To find your own personal power animal, the following technique is suggested by Madonna Gauding, author of Personal Power Animals: For Guidance, Protection and Healing:[i]

  • Gather your journal or a pad of paper. Read the exercise ahead of time or recode it to play back.
  • Begin by closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Release any tension in your body by beginning at the toes and work your way up through your body. When relax, move to the visualisation that follows.
  • Imagine yourself in a field of flowers and see the very large oak tree close by. Look at this tree until you see the large hollow on one side. Step inside this hollow and see a stairwell that leads downwards. It is not dark for there are torches lighting the way.

You are not afraid and decide to explore where these stairs lead to.  At the bottom you find a small tunnel leading to a magical landscape.

  • The air is pure and you look up to see a blue sky, and white fluffy clouds.
  • The grass is green. There are a cluster of pine trees to your left—the fresh aroma of pines beckons you to them. It is peaceful as your walk among the trees; the sun shines down through the trees—it is quiet and serene.
  • There is a small crystal-clear pool that you sit down in the peace of the moment.
  • As you relaxed and look around you, you notice a movement our of the corner of your eye. You are not sure where the movement originates from but as you turn around, you find yourself staring into an animal’s eyes.  There is something familiar about this animal.  You may have once been afraid of this animal but the feeling now gives way to peace—it’s like you are meeting for the first time.
  • As you both sit there, locked in each other’s gaze, you hear it mentally telling you how it helped you in the past and/or how it can help you now. You are amazed to make its acquaintance.
  • Intuitively, you become aware that you time in this magical place is short. You thank the animal for making itself known to you and for any assistance it may have given, or will give in the future.
  • The animal, as a sign, may come to your in a newspaper article, through a program on TV, in a book you may be reading, or in a dream.
  • Before you know, this animal turns about and heads away back into the forest, the pool or the sky above. You rise and slowly walk from the pine grove to again pass through the meadow.  Again you back-track to the tunnel leading into the hollow of the tree—the stairs are waiting for your ascent. At last, you find yourself at the exit of this mother oak tree.
  • Leaving, you look around you for you are now back in the field of wild flowers. When ready, slow bring back your awareness to your breathing, slowly stretch to become ground in both your body and your environment.
  • Open your journal and describe your experience, concentrating on the animal you have met. Write down any prior experiences you may have had with this animal.

The animal may not be the one you feel is your power animal. If not, repeat the meditation.  Your power animal will eventually make itself know.


[i] Gauding, Madonna (2006) Personal Power Animals: For Guidance, Protection and Healing. A Godsfield Book USA pp.25