THE DIVINE LANGUAGE OF VIBRATIONS  by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen 

  When reading and trying to understand what HPB meant under the term of “human principles”, we may face some difficulties in imagining Atma and Buddhi to the extent where we would be able to practically work with them. What are these principles indeed? Are they just abstract expressions or they have some association with the physical world, like the term “Sthula Sarira” – with the physical body? And how can human principles be operated, for example, the higher freed from the lower ones, if they are just abstract ideas? 

Something can be united or separated from something when they are of the same origin, for example, idea from idea or matter from matter. So, what about the common origin of the higher and lower principles? 

These questions may also come to us as questions about the Prima Materia – the source of everything – and the very mechanism of the appearance of the worlds from Prima Materia. How do they appear? What is the fabric, out of which they are so intricately woven?  At a glance, the question may seem too difficult to answer.OK, if it’s difficult to find out about the “fabric” of the higher principles and the spiritual world, let us look at the material world and our physical body. It is a shape consisting of smaller shapes – cells, and the latter ones consist of even smaller ones – molecules and atoms. 

 Once, atom has been accepted as the corner stone of the universe, indivisible and unchanging. From that time onwards, physicists found out that atom can be divided into even smaller parts and particles. And it is known that the vast majority of the atomic space is filled with the vibrations of energy.    In The Secret Doctrine, HPB wrote about “the infinite divisibility of the atom”, so, that no particle can be found which couldn’t be divided into smaller ones till they are already not particles, but waves, vibrations, of energy – a photon (a particle and simultaneously wave of light) an example. In this way, it appears that the primeval fabric even of our physical bodies is a vibration, wave, of energy. And we can understand our solid material body as a spectrum of different frequency waves, as a “standing wave” of life. 

So, it appears that everything in the universe is made out of the “fabric” of vibrations. Then, what is a vibration, and how can be anything “made” out of vibrations?  

Take a sound of a bell – the sound is a vibration. Throw a stone into a pond – the ripples will be vibrations. Look at the flame of a candle – the flame, the fire are vibrations. Light is vibration. Electricity that we switch on, and it lights up a room, is vibrations of electro-magnetic energy current through the wire. Our thoughts are vibrations. And all of these vibrations differ in their frequency. The higher frequency the finer, subtler and more powerful they are. Those who work in the radio and TV industry know this. 

The only way of creating a vibration is by starting it with an impulse of energy, be it by throwing a stone or by producing a thought, an idea. “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God”. Was it a “Big Bang” or an almighty fiery “OUM” capable of starting the universal process of creation? In any way, the Source of Life, call it God, Prima Materia or Brahma, started all the following vibrations of the Universe by the primeval vibration of Its consciousness. And all the life, all of its elements, is “spoken” in the Divine language of vibrations. We can find this language in the DNA of the genes and in human languages, in the sounds of wind and colors of plants, in the shapes of the shells and forms of letters and figures, everywhere.  

The recent findings of a Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev show us that human DNA is a virtual biological internet. It stores data and communicates it throughout the body cells. The genetic code follows the same rules as all our human languages. And the conclusion was that living chromosomes function like holographic computers using DNA laser radiation. Simply as it is – we now know how our languages appeared and why they are as they are. They were spoken in the Divine vibrations; these vibrations have formed us as we are, and we are continually mimicking and applying them in our languages. 

We call this language Divine because its exquisite complicity, universal efficiency and beauty reflect the properties of the creating Source which we can find no other definition or words to name. 

In our book The Laws of Life [please see: for further details], we explore the ways of how the world of vibrations could have originated from the Source, or Prima Materia, as HPB defines it. At the foundation of our exploration, there are esoteric sources of different origins, and we widely draw on the channeled in 1992 in

Russia book Kalagia, which is in fact a book of esoteric physics. According to Kalagia, the highest frequency vibrations of primeval Fire, Fohat, and Light, gradually lowering their frequency, formed the universe as we see it now. And all the Life had been shaped as a holographic projection of the highest Divine Consciousness, of Divine Thought. Everything, including ourselves, originated from the vibrations of Light and consists of energy vibrations. Our seemingly solid bodies and all the solid surroundings can be imagined as “frozen” vibrations, like ice, which is in fact a form of water – frozen water – and even double frozen evaporated water – steam, gas, a cloud. The first Races of human beings, according to The Secret Doctrine, were less solid and more cloud-like than we, the people of mostly fifth highly materialized Race. What does it give us, to know that we are vibrations, holograms of Light? It completely changes that what we thought as being “us” as a solid body and therefore changes the point from which we are looking at our possibilities of creating, healing, teaching and even transportation. It shows and enhances our abilities of healing with the sounds of music and language because the living DNA substance reacts to their vibrations – we have to only correctly choose their frequency. It shows us also that there is nothing impossible in appearing simultaneously in two spots in space. And a wave is much more flexible than a solid body when learning new skills at any age.     

In a broader sense, it helps us to understand how we collect and balance karma, which also consists of vibrations. In fact, when we think or do anything, we produce vibrations of thought and simultaneously change the frequency, and hence the colors of our vibration spectrum. Our spectrum changes under the influence of any our subtlest thought or intention! It can be seen in our aura which then changes its colors. 

It also enables us to understand our unity, the interaction of our vibrations, where we cannot completely cut ourselves off from the rest of the world – with vibrations this is impossible! And hence our responsibility for the state of the common vibration spectrum that we produce in our communities, society and the whole of the world. Can you imagine the stormy seas of vibrations which we produce when fighting and arguing! 

We are beginning to understand the wholeness of the world and the Wholeness of the Truth of our Source. This Truth is all-dimensional, and we, less-dimensional beings, are only capable of seeing the facets of this Truth through the “windows” of our consciousness. So, one of us sees the Truth through Christianity, another through Buddhism, and the third one through the materialistic science. If all of us understood that the whole Truth is just One, and we perceive its vibrations as we can and were used to, then we could try to look through the others’ “windows” also, and find some additional waves of thought and beauty, which we haven’s seen before. We tried, and The Laws of Life came out as a result of this experience.   

When we start understanding ourselves not as finite compact bodies, but as waves of life, lifestreams, living through incarnations, then the idea of immortality becomes clearer to us – when the lower frequency vibrations of the cells of the physical body froze till they completely lose energy, the higher frequency vibrations – the higher principles – are free to separate from them and join the world of similar frequencies.  

All the frequencies can be divided into octaves, as it is done in music. We, human beings, also have our octave of vibration frequencies, in which we can exist in our physical bodies. The vibrations of our principles are as such in conformity with the condition of our consciousness, of the vibrations of our thoughts. When we uplift our consciousness to the extent that the vibrations of our principles (you can say also “energy bodies”) rise to the frequencies of a higher octave, then it happens that we ascend into these frequencies and turn from human beings into ascended beings, Ascended Masters, or Dhian Chohans, according to HPB. Hence the idea of ascension in case our vibrations are purified from karma enough and able to join the higher octaves of Light of the spiritual Hierarchy. 

This is a spiritual process that is going on for many incarnations, where at the start we unconsciously continuously accumulate karma, lowering our vibrations. At a certain stage we spiritually awaken and begin to consciously search for the way of raising into the higher octaves – of balancing karma and purifying our vibrations from their low manifestations, which, in conformity to Buddha’s teaching, are usually connected with our desires. In our book, we described this process as The Return of the Prodigal Son because this in fact is the return of our soul to its Source, to the starting point of all of the vibrations. 

Question: Can the higher vibrations harm the lower ones in case they meet each other?  

Comment: Can the Sun harm our physical body in their direct interaction? Of course, the power of the higher Octave vibrations is able to incinerate the body of Earthy vibrations. A direct meeting of a person with an Ascended Master can be compared to a meeting with a lightning bolt, and this is one of the causes why these High Beings don’t usually directly come to us in our physical bodies. What is more, the farther we are going into materialization (Involution), the less we are capable of meeting Them. The only way towards them is purification and Evolution towards the higher Octaves of existence.    

Question: Why do some people have an ability of predicting the upcoming events or of restoring the lost past? 

Comment: Time is also a coil, a spiral, a wave, a vibration, and some people can appear in different from” now” points of the wave of time. 

The following is the text of a lecture given by the authors to a meeting of the Theosophical Society Pasadena in Melbourne, Australia, on the 5th of July 2008. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Theosophical Society Pasadena.