You’ll want to know what Theosophy is about, and what it means. The word Theosophy is derived from two Greek words, ancient Greek words, ‘Theos’, God, and ‘Sophia’, Wisdom, meaning literally ‘God Wisdom’, not the wisdom of the Gods, but God Wisdom. What I want to point out to you is this, that there isn’t only one divinity, but a multitude of divinities. Now you all know something about Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, I can tell you this, and very few people are aware of this fact, in the opening words of Genesis it says: “In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth”, the word God, there-used, is still, in the oldest texts, “Elohim”, and “Elohim” is a Jewish word which means “multiplicity, of gods”, and therefore the interpretation of that, always should have been: “In the beginning, a multiplicity of gods, made the heavens and the earth”.


Divinity and Divinities: You can prove the existence of divinities, you don’t have to accept anyone’s opinion about the matter, you don’t have to listen to people who deny the existence of a divinity, you don’t have to listen to people who say that God is dead, because the ultimate, absolute, opposite, is the truth. I was in California, about six years ago, and asked to be taken to Mount Palomar, where the huge telescope is, and, wonderful mechanism as it is, and interesting as it was, I still found the most interesting thing, the museum, about two or three hundred yards away from the telescope, in another building, on the top of the mountain. And the room would be as wide as this and maybe twice, three times as long, but set in the walls, yes, about the size of this picture, there were sheets of glass, frosted, illuminated from the back, on each one of those pictures was the picture of a star cluster, a group of stars, or galaxies, or parts of the Milky Way, or something of the kind, and they were so realistic that one felt that one could step forward and pick a star out, and look at it, and put it back again, there was actual depth in the pictures, the way they were portrayed, and there must have been about 20 or more of these, and I brought back a booklet with a lot of these illustrations. And one of the most spectacular illustrations is of a globe about this size, with a rim around it, that which at first glance looks very much like a picture of the planet Neptune, but it isn’t, it’s a galaxy, way out in space, and that galaxy if made of thousands of millions of stars, most of which are vastly bigger than our own particular sun. Now, there isn’t only one galaxy in space, but there are thousands of millions of galaxies in space, and we happen to live in one such galaxy, and in one corner, or one outer edge of that galaxy we have our own little home universe, with our so-called houses of the zodiac, and a collection of suns, stars that are close to us, and ours is one of the least significant stars, in that little group, with its planets around us, we’re on one of those planets, and we’re here, now.


But, in every galaxy, the same situation arises, there are groups of suns, all held in cohesion, but not falling altogether, but held in their proper positions, within that, there is a both attraction and repulsion. Newton described only one half of the process when he described the process of gravity, oh and the opposite of gravity is the process that keeps things from falling into one compacted hole; nevertheless you’ve heard talk about the Black Holes in space, where scientists now are beginning to talk about a universe, a galaxy or so, becoming so compacted as to be almost invisible, and sliding through a black hole into another form of manifestation. Well, that is one of the teachings of my organisation, and has been, not for merely a hundred years, but for thousands of years.


Hierarchies upon Hierarchies: Now how, since the process applies in all these galaxies, and our own, how can evolution have been, have taken place, by chance, there can be no chance where that is concerned, there must be coordination, in each one of those systems, and between the systems, and for there to be a coordinator, anyone in business or a profession knows where there’s coordination there must be a coordinator. And for every one of those galaxies there is a coordinator, for every star, within each galaxy there is the lesser coordinator for that, for every planet around every star there is a lesser coordinator for that, for every organisation on that planet there is a coordinator for that organisation, there is system, there is order, there is method throughout infinity; Pythagoras said: “God geometrises”, and he said, to quote the Americans “a mouthful”. Now, two and two make four, on this planet, but when people got to moon, did it cease to, did two and two cease to make four? No. If you go to the outer edge of our galaxy two and two would still remain four, it’s fundamental in nature, and there are laws in nature with which, even the Gods must conform.


Now I had a rather a heated discussion with somebody, years ago, and he was saying: “Oh, the God he works with could do anything he liked”, so I put up with this for a long time, at last I said to him: “Now listen, can the god you worship make time run backwards?”, and he hesitated, and I said: “Can he make effects precede causes?”, and he said: “No”. The Gods also have to conform with the laws of nature, of infinite nature. Now, who are the Gods? According to my teaching the Gods, themselves have been, in, unbelievable ages in the past, the equivalent of ourselves, and less, as we have been less than we are now, are now, infinitely lower; evolution is one of the persistent things through all nature, the less evolves into higher, that into higher still, and so forth, so that when teachers like Buddha, and Jesus, and others, come back to teach us, they teach high ethics and high morality. They are able to speak of experience, because they have been through what every human being in this world has ever gone through, is going through, or will go through, and therefore they have a right to speak, and a right to teach. There is common sense behind all this, and practicality, it is one of the most heinous things possible for a person to teach, untruth, and I’ll explain why, in a few moments, because that untruth has to be redeemed in its utter ramifications. Now if I tell you an untruth tonight, and you go home and tell somebody else, and somebody else and tells somebody else, and so that untruth becomes widespread, the world is rampant with it at the present time, and very few are they who talk a little, wholesome, common sense, and truth.


Masters of Wisdom: Now then, if kings and queens and president, and heads of trades union movements, and judges, and chancellors of universities were the cream of humanity, humanity wouldn’t have much hope. But the point is there have been great minds, and great souls that have manifested on the earth in the past, there are few now, there will be more in the future, but not many more, there are, never need to be many more. You know the saying: “God, and one man can save the world”, well one person with inspiration can give a message which many people hear, and well in the case of Jesus has lasted nearly two thousand years, and has been an inspiration to many. Well, some human beings have lived according to the laws of life and nature sufficiently well to have progressed, beyond the galaxy of talent I’ve just mentioned; they are few in number, they have access to yet higher sources of information, because the whole structure of nature is hierarchical. Masons will talk about their great architect, other people will talk about gods, others about angels, archangels, principalities, powers, and so forth, but there are a few human beings on the face of the earth who are way ahead of people say such as ourselves, who are the guardians of truth, the guardians of truth, that’s a good and sufficient word. And they are the ones who ensure that truth will never die out from the world, it can be almost obliterated, but they make sure that whenever it is necessary, it is restated; in the most sacred scriptures of the Hindus, there in the Bhagavad-Gita, there is a saying: “Whenever there is a decline of virtue in the world, I incarnate a portion of myself”, that is the God Krishna speaking.


Whenever there is a decline of virtue in the world, and heaven knows, it’s on at the present time, “I incarnate a portion of myself”, someone comes to state these teachings and truths all over again, and it happened, in of this particular instance, when Madame Blavatsky was trained by these people, and sent to the United States, to found an organisation, the Theosophical Society, to give out a wealth of teaching, and in the teachings that are given out are explanations of any question that you might like to ask. It doesn’t matter how profound they are, teachings about life, and death, people say: “No one’s ever come back from the grave to tell us what it’s all about”, it’s wrong. If a certain person 2,000 years hadn’t come back, after he was supposed to be dead, there would be no Christianity, because his reappearance after his supposed death was the basis for the whole of the teaching of Christianity.


The Secret Doctrine: Now the Theosophical Society teaches this vast array of things, and anything I say could be multiplied a hundred times, and one could talk for hours on every particular subject, a thousand times, one could talk on at a subject, almost endlessly, but the explanations for the mysteries of life are here, and they are available, and quite rightly you could question whether there really are people who know anything about these things, are higher and further than ordinary humanity; I’ll give you four scientific instances, in writings that were published 120 years ago, and the manuscripts of some of them are in the safekeeping of the archives of the British Museum at the present time. Now, in one volume, you who have got scientific training will understand perhaps a bit better the significance of this; in a book written, published in 1888, The Secret Doctrine, a famous thing, and the most wonderful thing on occultism, genuine occultism, not the occult arts, that you read about of witchcraft, and necromancy, and all this rubbish that the paperbacks are filled with nowadays, and always have been filled with, in this particular volume there was the reference there, to the infinite divisibility of the atom, and anyone who knows their science knows that in 1888 the foremost scientists of the world were saying that the atom is like a billiard ball, indivisible. Now who was right, the people who trained, this Madame Blavatsky and had her write this thing, or the scientists who said there was no such thing? Obviously they knew, decades ahead of the foremost scientist, that the atom was infinitely divisible, and scientists are forever finding particles that they had never suspected before, but nature had them all working very satisfactorily before the scientists found them, the scientists didn’t make these things, they only found them.


Now another thing that was said was that scientists would hear from planets before they saw them. Now everybody knows about radioastronomy, in this day and age, and as a result of this particular statement about the infinite divisibility of the atom, and the whole of nuclear physics that followed after it, all they do with nuclear physics now, all derived from that particular period, and that statement, which woke people up to the fact that it was possible, well you know that there are radio stars. Now another thing they said was that there was a magnetic continent about the earth, and the astronomers looked through their telescopes and there were no continent up there whatever, but now we know there are the Van Allen belts, which are a continental, at least a magnetic belt, two of them, around the earth.              


Now, 50 years ago, I, with no training in these things, but only from reading my volume, my books and things, and listening, and discussing, was able to tell anyone who was interested to listen, that if and when men got to the moon they would find the surface powdery, they would find no atmosphere, and oh what’s that last thing? No atmosphere – oh yes, and that there would be neither microbes nor viruses nor anything, that the moon was sterile, and yet you know that when they went to the moon they found the surface powdery, they found some stones amongst the powdery surface, they found no atmosphere, that was understandable, but they made all arrangements to, whatever they brought back to be antisepticised, so that they would not bring disease back with them. Now there was, yet there are four instances when these individuals knew more than the foremost scientists, and they’re only four of a multitude. These people feed ideas out, to, for intuitive minds, for intuitive minds to gather these things, to put them into practice, to help humanity, and they teach not only scientific things, but they teach ethics, high ethics, pure ethics, and it’s only by pure ethics that a world that is in the skids can be brought back to reasonability. It has happened many times before, mind, I tell people, there are no conditions at the present remotely approaching the conditions of Europe, at the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, which were infinitely worse than anything happening at the present time, we don’t want them to get down as far as that, so that anybody who is interested in helping humanity, is on the way to doing the, without knowing it, the work of these great entities who are trying help humanity, to evolve.


Evolution: To evolve, to what? The end result of all our evolution is, believe it or not, and whether you like it or not, it will happen eventually, that those, who are presently human, shall eventually become, gods. That those who are below us will eventually become human, and in turn will eventually become gods, and gods become super gods, and so on, throughout an infinite universe, oh through infinite possibility, you’ll question, and rightly question, that remark about becoming gods, but I suggest, when you go home tonight, if you’ve got one get out your Bible and look at the New Testament, remember the quotation: John, 10, 34, and you’ll find Jesus saying: “Is it not written in your law ‘I said ye are gods’”, now if He said it, it’s good enough for me, and if anyone here doesn’t like it, try and arrange to have it taken out of the New Testament, as being irrelevant. But it’s there, and no one gives a sermon on it, because there’s just too much inspiration behind it, it places, like the gravestone on the Scot: “This is on me!”, it places the responsibility on every individual, to make their own lives; part of your teaching is to do things yourselves, and improve yourselves, you improve yourselves by, mostly by self forgetfulness, but by helping other people more, and if you help other people more it comes back to you, in nature’s own time, because Nature rules all these things.



Karma and Reincarnation: Now the two great teachings that were brought back into the Western world were the teachings of Reincarnation, and Karma. Now Reincarnation is talked about widely at the present time, but it was not talked about in the western world, before Blavatsky began with her teachings, 140 years ago. It’s rampant in the world nowadays, people, silly people, begin awarding themselves glittering incarnations in the past, that is absurd, fortunately we don’t remember our previous incarnations, because if we’re evolving we’ve been less previously than we are now, and we all know how unsatisfactory we are right at this moment, but we have potentiality, we’ve lived on this planet not dozens of times, or hundreds of times, but thousands of times; when you read ancient history, we’ve been there, we’ve been amongst these entities who have lived and been through it, we’ve suffered in all those things, we’ve learned in all those things, and the people who are at different levels of intellect or development, high, they’ve used their time in the past better than those who are down in lower grades, and there are primitive savages on the face of the earth who have used their time either very little, or very badly, we’ve all got a pretty murky past, no one can afford to look, at anybody else and say: “Well I’m better than you are”, because they’ve all been through the mess, but so have the gods, and so have teachers like Jesus, and Plato, and you name them, the Buddha, Empedocles, Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, they’re far and wide, heaps of them, therefore they have understanding, but they give out teachings, a deluge of teachings at the present time, as the only thing that can save the slide, into yet deeper and deeper and deeper materialism.


Applying Theosophy to Everyday Life: Now, we’ve got to earn our livings, we’ve got to do our job, there are people who will teach meditation, and yoga, and various things, as palliatives, or as the way to force things ahead, they’ll take drugs to get wider and greater experiences, the all-important thing is, the only important thing is: “Do your duty”, and one’s first duty, is to one’s family, other things come after that, if you can work in other things after your duty to your family, do, but remember this, when you go home, and you see your family around you, you have been associated with them not once but dozens, maybe hundreds of times in the past, and if you’ll think about it closely you’ll realise that there, those that have got on well together in the past, there is the genuine basis of true love. But it isn’t only love that brings people but also the polar opposite, hatred, and people who dislike one another have eventually got to learn to get along with one another because humanity is a brotherhood.


The end result of studying and understanding these things, and applying them in one’s life, in the most practical manner of not ‘jinking’ other people in, in contracts, or in selling them things, or doing things for them, but be honourable with them, try and do, help them if you can, if you can’t, say you can’t help them, and be finished with it, but try and do your best, under any circumstances whatever, and the end result is, you mightn’t make a pile of money, but you can’t take that with you, but you do build a whole atmosphere around yourself of contentment. And in that attitude of contentment, which is not synonymous with happiness, and joy, and so forth, with happiness, with contentment you can face any problem, any difficulty in life, and see it through.


The views expressed in this lecture are thos of the author and not necessarily those of the Theosophical Society Pasadena.