From Paul Rooke:




         What has happened in the last decade?

         The Boxing Day Tsunami 2004.

         The Pakistani Earthquake 2005.

         Hurricane Katrina 2005.

         Chilean Volcano Eruption 2008.

         Chilean Earthquake 2011.

         Australian Floods 2011.

         Japanese Tsunami 2011.

         Official Statistics:

         Sources of Statistics:

         Centre for Research on Epidemiology of Disasters (Brussels).

         Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance.

         Definition of a Disaster.

         Steady increase esp. in Hydro-Meteorological disasters.

         Natural Geologic disasters have been constant over the last 30 years.





         Let’s look at Christianity: Rev. 13(11), 16(17) and 19(1).

         Now let’s look at Hinduism: the God Narada – Lord of Karma.

         And finally Theosophy: what the Secret Doctrine by HPBlavatsky has to say about cataclysms and their causes.

         What propositions can we take out of this?



         Restoration of Harmony.

         Tension between Spirit and Matter.




         Scientific Explanations:


         Global Warming.

         Natural Decadal Variations.

         Mankind’s Life Choices, eg. choice of habitat.


         Scientific Measurement:


         Global Coherence Monitoring System: measures changes in the intensity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field.

         This system postulates that there is a connection between human emotions and the Earth’s magnetic field.

         Evidence of correlations between changes in the intensity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field and the September 11 disasters in New York.






         Let’s look at the following from religion:

         Krishnamurti: All is Consciousness.

         Genesis: Chapter 1 (1-6).

         Stanzas of Dzyan: 1(5), 3 (1-3).


         The following from science:

         Albert Einstein: E=mc2.

         Itzkac Bentov: All matter is consciousness in the process of developing.


         Common thread:

         All matter is consciousness manifesting through vibrating light.


         Is this the basis of a reconciliation?





         How do we connect ourselves?

         Concept of vibrations.

         Thoughts producing vibrations.

         Conflict between finer and coarser thought vibrations.

         Differing frequencies of vibrations.

         Wave theory and vibrational resonance eg Child’s swing, James Bond’s telephone, Shattered Wineglass, Tesla’s New York experiments, Tecoma Bridge disaster.

         Will of the Hierarchy overriding that of Man.

         Theosophical references, eg Edge ‘The Astral Light’, G de P Fountain Source of Occultism.



From Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen:



As long as the Earth has existed, it has experienced such dramatic events as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, etc. They become for us ‘natural disasters’ when natural forces (obedient to the laws of Nature) meet humanity with its own laws, interests, and vulnerabilities. Natural disasters have been always there as part of our coexistence with the planet, but lately, as indicated above, some types of natural disasters have became much more frequent. So, how can we interpret the current situation and predict forthcoming events?



There is a view amongst some authorities that  the Solar System and our Earth in it are currently in the process of alignment with the centre of our Galaxy. In fact, they are forming something like a ‘gigantic antenna’ which will be and is already enormously boosting the flow of cosmic energy reaching the Earth. Approximately, in December 2012, this process will reach its climax. Simultaneously, at this time there will be also the climax of the 11-year cycle of Solar activity.  So, in every aspect of Earth’s motion seems to be receiving additional energy.


Could this be one of the main reasons of the current period of heightened Earth’s activity?  What does it mean for the humanity and Earth itself? Why now and where can this enormous amount of cosmic energy reverberate in the Earth’s structures?


We find a possible answer to the question about the accumulator of this cosmic energy in the Earth’s structures in Victoria LePage’s book, Shambala. She is writing about the spiritual World Axis defining it as the Earth’s conductor of universal energy – Kundalini Shakti. In her understanding, the World Axis is similar to the human spinal energy system.


Shakti is the universal creative energy and Kundalini is its representation in various living essences, be this the Earth or a human being. “The kundalini science has been at the core of all the Hindu philosophies and these have been as much concerned with the study of the Earth and its forces as with religion, for it is a science that strives to comprehend the cosmos in its entirety… Indian cosmology calls the primal formative energy of the universe in its static state Maha-Kundali, ‘the great coiled power’ of which, strictly speaking, kundalini is the diminutive form applied to the same energy when found in individual bodies. ..It is found in a highly concentrated form in the chakras of the human spinal system, which distributes the energy throughout the body. When amplified by spiritual techniques, kundalini intensifies the activity of the chakras, thus expanding consciousness, opening up intuition to the subtle energy body that underlies the physical, increasing intelligence and the capacity for love, and maintaining the physical body in a highly augmented state of health and vitality.”  (Shambhala, pp.68-69). Theosophical writers caution us against opening this power prematurely before we have developed the moral and ethical capacity to control the powers conferred by this energy. Otherwise a person activating kundalini prematurely can risk overloading the energic pathways of their inner constitution in the same manner an enormous surge in electricity can overload an electrical power station.


Why is this enormous amount of energy coming to the earth now?  Shambala  mentions ‘the science of cyclic time’ or ‘Great Time’ that was partly based on astronomy and partly on revelation. It received its astronomical component from an awareness of the phenomena of stellar precession, in which a very slow motion of the earth, a kind of wobble of the celestial pole, causes an apparent shifting of the position of the stars in the heavens that takes about twenty-six thousand years to complete. During this time the constellations appear to rise gradually to the zenith, cross the sky and descend again” (p.120). It is claimed by some that the current cosmic events coincide with the end of a 26,000 year cycle, so they are not coincidental, and we can expect some major changes as with the physical state of our planet and ourselves, as with the state of our consciousness.


“Earth’s Birth Changes”- a book communicated to us through, Azena, and claimed to be by the spiritual Master who was last well known to history in 18th /19th  century Europe as the mysterious Compte de St.Germain – predicts and explains these upcoming changes as the changes of Earth in the process of birth into a new cycle of its life and an opportunity for us to progress as we are part of the Earth’s constitution and not just ‘foreigners’ living on its surface. The old three-dimensional highly material planet Earth, is claimed in this book to be on its way of becoming a more spiritually advanced spiritual entity, a ‘star’, – the four-dimensional planet Earth – From Shambhala: “Indeed, a grand birthing is about to occur in the year of 2012, near about the month of December. Then it will be a knowing of the Oneness of all life, of the divinity therein.” (p.84). If this is so, then the events that we people perceive as natural disasters can simply be interpreted as the Earth’s ‘birth contractions’.


According to the author of Earth Birth Changes, all the cosmos is participating in this great event because at this juncture of times, when many different cycles (not only the 26,000 years cycle) are culminating, according to Earth’s Birth Changes, the universe is also shifting its density in a much bigger cycle of its development. Speaking about the shift in density of an object, we mean, as we explained in our book The Laws of Life, that the frequency of the vibrations of which the object is made, is rising. We will return to this topic later.


Our planet’s birth is one of the events of this process: “The Earth is the exact midpoint of that cycle. That is the two hundred million year cycle. Now, what you experience upon the plane of your now, the shifting and all that is occurring, is not only of third density. It is also occurring to the astral body of Earth, the etheric body of Earth, and the soul body of Earth.”(p.60).


Earth’s Birth Changes, calls this process in relation to the Earth “Harmonic Convergence”. “The culmination of the ‘Harmonic Convergence’ is the mass consciousness of the Earth –plane coming forward to become at ONE with all of life. The allowance of God I Am.” (p.83).


The mass consciousness of the Earth-plane includes and represents all the types of consciousness: the Earth’s consciousness and the consciousnesses of all its inhabitants. Importantly, humanity’s consciousness as a whole evolved to the point where it can become aware of itself and be able to change.


Earth’s Birth Changes denotes the upcoming changes as “a shift in frequency”. This definition reflects the understanding of every material object as vibrations of different frequencies.  In The Laws of Life we state that we are “composed” in the “divine language of vibrations”. Itzhak Bentov thus explains how we can come to the understanding of vibrations as the creative substance of everything, by using a super-microscope, in his book, Stalking the Wild  Pendulum:  “When we magnify our physical matter very much, we find that we are made mostly of void permeated by oscillating fields. This is what objective physical reality is composed of.” (p.44).


Indeed, even the smallest particles like atoms and their parts appear to be consisting of oscillating, or vibrating, energy fields. It is Shakti – the universal energy, in and outside our bodies, and making the bodies themselves. Hence it appears that the boundaries between our human vibrations and those of the Earth are relative as vibrations may intermingle and affect each other. “The idea of an energetic correspondence between the human and planetary systems has also been voiced by Lyall Watson, a naturalist, anthropologist and archaeologist, who discusses the harmony between the two systems in terms that suggest their synchronization of activity.  ‘Earth’s magnetic field,” he writes, “fluctuates between eight and sixteen times per second. The predominant rhythm of our brains lies in the same area.” (Shambhala, p.89.)


Besides the magnetic field, the ionosphere around the Earth forms a capacitor (potential difference) with the planet. We people are constantly living, moving and thinking in this electrostatic field, which is transmitting all the vibrations as from the planet to us as from us to each other and to the planet. And we are also producing our own electrostatic field, which we transmit into our environment.


We can assume that all the enormous cosmic energy that is coming now to Earth and is absorbed by the planet, is affecting not only the Earth, but the people too, directly and through the influence of the planet’s fields. It is magnifying every human vibration and every expression of human will be it for the better or for the worse. Whatever tendency exists and is lying dormant, now is provoked.  It can be the potential to express love, compassion, creativity and to work for the betterment of the world around us. Regretfully, the most destructive warlike and criminal tendencies also receive their boost.


We witness it daily. In different countries people, especially young people, feel the urge to act, to somehow express their despair and anger caused by social, racial or whatever injustice they feel. It can be a social uprising like in the Middle Eastern countries, wars in Africa, or riots like in England


Destructive tendencies, in their turn, lead to the rise of their opposites, and good feelings and creative spirit arises also. People are volunteering to clean up the mess, people start awakening, and their creative spirit, in this energized atmosphere, can make miracles. Itzhak Bentov noticed and described a mechanism of physics which allows highly energized people to become the leaders for constructive creativity. It is the mechanism of rhythm entrainment.


In his book Stalking the Wild Pendulum (p.29) Bentov writes: “Suppose  we go out on a balmy summer evening and notice some fireflies settling in a bush, blinking off and on. At first, this blinking is random, but fairly soon we notice that an order is slowly developing. After a while, we see that the fireflies in the whole bush are blinking on and off in unison. This phenomena is called rhythm entrainment. It seems that nature finds it more economical in terms of energy to have periodic events that are close enough in frequency to occur in phase or in step with each other. That is the meaning of rhythm entrainment.”


With another example, taken from the physics of electronic circuits containing oscillators, Bentov discovers that usually it is the fastest, higher frequency oscillator that will force slower ones to operate at its pace. It appears that the higher vibration object can entrain the rhythm of a lower frequency another object, if only their vibrations’ frequencies are close enough.


Hence, we can assume that if a sufficient part of humanity will choose to express the higher vibrations of their spirit, then they will be able to entrain other people’s vibrations for the better, and the Earth being vibrationally connected to humanity will benefit from our common new spiritual order.


All the authors to whom we have referred, promise such an upcoming shift in mass-consciousness. It would be a joyous result of great alignment and unification. People would add another dimension of perception, which would help them to understand their unity and become much more loving and wise. Their perception of time and age would also change, and they would receive access to completely new technologies based on the power of their own mind – on the subtle vibrations of thought-forms their mind produces. According to Earth’s Birth Changes, it will be the result of the development of the pineal gland’s crystalline tissue, which is going on now supported by the stream of cosmic energy and the blessings of the Divine Hierarchy.


It looks like we are now going through the process of transition together with our planet. Will this transition be gentle and joyous or calamitous and disastrous? It very much depends on our human behaviour and thought environment. Earth’s Birth Changes tells us that everyone can create the situation for themselves with their thought. And en masse, for now, we are pretty much receiving results of the work of our mindset expressed in our activity.


In our book, The Laws of Life, we have given some examples of, “Man the Destroyer”, and ,“Man the Creator”. Since this book was published in 2004, the intervening time has provided us with even more examples of our destructive ways of thinking and consequently acting, and they are not limited to local areas. For decades, the most powerful countries prepared their arsenals of nuclear weapons which took an enormous amount of energy, that of the humans, and of the Earth. And now these arsenals cause a great threat to our safety and require massive injections of energy to destroy them.


The recent destruction of the Japanese nuclear station with dire consequences of radioactive contamination shows us how dangerous it is for us people, in our current state of mind, to delve into the depth of the divine “Reactor of Evolution” see Theosophy Downunder website at:


The questions which might arise from a consideration of this disaster are: What is the real purpose of us seeking for the power of subatomic energy? For which purpose we are spending this energy? Will it enhance our spiritual growth or only gratify our consumption desires, artificial goals and warlike competitive attitudes? Do we know what we are doing when we extract from the earth its source of energy – Uranium?


We have seen in recent years that the southern and eastern parts of the United States have suffered in the grip of strong heat, and experienced lack of energy. All the transferring energy structures and wires have been overloaded. At that time, the sun – a natural nuclear reactor – was shining brightly from the skies and could provide plenty of energy. Imagine if every house had a solar battery on the roof – no structures or wires necessary. There can be other solutions to the main – energy – problem, but we people have to actively search for them. And it requires us to change our priorities including as the most important one care for our planet, for its environment, cooperation with Earth, and not just exploitation of its resources.


Humanity’s developed intellectual potential has turned it into a power comparable with the power of nature, but so far it has been mostly not balanced with moral and ethical responsibility for human actions. We can see the results of such negligence to the environment in the facts of global warming which lead to natural disasters, such as:


The huge floods in Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan (warm air holds more water vapour than cold air, so as temperature raises, a trend appears toward more rain and snow);


More hurricanes and tornadoes in America and of bigger strength perhaps because of the warmer ocean waters;



The Amazon rainforest called “the lungs of the planet” is no longer absorbing carbon and balancing emissions as it once did because of the unusual draughts (in 2005 and 2010), which together generated enough greenhouse gas emissions from dying trees to cancel out the carbon absorbed by the rainforest in the first decade of the 21st century (15 billion tons over 10 years). And this process continues.


Human intellect is always curious, always in search of new discoveries, and this is natural and is the leading cause of every progress. Unfortunately, humanity’s consciousness, moral and ethical development, is in such condition that almost every discovery is applied primarily in the defence area. And this is dangerous and can easily lead to irreparable damage to the environment and to the destruction of our planet as theosophy tells us, happened in the age of Atlantis.


For example, humanity is already experimenting with waves of different (especially extremely low) frequencies and is capable of affecting the spheres of Earth including the ionosphere and the psycho sphere of human beings (for example,The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy to create and atmospheric weapons and defence system in the ‘Star Wars’ program).  What will happen depends exclusively on our collective consciousness – will we manage to change it from the “ego” driven and manipulation prone state to the state of spiritual awareness of our unity or not. We receive and will receive assistance from other levels of universal consciousness, but we have to add our effort to it.


The process of “Earth’s Birth Changes”, where it is claimed that the three-dimensional Earth is giving birth to the four-dimensional planet – the book by Victoria le Page, Shambhala, claimed has already started some years ago. We know that it is impossible to stop – “when the baby starts pushing, there is no way back”. We know that successful birth depends on harmonious work of the mother, the baby and all other participants. And in the current Earth’s birthing process all of us participate with every our movement, decision, emotion and thought vibration. If we really wish to create the conditions for a harmonious process of birth, we can do it with our own harmonious, compassionate actions and vibrations in the thoughts and deeds of our everyday life.


Itzchak Bentov reminds us that “the resonant frequency of the earth-ionosphere cavity – is about 7.5 cycles per second and the micromotion of the body is about 6.8 to 7.5 Hz. This suggests a tuned resonant system. We may say now that in deep meditation the human being and the planet system start resonating and transferring energy.” (Stalking the Wild Pendulum, p.41). As we understand it, this energetic vibration is occurring at a very long wavelength (about 40,000km), so on the Earth this vibrationary wave knows no obstacles. Therefore, the signal of our vibration in the condition of meditation is ideal for transmitting to the environment. In this condition our bodies emit a simple harmonic motion of approximately 7 Hz and transmit it to and through the electrostatic field of the Earth. This vibration can entrain other people with close vibrations and the Earth itself. The more people who are participating the stronger the resonance. And actually this process is already going on, with different groups of people all over the world meditating together with the simple thought of Unity with the Earth and every one of its inhabitants. Let’s join the “chorus” in the quality of our thoughts and deeds each day.        






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The views expressed in these lectures are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of the Theosophical Society Pasadena.