, we will be closer to being in harmony with Nature in our common process of co-creation. We will be seeing with more clarity the possible consequences of our actions.


For example, when we are planting an acorn, we can expect in time to receive an oak tree. When we are planting an idea, we should understand that we will receive a “tree” of consequences. It outlines for us the endless necessity of learning about Nature and adjusting our behavior to its requirements.


It is not an immediate process. As our current growing civilization is based on building permanent habitats, we often clash with Nature. For example, the natural forests of Australia periodically require some fire for their reproduction and blossom. They are highly flammable, and this makes their co-existence with people problematic. So, fire containment became a subject of care for the Australian firefighters and the services taking care of re-vegetation. They learn and manage to tame the forces of Nature, and much of their attention and effort is devoted to the prediction and planning of measures preventing destruction of simultaneously the forests and all of their inhabitants, and human habitats.


It seems that such complicated way of dealing with Nature is our destiny. But from the old people in different parts of the Earth were used to come into co-existence and co-creation with Nature. One of the examples is a “living bridge” in a village in Northern India.


Consecutive generations of villagers are building a “living bridge” out of the roots of a living tree. They are tending the tree and stretching its roots. As the tree is developing, the roots are growing, and people are tying them together in such a manner that the roots eventually would make a bridge. People are sacrificing their time and effort for the village, for the community, understanding this as their responsibility and purpose in life.


Nature is calling for our co-creation by providing us the means for life and creativity. The Sun is our major provider of energy, which nurtures all the living beings on Earth. We can use unlimited amounts of solar energy for our needs and our co-creation with Nature. The Sun, the wind, the tide – we can use these types of renewable energy without any harm to the environment, either now or in the future.


Our actions become questionable when we intrude into the Nature’s realm without being called, for our own purposes that we ourselves define. We desire for more Power at any cost, and relentlessly dig into the bosom of the Earth to find it. We are having in mind some aspects of our purpose and completely forget about the other aspects, and especially about the future we are preparing as for Nature as for ourselves.


After digging up fossil fuels and turning them into energy for centuries we eventually got to know that we are polluting our environment and inducing climate change on our planet. Though already experiencing radioactive contamination from the damaged nuclear reactors (most notably, in Chernobyl and Fukushima), we nevertheless seldom have in mind the possible harm from nuclear waste we are preparing for the future.


Do our actions of today have a purpose compelling enough to justify our risky strategies of energy production? The main declared purpose is – growing humanity needs more energy. But we are a wasteful civilization. We waste our resources in endless wars and preparing weaponry for the future wars. Business is profiting from our wastefulness when we throw away the old gadget and buy the newest one. We daily dispose of a colossal amount of food and other goods as if there is enough for everyone.


On a bright side, we are learning. We are already recycling much of that what would become wasted and would only contaminate Nature. We are also creating and mastering new principles and methods of design that completely change the ways we are manufacturing the product.


As we can remember, 50 years ago, the manufacturing machinery was heavy, power consuming and waste producing.  Now, an industrial designer receives an idea of a future product, prototypes using computer technology and sends the results to a manufacturer. The manufacturer can use a 3D printer to receive a ready for application part.  This is much cheaper, much less power consuming and clean. The only waste are bits of information that can be easily deleted from the computer’s memory. Instead of heavy machinery, pure intellectual power is being applied. Instead of mass production, we are moving to individual creation employing not only intellect, but also imagination.


Our approach towards Nature is changing together with our developing consciousness.  If we learn to balance the Power of our intellect with such spiritual qualities as Love and Wisdom, we will truly be on the road which H.P. Blavatsky predicted to become the leading way to the 6th race of humanity – the road of balancing our developed intellect by spiritual development.


If we will change our approach towards Nature from forcing out of Her that what we desire to the approach with Love and Wisdom, this would make us conscious co-creators with Nature. This would raise us to a completely new level of existence. What we have heard of the alchemists of the past, the experiences of H.P. Blavatsky, Helena and Nicolas Roerich and other spiritual teachers, and what we can see in the experiences from The Mysterious Story of X7, show us the possibility of turning the mind of any human being into an instrument of manifestation relying only on our inner abilities and power, and Nature’s freely given gifts.




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Video on the living bridges of India: