Today’s talk takes up further on the subject I discussed last year when I spoke about the rounds and races. You may remember that spirit evolves through an infinite process of involution into matter and then a subsequent evolution back to spirit.

This time I will be speaking about the two root-races that preceded our current root race – the fifth root race.

To recapitulate, we are currently in the fourth round of our planetary lifetime of seven rounds on the planet earth. We are on Globe D of that round, the most densely material of the seven globes of the earth’s planetary chain. The fourth round on Globe D will manifest through seven root races and ours is the fifth in this series of seven. By way of further detail, we are currently in the fourth subrace of the fifth root race nearing the half way point of its evolution.

Diagrammatically this can be expressed as follows:

PNR to put up telephone dial diagram.

You may recall also that each root race dies out well after the next root race has taken over from it. The new root race comes in at about the half way point of the manifestation of the older race.

Diagrammatically this may be expressed as follows:

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Hence, if we are almost at the middle of the cycle of the fourth subrace of the fifth rootrace, we can soon expect to see the first members of the emerging sixth rootrace. HPB says that we will reach the lowest point of our evolutionary arc in the fourth subrace in about 16 to 20,000 years’ time and that the sixth rootrace will begin to emerge in America.

So keep your eyes open for anyone who looks a little different from the majority of us – he/she/it could be a harbinger of the coming Humanity.

By way of further introduction I would like to list the subraces of each of the fourth and fifth rootraces. This gives us some idea of the source and relationship to each other of the different streams of humanity which are currently inhabiting the earth.

Lemurian Atlantean Aryan

Subraces Subraces Subraces

(1) – (7) Rmoahal Indian

No specific names Tlatvatli Chaldean/Assyrian

Toltec Celtic

Turanian Tutonic




By way of further background, the teachings give us details of the first (polarian) and second (hyperborean) rootraces. The first of these existed in the Astral Plane and the beings of the second rootrace were principally ethereal in character. It was only during the third rootrace that mankind adopted a material form on the plane of consciousness that we know today.

A time-line of the five rootraces and the commonly accepted geological periods is enclosed in your information folder. This has quite a degree of relevance for what I will be talking about later today and next month when I discuss archaeological anomalies as they relate to the rootraces.

I have prepared this talk from a variety of sources. These sources are this worldly and otherworldly.

The “this worldly sources” are the works of Plato, in the Timaeus and Critias; the work of Ignatius Donnelly, the 19th century American writer who is still considered to be the leading authority of current times on Atlantis and the Antediluvian world; GDP’s Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy, HPB’s Secret Doctrine; an illustrated book” Great Mysteries of the Lost Lands” by Eleanor van Zandt and Reg Stevenson; and an absorbing book entitled Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thomson.

The otherworldly sources are based on the communication from the Masters from Great White Lodge, in particular the Master Koothumi in the Mahatma Letters to AP Sinnett. I have also used the readings from the Akasic record of both W. Scott Elliott and Rudolf Steiner, both renowned theosophists of their time. Scott Elliott’s readings are given in his book “The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria” and Steiner’s in his book Atlantis.

I have also prepared a file of some maps of the world at different points in its history. These were obtained from the Akasic record by Scott-Elliott when preparing his work. The maps show the geographical location of the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria and also the sources and destinations of the different subraces of both the rootraces. The darker shaded areas on the maps are the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis at different points in time. The maps are not accurate to a painstaking degree but are thought to be strongly indicative of the shape of the world at the time defined.

As I continued writing this paper, I realised there was far too much information to compress it all into one afternoon’s talk. I therefore suggested to Andrew that we consider Lemuria this month and Atlantis at our meeting on the 20th of May next. You have therefore been warned that if you want to do something with your afternoon of 20th May than year about Atlantis, you’ve got plenty of time to organise something else to do.


I will now summarise Scott-Elliott’s remarks on Lemuria. They are something of an elaboration upon and detailing of the comments made by HPB in the Secret Doctrine regarding the third rootrace. Scott-Elliott’s maps suggest that the earth has risen and fallen and that the continent of Lemuria covered most of the southern hemisphere at its greatest extent. There are two maps of Lemuria at different stages of its maturity. You will note that in both these maps Lemuria encompassed Australia and that Australia has been above the water throughout the whole of the period of existence of the Lemurian continent.

The name “Lemuria” was adopted because it was probably on this continent that animals of the Lemurian type developed. Lemurs live simultaneously in Madagascar and in other areas bordering the Indian Ocean.


Scott-Elliott on pp 71-75 of his book gives a great deal of geological and biological evidence to suggest that the area between modern day Africa and India was once connected by a land bridge or continent. Note that the Lemurian maps are not as reliable as the Atlantean maps.

As I mentioned earlier, enclosed also is a summary of the geological time periods and the likely existence of the five rootraces. Scott-Elliott observes that the geological time periods of the Lemurian maps are for

Map I the Permian – Triassic – Jurassic Epochs.

Map II the Cretaceous – Eocene Epochs.

Refer Table on P. 82 of the book.

Provide the table of geological eras and their correlation with the rootraces.

We can conclude that the Lemurian rootrace lived on earth simultaneously with the dinosaurs, a fact alluded to by HPB in the Secret Doctrine.

HPB writes that the first three subraces of the third rootrace were the least developed of the Lunar Pitris – the reincarnating beings coming from the Moon to the Earth, and that they were untouched by the Divine Spark, i.e. they had no mind nor any individuality.

What did a Lemurian look like? Scott-Elliott gives a description of a Lemurian man, probably at the time of the fifth subrace. Read the description from p.88 of the book and then show the picture in MLL p. 200 – should be good for a laugh. Then go on to talk about how mankind changed through to the seventh subrace. In the first and second rootraces man gradually became smaller and less ethereal – refer to the Bamian Statues here. As evolution developed through the third rootrace, Mankind began to assume a more solid, bony structure. However, his bones were much softer than they are now, being far more cartilaginous than ours. Hence there are no visible remains of third rootrace mankind, refer briefly to Bill Savage’s article here.

Lemurian man developed the organs of sight, but still retained the gift of psychic vision through the third eye. It was during the middle and later subraces that mankind attained the power of standing and moving in an upright position.

As an aside, this picture may not be as far fetched as it sounds. Read the quote from the Moscow News in Forbidden Archaeology at p. 458, Turkmanistan may have been “on the map” so to speak in Lemurian times, point this out to the group. It is interesting to note from the article in the Moscow Times that the human footprints are fainter than the dinosaur prints. This may be consistent with the fact that man was not as densely material as his animal counterparts at this point in our spiritual evolution. Furthermore, the Moscow Times refers to these impressions being made in Jurassic rocks and reference to our table from Scott-Elliott’s book suggests that the Lemurian rootrace lived during the Jurassic period.

By the time of the seventh subrace the Lemurians had come to adopt appearances more like those of Man today. Again, read the description of a seventh subrace Lemurian on p. 89. Scott-Elliott says that Mankind’s heads had become more egg-shaped by this point in time and that their limbs resemble those of today’s Negroes.

Sexual reproduction emerged at the time of the fourth subrace of the third rootrace, because Man’s descent into materiality meant that earlier self-generated forms of reproduction were no longer workable as spirit manifested more densely in matter. The Secret Doctrine and GDP both tell us that Mankind will move on from sexual reproduction to other forms of regeneration as we return to our spiritual sources in the sixth and seventh rootraces. The remnants of the third rootrace are still among us. Both HPB and Scott-Elliott point out that the Australian Aborigines, the Andaman Islanders, some of the hill tribes of India, the Tiera del Fuegans, and the bushmen of Africa, are remnants of the third rootrace.

That part of the Lemurian continent where the separation of the sexes took place and where the fourth rootraces flourished, lay to the east of Madagascar near the great lakes on the map. Show on Map.

Lemurian Culture.


The development of language took place during the third rootrace. Vowels developed first, then consonants, but the language never developed beyond the monosyllabic stage. The Chinese language is said to have developed from remnant Lemurian speech. Scott-Elliott notes however that most of today’s Chinese mainly descended from the fourth subrace (Turanian), of the fourth rootrace (Atlantean), refer p. 95.

Development of Warlike Tendencies:

Man began warring upon himself and also the (very large) animals around him. This caused him to domesticate some of the dinosaurs to assist him in this end. The legacy of warfare developed by the Lemurians has been handed down to the present day.

The Arts:

Man began to live in huts, then in communities of huts, – originally to protect themselves against the dinosaurs. Men were hunters and gatherers and largely ate the flesh of the dinosaurs.

At the time of the fourth to seventh subraces, the Lemurians were granted the gift of mind by the Manasiputras who came from vastly more advanced races of humanity. These beings lived and worked among the Lemurians of the later periods and kindled the fires of mind among them. This enabled them to acquire the knowledge of civilisation, the Arts, government, and religion. Prior to this they had been mindless brutes who would never have discovered these things for themselves.

As a result of these developments, the Lemurians learned to work with metal rather than with wood. They learned to farm cereals, and in particular the god-given gifts of wheat and honey; both of these are said to have come from the planet Venus. They learned to spin cloth and make clothes for themselves.

During the latter part of the sixth and throughout the seventh subrace, they developed great cities. The first of these were built near the present island of Madagascar, another, according to the SD Vol 2, p. 317, lay 30 miles west of Easter Island. The Easter Island statues are said to be replicas of late Lemuro-Atlantean types. Show the pictures, MLL, p.174.

Systems of religions were necessarily very crude. All that could be achieved by the time of the seventh subrace was a system of moral precepts and an acknowledgment of the sun as the supreme being.

Rudolf Steiner speaks of the mental development of the Lemurians, They were touched by the powers of mind, each at different stages in their development, and this accounts for the spread of intelligence levels, even in today’s community. The Lemurians were taught to develop will power by having to bear great pain and sacrifice. This was true for both men and women. They were taught to attune themselves to the forces of nature and could relate closely to the earth’s natural energies. They developed great physical strength and could heal themselves through concentration and will power. This conscious is now achieved by us at the subconscious level and is the activity undertaken in the cerebellum. Our active thinking and conscious reasoning takes place in the frontal areas of our brain, the cerebrum; Theosophy teaches us that the activities now taking place in the cerebrum will eventually become intuitive and relegated to the cerebellum. In this way Mankind builds on his experience.

The Founding of the Atlantean Race:

It was the seven subrace of the Lemurian rootrace that spawned the fourth rootrace. Only by this stage was mankind sufficiently well developed to provide the bodily forms necessary for the first subrace of the fourth rootrace. The first subrace was founded in Western Nigeria. Again, it was undertaken by the Manu who delegated the task to an adept from Venus.

In conjunction with this, a Lodge of Initiates was established. The beings who undertook the work of creating the first subrace of the fourth rootrace stood at a level of spiritual development that we will reach when we attain the sixth round on our chain of worlds, i.e. about 1.25 billion years from now. Our Buddha, Siddharta Gautama, was said to be a sixth round man, the only one who has ever set foot on earth as we know it. This gives an idea of how rare such individuals are.

At this stage, the Lodge was brought into being, largely for the benefit of those beings who were lifting humanity up and endowing it with the light of mind. However, the Lodges established were part of the tradition of the Mystery Schools and Lodges of Initiation of which our Society is a part.

Destruction of Lemuria:

The continent of Lemuria was destroyed by volcanic activity over a long period of time. The first subrace of the Atlantean rootrace was developed in readiness for the next lengthy chapter in the saga of human development.


Next time, I will move on to discuss the physical and spiritual case for the lost continent of Atlantis and to show how mankind’s mental faculties developed further over this time. I will leave further maps and diagrams to embellish my discussion and I look forward to our next meeting.

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