In our everyday life as in science, we commonly perceive time as a straight line from the past through the present to the future. However, where the realities of the motion of cosmic bodies come into our lives, we start measuring time in conformity with their cyclic-spiral movement.


This cyclic-spiral movement is reflected in our everyday vision of Time progression based on our knowledge of the rotation of Earth around its axis. So in our clocks every 12 hours we return to the same point in time but a half-day forward, or every 24 hours – a day forward. We also use our knowledge of the rotation of Earth around the Sun in our calendars (after every 365 or 366 days we return to the same date but a year forward).


According to C.J.Calleman’s book, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, The ancient peoples of America, most notably the Mayans, had a Sacred Calendar, ‘tzolkin’, made of ‘cycles within cycles within cycles’. A cog model of the ‘tzolkin’ is based on the 260 cog combinations. These are generated by two engaged rotating cog- wheels. The twenty cogs of one of the wheels represent the energies of twenty sacred day signs, and the thirteen cogs of another wheel – the thirteen day and night count (7 days and 6 nights).  In addition, there was a Mayan year of 360 days called ‘tun’. 20 ‘tuns’ made a ‘katun’, and 400 ‘tuns’ – a ‘baktun.


There were also thirteen ‘heavens’ and nine ‘underworlds’. For example, the last baktun of the thirteenth heaven came to the end in December 2012 of our calendar. However, it wasn’t actually the end of the Mayan calendar, but only the end of the ‘Planetary Underworld’ and the beginning of the ‘Galactic Underworld’. As we understand it, our planetary consciousness should change to the galactic one. Our perception of ourselves as only planetary beings should progress to the understanding of ourselves as cosmic beings. (We understand the Mayan ‘underworlds’ as worlds under the ‘heavens’, i.e. actually as our Solid World).


One of the oldest people on the Earth, the Australian Aborigines, also may serve as an example of a similar way of thinking of Time. “Their Time is circular, not linear, as each generation relives the Dreaming activities” (Library – As aboriginal elders explain, each generation has to literally walk and sing the traditional curved pathways. They constantly refer to the ‘Dreamtime’, the world of ‘dreaming’ which ‘clothes’ itself in a body of the ‘waking’ world. According to Robert Lawlor’s book Voices of the First Day, the Aborigines understand the creation as a ‘movement of consciousness from dream to reality’. They believe that they originate from a ‘Rainbow Serpent’ of universal energy. As we will see later, the image of a ‘Serpent’ is directly connected with the nature of Time.


It seems that Western science inherited the traditions of the European religions, with their notion of linear Time. Aristotle and Newton both believed in absolute Time, independent on Space and any material objects.  It worked well with objects on or close to Earth and moving slowly compared to the speed of Light.


In the beginning of the 20th century Albert Einstein changed the understanding of Time-Space and Matter interrelationships with his Theory of Relativity (primarily the ‘special theory of relativity’, for non-accelerating bodies, in 1905, and then the ‘general theory of relativity’, in 1915). Starting from the publication of Einstein’s theory, the properties and role of Time became one of the major topics in modern science.


In the world famous Stephen Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time, the author describes some of the properties of Space and Time from the standpoint of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. This theory states that “Space and Time are dynamic quantities: when a body moves, or a force acts, it affects the curvature of Space and Time – and in turn the structure of Space-Time affects the  way in which bodies move and forces act” (Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time).


In the general theory of relativity the subject of Time is closely connected to the subject of Light. For example, in Einstein’s famous formula: E=mc2 (where E is energy, m is mass and c = 299792458m/s is velocity of Light in vacuum). So, velocity of Light (distance that Light covers in a second) defines how energy of an object relates to its mass. Also, the energy of Light greater the higher its frequency, where frequency is a number of waves, or vibrations, per second. Massive cosmic objects deflect the ray of Light which passes them; and the theory predicts that Time slows down in the proximity to massive cosmic bodies.


In a word, Time appears not to be anymore absolute, but rather interconnected with Light and Space in the common fabric of being.

We modern people are used to ask our sciences about the physical nature of things. So what is the actual nature and purpose of Time? How did Time appear and how is it moving? How does Time relate to Space? How does Time relate to Light? How does it affect life in common and personally?


We will try to answer these questions on a foundation of synthesis of theosophy, metaphysics, and modern science. From theosophy, we will take the cycle of Manvantara and Pralaya – the rhythmically interchanging periods of universe’s state: manifested and unmanifest. From Kalagia – the book of metaphysics – we will take some metaphysical definitions and mechanisms involving Time; and where possible we will compare them with the findings of modern science.


Let’s start from the beginning of the Manvantara, from the starting point of manifestation of the universe. There is no sequential Time, only the eternal rhythm which awakens ‘Brahma’ (Spirit, the Supreme Consciousness) from the state of Nothing/Everything to Its creative condition.


Agni Yoga states: “In Cosmos lives that conscious power which is called the cosmic rhythm and the whole of human life depends on the cycle of this rhythm”. HPBlavatsky also speaks in The Secret Doctrine of “the absolute universality of that law of periodicity, of flux and reflux, ebb and flow, which physical science has observed and recorded in all departments of nature. All alternation such as that of Day and Night, Life and Death, Sleeping and Waking, is in fact so common, so perfectly universal and without exception, that it is easy to comprehend that in it we see one of the absolutely fundamental laws of the universe.”


Manvantara is replacing Pralaya in conformity with the cosmic rhythm, or ‘the heartbeat of the universe’. The process of creation – manifestation begins, and Spirit starts the holographic manifestation of Matter of the universe. Spirit does it by releasing a Ray of Light from the Fire of Its Consciousness. Light becomes the medium through which Spirit’s Thought produces holograms of Matter.


However, Light wouldn’t propagate without Time. Kalagia also says that no Matter could continuously exist in the timeless Space of Spirit – it would immediately explode and turn back into Fire. The process of holographic manifestation is impossible without Time. So,Time became an attribute of the holographic process and the means of stabilizing and carrying the holograms of Matter.


The cosmic rhythm contains a potential for Time to take a form of a wave, vibration, a spiral ‘serpent’, as it becomes the inner space forming Matter. As Kalagia defines: “The inner space of Matter is Time, the substance Time or the hologram of the past.” This grand Illusion provides the environment for life, and life reflecting the cosmic heartbeat produces its variations of rhythms of the manifest universe.




So, as soon as Time appears, Light starts to form Rays (in Time) and to propagate. A Ray of Light has its maximal intensity in Spirit, and while moving away through the three worlds of existence (the Fiery, the Fine, or Subtle, and the Solid worlds), to lesser frequencies, is gradually losing its intensity.


Time is interconnected with Matter, and so is Space. We cannot say what is manifest earlier, and what later – Time or Matter, Space or Matter. Everything in an instant. Kalagia states that “Time and Space are closely interconnected. As the substance of Time (hologram) is the inner part of Matter, Plasma of its ingredients, so Space is ‘the outside’ of Matter, Plasma outwardly inherent in the ingredients of Matter. They are united by Fire.”


As Kalagia says on the qualities of Time, “Time, beside of its flow, possesses also its density. The flow is measured by a clock, density – by a galvanometer.”  Why is the density of Time measured by galvanometer? Galvanometer is a device for measuring electric current using its electromagnetism; and the electromagnetic wave of Light is the source of Matter whereas Time is the inner space of Matter.


So, we should have in mind that the linear sequential time that we are used to is an illusion of our perception.  Time is non-linear; it is a wave with its flow and density. Kalagia calls the wave of Time density Nag, or Serpent, that exists in all dimensions. The image of the Serpent of the wave of Time is intimately connected with the snake symbolism of occult traditions around the world. We saw this in the image of the primordial ‘Rainbow Serpent’ of the Australian aborigines.


At the dawn of Creation, the wave of Time density appears from

the state of Everything potential and nothing manifest. In Hinduism it is connected with the image of Brahma who is sleeping during His Night (Pralaya). He is awakening to begin His Day (Manvantara) by creating (manifesting) His Universe. Kalagia explains this phenomenon as the change of the position of Spirit within Itself. Fire becomes released from the Spirit’s Consciousness and forms the wave of Time density. The pressure of the wave of Time density becomes manifest where the holograms appear. In a sense, we can say that this pressure is forming the holograms or at least holding them intact. Every hologram receives from the creating Spirit its own energy field. Every hologram possesses its own Time density.


Science operates with the concept of particles like atoms and subatomic particles called together ‘leptons’. Kalagia speaks of the pressure of the wave of Time density that produces the energy field around and within the atom and makes life possible:

“There are no leptons; there is Nag – the wave of Time density, and atoms and Worlds exist in the zone of its pressure. A wave after a wave follow, only Spirit knows the speeds of their movement; for Us they are moments of Our existence, as a standing wave of life is constantly changing because of the interchange of atoms scudding across the Infinity…”

So, where Spirit’s Fire of Consciousness is released there the pressure of Time density brings the standing wave of Life to manifestation. In other words, the zone where Spirit focuses Its attention and releases Its Fire becomes a ‘holographic focus’ for the manifestation of Life.

Spirit’s Thought begins manifestation of Matter in the first, Fiery, World of existence. Time, which is inseparable from Matter as the inner space of Matter’s vibrations, also begins in the Fiery World. Time begins as a reflection of the cosmic rhythm, ‘the heartbeat of the universe’ – a space helix, serpent, or wave of extreme density (call it ‘zero’ or ‘infinity’ – it is the same in the condition of No- Thing/Every- Thing).  In the Fiery World everything is together – past, present and future.

The process of manifestation of Matter continues throughout the Fine and Solid Worlds gradually lowering the energy and frequency of the waves of Light (in complete agreement with Einstein’s theory).

In the second, Fine, or Subtle, World, where the holograms of Matter start receiving their forms, Time is still not that noticeable.  People who have shared their memories of appearing in the Fine (Subtle) World, in their meditations, dreams, or Near Death Experiences, usually notice that they didn’t perceive time as they had perceived it in their ‘normal’ waking condition. In the Fine World they could instantly change things by thought. For example, according to The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, they could immediately change their appearance – body and clothes – if they so wished. The deceased relatives were seen there as young people at their best prime.


Everything is so fluid in the Subtle World that the wave of Time can be ‘squeezed’ to zero with no apparent effort. The effortlessness of ‘squeezing’ the wave of Time in the Fine World justifies for us the necessity of Solid World conditions for our experiences.  We need the illusion of linear sequential time in order to make efforts: sow causes, reap the effects, and learn our lessons. In this way we refine our consciousness and bring the precious gifts of our spiritual achievement to the Universal Consciousness of Spirit.


In the Solid World, we commonly perceive Time as a straight line from the past to the future. Because of this illusion, we become dependent on Time to fulfil our dearest desires and dreams. In a way, we become ‘slaves of Time’, of our own illusion of its linearity.

However, it appears that even in the Solid World we sometimes manage to feel the reality of the spiral of Time. Its spiral essence is manifest in everyone’s experience of life, with its ups and downs, mistakes and lessons, returning to the same point, but on a different level of understanding.

Every one of us has their personal Time which conforms to the quality of our thoughts, intentions, and karma collected and balanced.  This Time is changing as we spiritually mature. A moment may come when we become capable of ‘squeezing’ our Time to the point where everything comes together. This is an instant of passage through the boundaries of Worlds, and of power over Time, which would be one of the highest achievements for a human being on his/her spiritual Path. To some extent, we can sense the Nag’s condition when we are co-creating with the spirit within us. In this state of creativity we are sometimes able to actually change the density of our personal time.

In our book The Laws of Life, we discuss the appearance, life and decline of civilizations as standing waves of Time density.

The waves of Time density ripple out in all dimensions. The pressure of these waves forms gigantic standing waves of Life in different zones of Space.


A standing wave of Life exists in a certain zone of Space as a hologram supported by Spirit’s energy of Fire and Light, for long ages. Such a wave becomes compact, more solid, while it is

undergoing materialisation. It then turns into a full-blown ‘cocoon’                                  cradled within its own Illusion. Then, within the old, compact, materialised wave of Life, the spiritual movement of Evolution starts raising a new, young standing wave of Life. This spiritual movement ignites the inner Fire and Light, which reaches outside the boundaries of the Illusion of the ‘cocoon’ of the materialised life. Eventually, the new wave of Life replaces the old one.




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