Synopsis of the lecture on The Divine PlanThe Divine Evolutionary Plan for Man given by Jenny Ryan  –  6/8/16
Part of the Ancient Wisdom series presented to the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) at South Caulfield                          

The Divine Plan and Evolution
Firstly it was pointed out that I am not proselytizing as I do not belong to a particular religion, my interest being in the Oneness of all.  Firstly I refute the creation account of the universe in the Bible, the Genesis story, as too simplistic a description of the formation of the universe, but like many creation stories it was provided to explain the universe with the information that was available at the time.

The role of the Creator and the Plan – being the creation of the evolving universe, the earth and life on it, are examined in this lecture in the light of the evidence from scientists and mathematicians, who are also, in some cases, mystics.  In Theosophy the scientific and mystical modes of search are complementary rather than antagonistic.

Intelligent Design
Creationists who insist on the Genesis story about the formation of the universe have had to revise their claims in view of the scientific evidence of evolution so they use the label Intelligent Design (by God) to explain parts they claim evolution cannot, such as complexity in parts of the development of life on earth. This has been refuted scientifically.  My claim is that Evolution is Intelligent Design and provide scientific and mathematical evidence for it.

Describing The Divine/God  (a neutral term for the purpose of the lecture)
God is identified as omnipotent, omniscient, an omnipresent (all powerful, all-knowing and everywhere) given by many names and by evidence by many religions and by mystics which support these attributes.  In general, to western mystics God is depicted more as a person; to the eastern ones by ‘wholeness’ of existence and they tend not to name God.  God refers to himself as “I am”

God as Energy & Light
Mystical accounts mention God being energy.   These include that of Taosim (The Way) (God being nameless) which states that to produce from itself it becomes concentrated energy.  Physics can identify some kind of universal intelligence regulating the energies.  Light as well as energy is in many descriptions by mystics, who seem to be specifically chosen by God,  such as what the English astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle  in the 1960’s saw as a “huge brilliant light…” and in five seconds he was given the answer he sought to a theorem of the elements of the universe.

The Plan and its Laws  The universe has been described as orderly and beautiful.  Others refer to the Reason, Logic and wisdom in the Plan.   For the universe to develop in the right way, incredibly precise fine-tuning had to be required in its basic structure and in the conditions at the time of the “Big Bang” 15 million years ago.  These are the flatness of the Universe and expansion, and in its not being too smooth to allow the solar system to form out of the cosmic dust.  Scientists and mathematicians such as Isaac Newton, have written about the Laws of Nature such those seen in systems e.g. the solar system, the ecological system etc.  The Statistics of the universe are staggering in its size and time required for it evolving, but even more unlikely is that of earth and the forming of life.

God as the Ultimate Scientist.  The universe is science based as expressed in e.g. electrodynamics (what makes everything work).  Atoms have been revealed as pure energy when broken down.  Quantum Physics explains how God communicates and creates:  Thoughts = energy; Energy = matter; therefore, thoughts are matter.

Mathematics in the Creation of the Universe
Pythagoras and Plato declared that God geometrizes as is shown in the proportions of ratios of whole numbers of ½, 1/3 etc. which had been used in architecture, manufacturing, arts as sculpture, painting and music.  These ratios such as phi (1.6180) are shown in parts of the body in relation to other parts.  What may be seen as an accident, is likely to be a part of a plan e.g. chaos theory is now described by mathematical fractals.

The Search for The Unified Theory of Everything or “The Mind of God” has been sought by scientists such as Einstein and Stephen Hawking.  It is noted that God obeys his own laws in Nature e.g. E=mc2.

The Minds of Humans   Astoundingly it seems that the human mind is designed to understand the laws of the Cosmos.  There seems to be speeding up of the human brain development such as the 80% increase as shown in homo sapiens being explained by the first climate change with extreme weather changes in East Africa.  What now?

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