Dreams Are Better Than Reality  by George Svenger.


There was a strange Indian philosopher in town. He was famous.  He had thousands of followers. He was supposed to be the world teacher.  And he was a teacher, but not the kind they expected.  After being built up by a well known society as a master of wisdom,   He was however a very compassionate man and was sorry for them, because they were steeped in dreams. Still they came to listen to him. In their hundreds. They invited him to their cities and lecture halls. And there they sat, hoping to hear some salvation.He was a small figure, neatly dressed in an English suit. His brilliant white hair was meticulously combed over his handsome dark Indian features. He did not need anyone to introduce him. His fame was unique. He rejected his mentors from his childhood that educated him and brought him up and wanted him to be a World Teacher.And there he was sitting in a huge auditorium all alone in a humble chair, facing an eagerly expecting audience. What message can they get?He had impeccable references from all the Mystical Societies. He was going to tell them the truth! Yes, The truth. After all, great teachers of wisdom trained him, and they made him their Master, and here he is, now for all of them.  There was a buzz of expectations and a deafening silence of anticipation.He sat on a chair meditating, quite oblivious to his surroundings.  Finally, after several minutes, he stood up very quietly from his chair, facing this huge audience. ‘Truth is a pathless land and it can not be approached by any path, any teaching, any tradition.‘None of us is really free to know the truth; our mind belongs to the past. We are the children of all that we have heard and learned and that is all that our brains are made of. Our Ideas, our memories are therefore our personal world are a mere product of layers upon layers, upon layers of conditioning. Our churches, our temples, our politics, our nationalities are just thousands of labels, all only a constant repetition of psychological information, which is not the real, which is not that what is, but a weight we carry with us, which is now part of us. Our Psychological knowledge is belief knowledge, an accumulation of hearsay, mostly untrue and twisted, perpetuated indefinitely from the past, sometimes under forced and compelling auspices.The unreal. Complex dreams, that we think we believe and fight over. Where one group of dreamers is defending their truth, from another group of dreamers. Sometimes to the death.That is not reality, that is not what the world is made of! That is not the real. That is an illusion of the unhealthy mind.Now, I suggest, ladies and gentlemen, that you should not automatically negate, or condemn, because what I am saying does not fit in with all beliefs, all the indoctrinations from your painfully accumulated past, but examine all that you believe. Isn’t all that the total of what you are made of, all that you have become? A belief, a dream? Ladies and Gentlemen, remember Yourself as You really are now, this minute, without thinking, without judging, without the luggage of beliefs and false hopes that You carry at all times with You, without all the burdens, without all the complaints that You have brought into this place. You can not find truth; you can not know truth. What is truth? That famous question! Truth is, is it not, something that can stand up to challenge, something that never burns, perhaps the finest, Yes, just the finest best interpretation of reality, that You can manage, between several points of cognition. But it is not just a question of observation, of awareness, or even experience.  We can never get at the real; we can never get at the truth.But our conditioning from childhood, our legends, and our fables, our hearsay knowledge won’t let us accept it. The reality of this truth escapes us and like the Absolute, it is always hiding, to be partially discovered by science and experience and the ever evolving pure awareness. But this realisation only happens to those that are awake. You re locked within a cocoon of imagination, which is the conditioning of the past. Your hopes are the hopes based on graduated time, which is the constant perpetuation of the past. You have brought nothing new in the way of clarity into the present or the future. You expect miracles you were told about. And therefore, the hope men set their hearts upon, turn into unsustaining dreams and are gone! And these thoughts and dreams belong only to our time. What thoughts and dreams will we have a thousand years from now? Yes, the thoughts are gone, and the new ones are not yet, but will be also gone, in their own time… it is what happens, it is what is. But it is only the hopes and dreams of the unreal castles in the air, that is gone. There is something far greater, that we are, right now, this minute! Yes, capture this true remembered moment of pure being, when the mind does not hope, does not dream, but is still and then, Something else will come into being.  There was a deadly silence. Nothing moved, nobody coughed.Then the little dark man on the podium moved to disappear from view. They all hung their heads, thinking of their treasures of learning and knowledge, and what they thought they owned, what they thought they achieved and what they thought they were. They looked at themselves and there was nothing there to hold on to.  But the air was impregnated with a new realization of awareness.

 They now knew, that there was a larger hope, which nobody can take away from them and which they were part of with the universe, in the mysterious flux of life, in their very being, in their very consciousness of mind and body, which they of necessity shared with all around them, as they slowly dispersed to their homes.

Light at the End of a Tunnel  by George Svenger.



My learned friends, fellow entomologists, Professor Rambsbottom. I am sure, that it would be most appropriate for me to express my deepest appreciation, not only for your talk to us tonight, but also for the work of enormous value, which you have so readily placed today, at our disposal.  You have uncovered great vistas of biological insight, and shown us a most interesting segment of our entomological research. Particularly in the subject of aphid colony in the nests of Formica Rufa, the ever mysterious red ant. We were equally stunned at the wonderful findings in your description of the mating odour of Samia Cynthia of the family of Santuiidae the peacock eyed silk moth, as well as your fascinating narration on the female of Stagmomantis Carolina, the praying mantis.  Never since Professor Markovieff has taken upon himself the minute and detailed study of the Arachnidan Celiatica, of the Spider family, and explained the process of the fertilization of the female of the species by the total consumption of the male, have we heard the anything so enlightening. After all, ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at a world, that has not changed much for the last 250 million years. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, let no one misconceive the importance of our study. Our miniature friends, whose mysteries we are only now unraveling, were here before every one of our ancestors, including Dinosaurs. Their olfactory and homing senses are a challenge in the study of micro chemical biology, and a pointer to the as yet unknown mechanics of our microbiological universe.  If properly explained, they will be the benchmark of our evolutionist principles and will cut across the unreasonable theories of the so called creationists.            Yes, Creationists lead by unscientific and non-rational institutions, a crumbling tradition of thought conditioning. Prey, Let us, by the advancement of our fundamental science of biology buttress the scientific progress in real terms, and thereby insure the true realization of man’s potential from the primordial darkness into the ever beckoning light, at the end of the tunnel.  “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker. You are an intelligent man, you are an educated man, then, how can you talk such nonsense!” These studies are not a matter of opinion, Sir, they are scientific facts.”  “Scientific facts, scientific facts, you are all mixed up, there is only one power and that is the power of the creator and He has got all the facts. You only have some of the facts.”  “Do you deny, Sir, that the world is billions of years in evolution, and not six days?”   Not at all, Sir, not at all, because the one-day of the creator may not be as if it was one day of man, and could well be a billion years old. But it is the creator that maintains it and not your incomplete so called evolutionist nonsense.  Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker Sir. “Yes, Professor Goldenstern, did you want to say something?”  “I wanted to say, that the creationist gentleman is all mixed up, the energy in the world is fundamentally all one.            The creator is of course has no name, that we could conceive and is the soul of the universe in a form of boundless energy and therefore eludes any present scientific description.            “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker sir, it is Professor Goldenstern that is all mixed up, Sir, we witnesses know who the creator is, and we certainly know his name…It is…            “Point of order, point of order, will somebody please get rid of that Witness gentleman in the front row?”  This is pure prejudice, Sir, pure prejudice. I object. It is obvious, Sir, that it is only through the might of the creator, that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

            “Whose tunnel Sir, Yours or ours?”


Bliss by George Svenger



‘Please excuse me Mr. Duram, there is Dr. Ori Landauer to see you.’

‘Who is that, the Landauer that started to build the condominium in Phoenix Arizona and run out of money in the middle?’


No Sir, Dr.Landauer says he just came all the way from Tel Aviv to New York, just to see you and he realizes that it is without an appointment, but he said it would mean more then the Trump building to you, if you just give him 15 minutes of your time.


Nothing means more then my building, Mary, this better be good, let him in.’


‘You came from Tel Aviv, just to see me?’

‘Yes Mr. Duram , it’s about Oil.’

‘I don’t deal in Oil, Dr. Landauer, you’ve got the wrong man.’

‘Well it’s not exactly about oil, but please do you know the price of crude?’

‘Yes it’s about $ 94 a barrel, what do you want to say?’


‘Sir how would you like to control something that would give you the same amount of energy as a barrel of oil for less then quarter of that price and have a full control of it’s distribution?’

‘That’s absurd, what are you saying Dr. Landauer?’


‘ I am a research scientist at the Israeli Research Institute and me and my team have perfected a miniature atomic reactor, no bigger than a saucepan that produces same amount of energy as six cylinder motor on a spoonful of biological fuel.

 In other words it can run on grass.’


‘If that is so, D. Landauer, why don’t you sell it or give it to the Israeli’s, they would surely love something like that?’


‘Yes they would, but you don’t know the Israelis, the red tape and the grants for and against it would take them at least three years and none of us have that long.

And besides, they haven’t got any money, now they build that Chinese wall, and tried to neutralize the terrorists.

I am sure; you sir, could handle the whole project within months. We are ready.


‘Can you be here tomorrow at 9 am with your engineers, I will call on mine.’ OK?’

‘Yes we can, but can you please subsidize our fares and expenses from Tel Aviv?’

‘Is that a condition for the meeting?’

‘No it isn’t Sir, but we don’t have any money, just the know how.’

‘Very well then, please see Mary outside, she will arrange it.’

Thank you Mr. Duram , I knew we could count on you.’


They sat in a huge conference table three Israelis and three New Yorkers.


‘Thank you for seeing us gentlemen, this is Dr. Myer from Natanya, and this is Dr. Shulhoff from Jerusalem, please meet the famous Mr. Ronald Duram from New York and his advisors, Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Collins. They are all engineers I believe.’


’Thank you for coming, gentlemen all that way, and at a short notice. I don’t like to beat about the bush. Now what is it really all about?’


‘Please you must realize Mr. Duram and also you gentlemen, that this invention must remain an absolute secret, even, if you do not accept our offer. I hope we can have your word on that.


What we have here is the miniature Atomic reactor gentleman. First and only one of its kind.

‘You see, the secret is the reaction between two newly invented metals in our research. They consist of carbon fused with Tungsten and our prime discovery, new composite antimatter element.


These rods are facing each other point to point in a carbon chamber, which the antimatter generates to 2000o Fahrenheit. The chamber splits any introduced fuel of biological substance and reduces it to not just the atoms but also the quarks of the atoms to zero residues. The absorbing fuel is totally cost free and can be in tiny quantity, which then is totally split.

We have already achieved this in especially hardened metal chamber, but it partly melted in the heat.


We now need funds to research a heat resistant carbon chamber. The whole thing is very small and would fit under a bonnet of a car. The carbon chamber would retains all heat without melting and stays no hotter outside then a metal motor. However we need about $13 million to create it and perfect it, and bring it to production. We are prepared to give you a demonstration in a metal chamber from a safe distance.’


‘When?’ ‘Now Mr. Duram, can we use your basement?’ ‘ No, you better use my parking complex, I will close it for the experiment.’ The demonstration was so impressive; they all stood there in absolute silence, as if they saw a flying saucer for the first time.


‘So what you think, Harry?’

‘It’s the real McCoy, Ronald, go for it. Why it turned the metal cutter I’ve rigged to it to a full working capacity. I thought the rotation would burst the tungsten sleeves. The energy of the thing is unbelievable.  What’s more, I believe in it one hundred percent. It really makes me feel quite elated and kind of gooey all over.’



Gentleman, you’ve got yourselves a deal, I’ll sell it to the Arabs, and they’ll pay more then anybody to get their hands on it.’ $30 million and six months later, Duram was negotiating a peace of the old Manhattan for a second Duram  building. But was it to be?


‘What is it now, Mary? You know I have to go to the film studio to rehearse my new program how to make yourself a millionaire.’ ‘Mr. Duram, it’s your good friend Dr. Landauer from Duram Industrial complex, he wants to see you and he really looks terrible.’


‘What is it Ori, you look terrible, did you blow the production?’ ‘No Ronald, we sold 300 of the miniature reactors to Saudi Arabia for $4 billion and they work perfectly. They went all quiet, when I showed them what it was.


‘That’s fantastic Ori, so what’s the problem?’ ‘Oh Ronald, it’s something unexpected, something we could not foresee, it has something coming out of it and we don’t know what it is!

It’s like an invisible emission of some sorts and it affects people.’


‘Is it health threatening?  I could not allow that, you know, they already accuse me of exploiting globalization.’ ‘No Roland, on the contrary, all the Arabs that come to contact with the reactor go mad with some new religion and now suddenly want to make peace with Israel at all costs and are waving Israeli flags and want complete brotherhood and sisterhood all over Middle East and the world and all pray towards Jerusalem instead of Mecca. And not only that, my own engineers in the Donald Industrial Complex are suddenly going to churches and Synagogues and you should hear them sing.


They are in constant spiritual bliss!’


‘What?  What are you saying? This is terrible! Ori, you know what you’ve done, when you split the quarks? You know what you’ve done? You’ve released something from matter; you’ve released the ultimate creative force! You have released God!You have undermined the smooth working of the universe.


What is up with you Jews anyway? I knew I should not have trusted you. First you gave us a one God, when we were doing all right with the Gods of Olympus, then you stubbed your toes on your best man, Jesus Christ, and gave him to us as a present, and now you really released God into the air, for everybody to stop work and go ga ga! It will ruin the Economy, it will stop commerce, it will bring the world to the bring of poverty and back to tribalism!


Ori, what have you done! You’ve ruined me! You’ve ruined the world! ‘Yes I know Roland, sorry, but what can I do? I did not know He was hiding in the quarks!’ ‘We have to stop production straight away.’ ‘Yes Ronald, sorry Ronald.’


But Ori, before you do, just sell what you got to the Arabs, even at a discount, but to nobody else, do you understand, they need it more that we do and Uri, just for the rest of us, invent a practical gas mask that would normalize things first, before we really have to close the shop, OK?




The Self Within  by George Svenger


The Ecuminical Council was not a success. It could not be otherwise. This was supposed to be a 21st century point in man’s thinking. Trying to fit ancient ideas into the present, in deep concern, and in the light of the technological power of unstable governments. It was necessary to point out very clearly, that however loyal present rulers might be to Prophets and Savant’s that shaped their destiny, these wise man are no longer alive to control or lead mankind in the light of modern science and dangerous technology.


Therefore ABC was good enough, between adds to bring experts of religion together for full 10 minutes of important discussion. The interviewer introduced Rabbi Glick first in honor of the oldest religion, Archbishop Forester and the Imam Mohammed Nasralla to the eagerly waiting audience, after the long commercial. Rabbi Glick, clean shaven, in casual clothes and a dental $ 20,000 smile was asked to speak first. ‘Well, you see it’s like this: God is unknown and unfathomable, and if he is there at all, must be there as One for all. The philosophical rabbis in the middle ages tried to incorporate him in the so-called Tree of Life, the Cabbala.


 In it, they tried to fully to explain His powers and attributes. After naming and crises-crossing his qualities in a very complicated system, in the end could only put one title on top: Ejn Sof:  Nothing is.’


This means, that God has no corporeal being which can be a thing, but He is from a modern point of view a fully functional energy of life, which does not rest on any ground whatsoever, because it is immanent in all things and it is as one in the whole Universe. So you see, the energy is one and one can’t do anything about it.


Bishop Forester took the challenge and was generous enough to say with full enthusiasm and ruddy cheeks and equally rich dental $ 30,000 smile;


Rabbi Glick, I agree with your brave theory, but we do have a precedent in living aspect of God, not unlike your hope for a Messiah, which I a holy person that can come down to earth and live among you.


Pierre Thellard de Chardin, our Jesuit brother and a first Catholic Paleontologist, forced us to open our eyes to the Idea of human evolution, but it did not prevent him from emphasizing and explaining the cosmic Christ, a divine being that guides the fate of mankind, embodied in qualitative leap of human perfection in Jesus Christ. Through whose example we were given new and easier path of aspiration. Which undoubtedly, in spite of errors led mankind to better history.


Then, time was running short and Imam Mohammed Nasralla was asked to say a few words.


I can’t say that I agree with you two. You are drowning in complications. It has to be simple, for it to be any good. So please pay attention.


Moslems declare that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Prophet. I also declare the mysterious nature and oneness of  Allah and acknowledge that Jesus was one of his Prophets.

The most recent religion is Islam and The Quran is the universal instruction to men given by Allah. Only by absolute submission, can you reach the divine attributes and rewards, the spirit and the absoluteness of Allah. It was Mohammed, blessed be He, that was the last of His Prophets and he received the command of Allah, which is now the Holy Qu’ran and which must be obeyed fully. Mankind must live by the Law’s of Allah. All Muslims are duty bound to bring Mankind to submission to Allah and touch the ground five times a day.


To which the Rabbi said:’ there is no ground.’ To which the Bishop said: ‘The ground is Jesus Christ. To which the Imam said: ‘You touch the ground in submission, with you forehead, therefore, there is ground and not that Jewish Energy nonsense…


To which the interviewer said:


‘It seems Gentlemen; the ground seems to be in the Self within, whatever the Self within is.

Thank you for this discussion and good bye’.



Where do we go from here?  By George Svenger.

Excuse me. Can we have some quiet please? Welcome to this afternoons lecture, at the Theosophical Society. Our Aims are to study comparative religions, science and the hidden powers in man

and nature- Our motto is: There is no Religion, Higher then Truth.

Ladies and Gentleman, It is indeed not very often, that we are fortunate enough to

Have such a meeting, as today. We have with us representatives of the world religions, to answer very briefly just one question. And that question is, Where do we go from here? *

If you permit me, I now call on our Hindu representative, Gopal Murkedjee to come to the stand.

Thank you Mr. President. Our LordKrishna said: He is not born,nordoth he die; not having been, ceased he any more to be; unborn, Perpetual, eternal and ancient, he does not die.As a man, casting off worn out garments, takes new ones, so the dweller in the body, casting off worn out bodies, entereth into others that are new.


Oh thou shouldst think of him as constantly born and constantly dying, for such is

the nature of the soul of man. Uncleavable he, incombustible he, and indeed neither to be wetted or dried away, Perpetual, all-pervasive stable, immovable, ancient. Unmanifest, unthinkable, immutable, he is called. Therefore, knowing him as such, thou should’st not worry.

For certain is death for the born and certain is birth for the dead.Therefore over the inevitable thou shouldst not grieve.


Thank you Mr. Mukergee, I now call on Bhikku Titilla from the Buddhist faith. ‘Thank you Mr.President.’  There was a man 2500 years ago of a distinguish lineage, who took it upon himself, without the help of Gods, to obtain the ultimate answer to this question.  It was the Guatamma Buddha.

After many years of questioning and striving, he alone at the time obtained liberation and went into Nirvana, where his consciousness embraced the energy of the Absolute.

He left behind among other things a teaching.

It is called: The noble eightfold path. It consists of:

Right Understanding

·         II. Right View

·         III. Right Intentions

·         IV. Right Speech, Right Action, and Right Livelihood

·         V. Right Effort

·         VI. Right Mindfulness

·         VII. Right Concentration

All this to end suffering.

If you do all these things oh man, you will merge your soul with the Buddha, and three will be no need for thee to come back to this earth.

Thank you Bhikku Titilla, I now call on Father O’Mally, of the Catholic Church. Thank you Mr. President.

I am very cogniscent of the valued faith of my colleges, but there has been a change in the ancient history of mankind. A man has come on earth, an incarnation of God the father, who changed all that, and by his sacrifice, he liberated mankind from death, but only on the condition, that you simply believe in him, and go to church and have a communion of his body.

This is enough for you to have everlasting life in heaven. Otherwise alas, you are going to spend your soul life in the other place.

Thank you Father O’Malley. I now call on the reverent Mullah Haffas ibn Abdalla ibn Quarash. Thank you Mr. President. Let everyone, and I mean everyone hear, that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet, Oh Allah, the unknowable one, the invisible one sent his Archangel Gabriel to Mohammed, blessed be He, to impart the only holy book, the Koran, which is the all and everything that mankind needs for his miserable existence on this earth.

The Believers should impart this teaching by example and by the sword to the others, the Unbelievers, so that their soul can rise to Paradise, where sweet gardens and fair

Maidens wait upon them. Let the aspirant to the true faith beware of the importunities and temptations of the Others that would ensnare him away from He, who is truly great. Imshallah!


Thank you Reverent Mullah Hafiz bin Abdul lah bin Quarash.

 I now call on the reverent Moshe Goldberg to the stand.  Thank you Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen. Would it surprise you to know, that if I knew this question, where do we go from here?

I would already be there and not here. I would also give up all this hustle and retire on my laurels.

It is precisely that I don’t know where I am going, that I am really trying to find out!


Oh I know that in the Torah, they speak of angels and it would seem logical that

Where there are angels there must be spirits of the dead. I hope my parents are there.

But, then I’ve never met any nor am I likely to, no matter if I do or don’t do what I am supposed or not supposed to do.


What I want is not to go to heaven, but stay here and let God come down here or send the real Messiah down to earth to help the mother and child, who can’t reach the Nirvana or heaven or anything else, because they are too busy and simply can’t. OK?

Now lot of people might say he has already been. But tell that to my parents who died in Auschwitz together with millions of women and children. So what am I going to do about it? Just marry people and bury people and life will sort itself out.

Mr Speaker, Sir, Mr Speaker sir!

Yes Mrs Shonfeld?

‘I want to say something too.

‘Of course Mrs Shonfield, please come to the platform’

‘Yes thank you. I just want to say that I am 89 years old.

And my feet ache and my back aches and I’ve done enough and if I drop dead

Tomorrow, it will be a blessing.’ ‘Thank you Mrs Shonfield that was the most honest speech I’ve ever heard. Do you, in the wisdom of your respectable age have any message for the searchers after truth?’

“Yes I have, look at me; I have three children and five grand children. They all do well for themselves and life goes on what else would anybody want? Enough is enough.

I will be happy to say good bye and so should we all Thank you.’


 And we thank you Mrs Shonfeld, and with these words of wisdom, I declare the meeting closed.’


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Theosophical Society Pasadena.